Good And Evil Are One System

laitman_558Question: Not only is the outbreak of the virus so swift that it has covered countries and continents, it also has divided the world in a very tough, sharp way, something that was not so clearly visible before.

The world is divided into poor and rich. The rich can afford separate houses, a separate island, and the poor, who cannot afford anything, are obliged to go out, to take their children out for walks, they are afraid of everything.

The world is divided into those who have the racist views that are now flooding the Internet, and those who write on Facebook: “We are ready to come to you. Just call, we will come. Elderly people, do not leave your houses, we will bring you food, we will give you help,” etc.

That is, the world is very divided. The virus somehow showed us who we are. Did it come so that we would see what we are now?

Answer: This is the identification of interference, the identification of faults in the general system we are in. Therefore, you must look at how connected you are with others. We must be all in one system of the soul.

Comment: You say: “We must connect.” And we do not want any connection.

My Response: Therefore, this is shown to us so that we really know what state we are in.

Question: What steps are still ahead?

Answer: None! We are at the very last stage of a universal correction. If we are internally united with each other, we understand, we are striving for this, that’s all, nothing more is needed! All viruses will be for our benefit only. Everything bad turns into good.

Comment: Good, if this is so. In the meantime, we continue to suffer.

My Response: Otherwise, we egoists cannot be adjusted, only to happiness with a stick. See how people are stubborn, what they imagine today. Look at what is being done on the Internet, how much hatred spills over one another, how they poke each other, how they act. All of this we need to understand now, justify, correct, and build bridges of mutual understanding over all contradictions.

Question: How do I justify a hater? Say: “No, he does not understand, he is like a child,” as you say.

Answer: Gradually explain to him what we always explain. He’s not going anywhere. He will understand that nature forces him to do so. He is great like a small child who is swaggering in front of his mother. And when he feels he is facing nature, before fate, then there is no longer all these opportunities to puff up, and the time of truth comes.

Question: Could you explain something to such a bright, tough hater?

Answer: I have no hatred for them. They have toward me, yes, but I do not. And it annoys them. They are suddenly put in such a state: “How is it that we hate him, but he doesn’t hate us?”

But in fact, I can’t hate them, because in my understanding, they are forces of nature. Why hate nature? They simply show the negative properties of nature, which has not yet reached its perfection, mutual correction. And therefore, there is no evil in the world in my understanding. Evil manifests itself only to the extent and in the form in which I can balance it with good.

Comment: That is, you do not support this phrase, as they usually say: “So that evil disappears from the world.”

My Response: It will never disappear. It can only be corrected, compensated by good.

Question: Is this what it came for?

Answer: Yes. If there were no evil, then there would be no world, we would not exist because we are all in evil. As the Torah says: “a wild ass’s colt is born a man.”

Question: This applies to humans, does this apply to a virus that is practically not evil?

Answer: A virus is just an indicator of our uncorrected state. Is it to blame for something? This is a small biological particle. As in your computer suddenly some kind of hindrance arises, some kind of small program that bothers you in something. But it indicates to you a malfunction, and in this way you can correct the general, big program.

Question: So, the fact that the virus shows such a stratification of society is actually good for us to see and to finally become scared by it and want to prevent this from happening?

Answer: You need to be afraid because otherwise you will not shake an egoistic person. He must be shaken.

But I am for people to get to this idea very quickly in a normal, calm way, and it would work on them and make it possible to establish a mutual equilibrium system. After all, nature is built on a general balance of negative and positive properties and forces. And therefore it is impossible without viruses, impossible without hatred. But all this must be balanced. Nature wants us to live in balance, with an understanding of both good and evil.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman,” 3/23/20

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