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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The announcement of total #quarantine is an admission of complete failure, total chaos in the system of the government’s decision making. Everyone thinks so! This will continue until people realize that the solution lies in social unity, rather than direct war with the #virus.

The #pandemic has separated everyone from everyone at all degrees of connection. But it is precisely through this that the need for true connection between everyone will become apparent. After realizing this, humanity will start to work on itself.
From Twitter, 1/3/21

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Independent Of Good And Evil

592.04Why did the Creator create egoism, the evil inclination? Could He not have created us similar to Him, in the quality of bestowal? But if we existed only in the quality of bestowal, we would not be created beings.

Even now, when we exist only in reception, we are also not considered created beings. It is impossible to exist as an independent creature in a single desire.

Creation is something that is outside of the Creator, the opposite of Him. Therefore, it must build itself out of opposites: darkness and light, pride and submission.

It is written that “Anyone who is greater than his friend, his inclination is greater than his” and by overcoming it, he builds a good inclination above it. A moment later, the evil inclination awakens again, and he must ask for help from above to overcome it and build the good inclination. This is how a person builds himself by constantly revealing and overcoming his egoism.

If a person does not have two inclinations, both evil and good, then he is not yet a spiritual person. Spirituality begins when a person reveals the evil within himself and discovers that this is the nature of creation created by the Creator and he only lacks the good force, which he asks for from the Creator, so that “love will cover all crimes.”

If there were no evil, then there would be nothing above which to build the good, to establish the Creator as the ruler over all creation. Therefore, there is an inner engine in nature that constantly reveals  troubles, evil, our egoism, our opposition to the Creator, disconnection, and hatred to each of us. Above this, we turn to the Creator, ask for the force of submission, connection, love, and thus we move between these two forces.

Darkness cannot exist without light or light without darkness. The spiritual state must include both forces, darkness and light, so that we can prefer the adhesion and connection, called light, to the disconnection and distancing, called darkness.

Therefore, it is good if we find ourselves in a bad mood—it means that we received it from the Creator in order to correct it and turn it into a good one. If we have no desire for spirituality, it is also not a bad thing—it means that we must ask to receive strength to connect from above. We must constantly be concerned about completing the opposites, equally perceiving both good and bad, and staying on the middle line.

If there is no darkness and light, then I cannot establish myself in the middle in the form of man, Adam. After all, a person always consists of two opposite forms. Therefore, there must be good and evil in me, light and darkness, in all possible variations. I only build the middle line, the correct attitude, the correct balance between them, and I exist exactly at the point of this balance.

If I invite bad states, darkness, in advance in order to balance it with light, it is as if I control my horse with both reins as I advance toward the goal. There is no harmful darkness. Everything depends only on my preparation, on how I myself awaken the darkness in order to reveal the light with its help.

If I have a set table in front of me, then I am happy that I am hungry, have an appetite, and can appreciate the meal. Therefore, all we need is to find the lack, the need for light, and we will discover it.

Submission does not mean erasing our egoism. The egoism remains, but on top of it we can build the opposite qualities, the spiritual Partzuf, the ability to work with the will to receive in order to bestow. A desire is able to reveal the light precisely because it is opposite to it through restriction, screen, and the reflected light.

For example, if I wake up in the morning in a bad mood, then I should be happy about it because this is the correct form of waking up. This is how we reveal a new stage, a new hour, the next minute, as a lack, as darkness. According to the way I define this darkness, I advance.

The essence of the egoistic desire is pride. I must reassign it to the Creator, as it is written: “And his heart was high in the ways of the Lord.” Self-pride is awakened in me, and I assign it to the purpose of creation, complement the negative force with a positive one. The forces of evil and the forces of good are equal, but I prefer the force of bestowal to the force of reception.

However, I do not cancel the left line because it helps me emphasize and increase the right line even more. Darkness is necessary so that light can be seen more clearly from it.

Therefore, I am happy to see that pride is awakening in me. It means that I have a place for work in order to balance the two opposite inclinations and to reveal the Creator between them. After all, everything is revealed as the contrast of opposites. Therefore, pride and the desire to rule are the right prerequisites for spiritual ascent.

The most important is to build myself as an uncorrupted expert, independent of good and evil, and build out of myself the image of the Creator from those two forces given from above. I restrict my will to receive, place a screen on it, and turn it into a bestowing force, into light.

Thus, from the darkness created by the Creator as a negative, reverse imprint of light, I return back to the original, to the positive, building out of me the image of the Creator, and then I am called man, Adam.

A person should be his own psychologist, as if for an outsider, relating to himself like a doctor to a sick patient. This is not “I,” but what I build out of myself. If I position myself in this way, then I aim in the middle line.

The main thing is to get used to perceiving negative states as preparation from above for positive relationships, which we need to imagine and ask the Creator to bring to life. Good and evil can only be balanced by the middle line. We do not know what it is, but by turning to the Creator, we can cover all crimes with love. All that is required of us is the correct response to the awakening received from above.

If each one in the ten tries to annul themselves before its center, then we will very quickly reveal the upper force that is awakening us from the center of the ten.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/20, “Annulment and Submission”

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Unforgettable 2020

294.2On New Year’s Eve, it is customary to sum up the results of the past year. The year 2020 will go down in history as a symbol of the coronavirus epidemic that spread throughout the world.

In addition, it was full of other events: there were wars, civil unrests in different parts of the world, natural disasters, extensive forest fires in California and Australia, economic crisis, a terrible increase in unemployment around the world.

With all this, I, as a Kabbalist, can assess the past 2020 as the most progressive in history. Humanity has started to shake itself off, to get rid of useless habits like the pursuit of money, entertainment, restaurants, and from the desire to be filled with pleasure without thinking about anything else.

And then nature slapped us in the face and forced us to stop. We had no choice but to stop this race and go home. The epidemic has forced us to retire and think about our lives or to at least abandon old habits. And this is good, because humanity was forced to shift from a life in pursuit of money and power to different times, to new values.

This year we managed to do this even though not by our own choice but by a decree from above. In this sense, the coronavirus has really done us a great service, and today we are in a completely different state. We closed a lot of businesses that were not necessary.

We stopped poisoning and destroying nature, cutting down trees, killing animals, and at least dramatically reduced the damage. The Earth started to recover from the devastation we had been inflicting on it over the past decades.

I very much hope that these positive changes will continue. The epidemic will not end just like that because this is not a disaster but a huge help from nature.

It is written that “by the blows of the Creator, He heals.” The coronavirus epidemic was a cure for our excessively enlarged egoism. Therefore, I very much hope that we will draw correct and useful conclusions from it for our further development.
From KabTV’s “The World” 12/27/20

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Concealment Is A Place For Revealing The Actions Of Connection

276.04We must constantly scrutinize where the concealment is working. After all, our whole world is a concealment of the upper force, the force of connection and unity, which we need to reveal.

The revelation of the Creator is nothing more than the revelation of unity, connection, a warm attitude, love, connection between the broken pieces of the common soul, and the desire to bring them closer to me as well as to bring them closer together.

Here we have actions that a person performs on himself, and actions that a person performs relative to other people so that he gets integrated with everybody and develops. As a result, everyone understands that he is the messenger of the Creator. Through this work, by serving as an example of connection for others and helping them come closer, he performs the correction of creation.

The world has entered an era of correction, which became clear with the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, it is becoming more and more apparent that connection is the only thing our world needs. All the states we go through, on one hand, conceal from us the force of connection, and on the other hand, reveal the need for it. This is how we will gradually reveal the Creator.

We should not wait for the Creator to reveal Himself. This force of connection can be revealed only if we ourselves prepare a platform for it, establish the place where it should be revealed, as it is said “You have made Me.”

It is written “They helped everyone his friend,” that is, everyone shows the others how much he cares about and yearns for connection. As soon as we reach a certain feeling of unity, it immediately disappears and turns into even greater disconnection than before in order to give us an opportunity to connect even more strongly. In this way, we can quickly go through all the states, through the continuous starts and stops, put together all the disconnections and connections, and reach the end of correction.

This does not need many words; everyone just needs to do their own inner work. Therefore, the work of a Kabbalist is called the concealed Torah because it is not visible to others. However, he tries to behave in any situation as if the Creator is revealed before him.

We need to constantly awaken our friends to search for any opportunity to connect with each other even more, like hard working ants. This is how we will discover the network of our connections, Divinity (Shechina), and begin to work in an organized way, seeing what each one is doing to connect everyone to this common field, to the system of Adam HaRishon.

The main thing is to treat concealment as a place for revealing the actions of connection.

Imagine yourself in a world where a force of nature called connection exists between all parts of creation; it binds together atoms, molecules, living organisms, inanimate matter, plants, animals, people, gases, liquids, and solid objects. All this is connected by one force, and people are also internally connected to each other.

We want to reveal this force of general connection. We need nothing else. If we begin to discover this force that binds all parts of reality, we will understand the general law by which the entire universe operates and through what states it is going through: what was, what is, and what will be.

According to our connection, we will be able to influence the speed of development of the entire creation and see it as one single system, increasingly healthy and kind, good for everybody, where each one receives energy and strength from.

All this depends only on revealing the connection between all the parts, and we are responsible for it. The world will look more divided, fragmented, and broken every day. And all this is so that we could show the world the ways of connection up to its highest point, which is love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/27/20, “Concealment”

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The Evolution Of The World Is Our Inner Development

928There is a very important clarification to the modern, materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is the result of evolution, the gradual development of matter from the atom. This is how modern man thinks based on the scientific achievements of the 20th century.

But The Study of the Ten Sefirot explains that all of reality was created by one thought, which continues to operate. “In essence, this thought is the cause, and the action, and the expected reward, and the essence of all effort.”

That is, everything was created in an instant by the desire of the Creator who is perfect, does not divide into parts, and does not create anything incomplete. There is no gradual evolution along the chain of cause and effect with respect to the Creator.

Evolution is revealed only in relation to us as a manifestation of His perception, His picture, His reality, which is all absolutely perfect and never needed to be formed, established, and progress from an intermediate state to a final one. All this happens only in relation to creation.

The correct attitude to reality should be such that everything has already been created and there is not a single incomplete detail from the beginning of creation to the final correction. Everything exists as one perfect reality, which is the Creator Himself. He only wanted the creatures to reveal Him in an independent process of comprehension.

To the extent of their abilities and desires, creations will pass this path of spiritual, internal development. But in the end, we reveal the already existing reality, as it is said: “And you shall eat old store long kept” Therefore, we should change our purely materialistic perception of reality according to which the world is in the process of free development and imagine it as the system of Adam HaRishon—the only thing that exists. Everything is included in this system of the common soul. And its breaking, concealment, and gradual disclosure occur only in relation to the person who attains it.

But in fact, outside of man, there is only infinite light that exists in absolute perfection, not subject to any changes.

The whole difference is in my perception of reality: do I feel only myself as a part of the world, and this is an illusory picture I have invented, or do I feel the whole system of creation, that is, the existence of a higher power, the Creator, which includes everything—EVERYTHING—meaning the Creator or the system of the common soul of Adam. When we perceive the Creator and attain His revelation, we are called man, Adam, that is, like (Edomeh) the upper force.

People (sons of Adam) are those parts of creation that want to reveal the perfect form, the general system in which the Creator is revealed.

If we do not perceive ourselves as part of the general system of Adam, then we have no connection with the spiritual world, with the Creator. Therefore, the correct development begins with constantly existing in the general system as an integral, closed sphere beside which nothing exists.

This perception of reality determines the whole difference between the material and the spiritual. Do we believe that reality is developing or that an already existing reality is revealed. This is a very big difference because in the first case, we perceive reality as imperfect and evolving gradually evolving.

And in the second case, reality is gradually revealed to us, and we call this the process of evolution. But this evolution is the disclosure of a genuine, unchanging, existing reality, created instantly at the request of the Creator, as it is said: “One thought was created and created the entire universe, which is the cause, and action, and expected reward, and the essence of all efforts,” that is, it includes absolutely everything.

This reality already exists and only manifests itself to us in the measure of our efforts to reveal it, that is, in the measure of the similarity of our properties. The difference between the egoistic and the true perception of the world is precisely how we experience this reality. If I want to determine my own spiritual development, then I must say that everything depends on me, on my correct efforts. Therefore, evolution is my internal development.

And in essence, I do not develop but only unlock the forces within myself, the tools for revealing the already existing reality. This is the difference between individualistic, deceitful, selfish perception, and the general, true, spiritual one.

If we perceive reality as complete and perfect, then it turns out that it depends only on our efforts to unite in order to match this perfection. And then we will reveal the reality in which we exist and see a new world.

We did not build this new world, but through developing our desires and properties, we reveal what exists between us, around us, and inside of us. It all depends on how much our desire from personal and individualistic becomes more and more general, social. This allows us to find ourselves within one large social system where everything is interconnected and is in unity.

If in the connection between us we create new sensory organs for the perception of reality, then it turns from hidden to revealed.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/23/20, “I Dwell Among My People”

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Turning Over The Pages Of My Soul

622.02We must see all relationships between us as coming from the Creator, from the general force. However, I can work with some relationships and I cannot work with others. According to this, I must either get closer to people or distance myself from such relationships.

As much as possible, sooner or later, I try to relate to everyone with love. This is how I sort the whole world: something is closer, the other thing is farther. First of all, I build relationships with my friends in the ten. Then we can expand this circle to the worldwide Kabbalistic group, both men and women. And then, I extend this attitude to the whole world, to all of humanity, and then to all of nature in general.

The main thing is to every moment position myself in the center of reality and strive to relate to it as the Creator, that is, to develop myself into a man, Adam. Therefore, I always check whether I am similar to the Creator or not, as if turning over pages within myself, figuring out what I am composed of, how to arrange my attitude to everything, how to aim myself, and whether to come closer or to distance myself.

Through this inner work, I calibrate my instruments of perception, my soul, my inner violin, so that only a good melody sounds from me in relation to everyone. This is how I become a man, Adam, similar to the Creator.

This is a long path, but we can move forward step by step because we are already ready for this work. The whole world needs it since it is driven to despair by the coronavirus pandemic. Gradually, people will begin to realize that there is no choice, that we must relate to each other in a good way, which is the correction of the world.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/25/20, “Concealment”

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How To Find Way Into The Book Of Zohar

65Question: What will help us “get into” The Book of Zohar and understand it?

Answer: It is not so easy to get into this book. It is really secret, concealed. For thousands of years, no one could open it. As it happens, something exists, but hands do not reach it. But in our time, we are beginning to uncover it.

To uncover does not mean to understand the language in which it is written. To uncover The Book of Zohar means to bring yourself into its narrative, inside it.

Let’s say in childhood you pick up a book, for example, In Search of the Castaways, and when you read about their adventures, you enter them, sail with them on a ship, travel around the world: Patagonia, the tribes, and you are there with them.

But mom tells you “It’s time for bed.” You are forced to close the book, and you are already back at home, in your bed, falling asleep and breaking away from this fairy-tale world that was invented by somebody.

As children, we very often continue to live with the book’s characters, in some way we as if play these roles, talk like them. But then it passes. Life takes its toll. We develop more serious desires, more serious relationships. We are more connected with life than with books. Thus, the period when we live in books passes.

But not here. On the contrary, it turns out that you enter into The Book of Zohar and you live in it, and as if you lead a double life. On one hand, you live in our normal world. It is normal because that is how we are used to treating it, as perfectly normal, like all people do.

And at the same time, you exist in another dimension to which this book is gradually introducing you, to a world that does exist, not in your imagination. It is even brighter, more vivid, more powerful, more defining than the world you live in.

Moreover, you begin to understand, realize, feel, and see that the world you are now revealing actually controls this small world that you previously thought was the only one that exists.

When you close The Book of Zohar, the world that you entered does not disappear. After all, every time you open it, you perceive this world even more deeply, you open this world in yourself even deeper, you begin to feel that you already exist in it.

That is, the world that is revealed to you through The Book of Zohar exists here, along with this world. You feel it, see it, and interact with it. Every time it becomes clearer and richer. And you live in it.

It turns out that this is not a double, conditionally divided life, but both worlds mutually complement each other. However, the world that is now revealed to you is more majestic, strong, defining, and higher. All the powers come from it and control your little previous life.

Question: As a result, do I begin to identify more with this serious, big world?

Answer: This happens gradually because you see that everything is determined at the upper level, in the upper world. Our world is inside it. It follows as a consequence of the upper world, and you can already see how people and all sorts of events are determined precisely from it. It seems that a person is standing, then he moves, then he does or says something. And you see how they move him, do things through him, and talk through him.
From KabTVs “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #1

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2021—The Year Of The Awakening Of Humanity

229We are entering the year 2021, which will reveal to us how closed the world is, how it is connected in one common system, and as we suffer together, the solution can only be common too.

All this will be revealed in 2021, which will be the year of the awakening of humanity. It will become obvious to everyone that it is impossible to succeed by using your egoism. On the contrary, the success depends on how much we break down the egoistic partitions that separate us.

As we manage to do this in the ten, we will have an impact on the whole world. And the whole world will also begin to feel that it is enough wasting money on weapons. The only thing worth investing in is bringing people together. This is the elixir for all diseases.

We will not need any vaccines or drugs against the virus. This is not a coronavirus pandemic but an epidemic of global egoism unfolding in the world. And there is one cure for this disease: our connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/30/20, “Annulment and Submission”

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Work On Yourself To Be In Joy

576.01Comment: In Kabbalah, it is believed that joy is an indicator of the right path.

My Response: We are talking about a Kabbalist: if he moves correctly, then he is in joy.

Question: How can I be in joy if I am an egoist and the Creator demands some kind of altruistic actions from me?

Answer: This means that you lack faith, the property of bestowal, the property of belonging to a group, to the Creator. But when you try to enter them, to dissolve in them, you feel joy that you have where to enter, what to dissolve in, what to surrender to.

Comment: Suppose I study and study and still do not feel joy.

My Response: It means that you are not working on it. This is a big problem.

Question: How should I work?

Answer: You should imagine that you are in such a state, in a group, in the world, where you have everything in order to attain the revelation of the Creator, and He is waiting for this, He wants this. You are one of the few chosen whom He attracts to Himself.

Question: But this is against the law of nature. How can I be in joy in my egoistic qualities from spiritual states whose nature is opposite to mine?

Answer: The point is that one should receive joy not from the inner light (Ohr Pnimi), but from the surrounding light (Ohr Makif),  from the future state to which you strive.

Imagine that in a month you are going to travel to some country where you have not been, with your friends. And from this you already have a feeling of joy. When you are thinking about it, you are delighted, you are joyful about the future.

This is how we should imagine our entire future because it is really huge, pleasant, and fills everything.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/3/19

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