In The Middle Of The Battlefield Between The Forces Of Good And Evil

laitman_263The war between the Hasmoneans and the Greeks is an internal war in a person who discovers that he consists of two opposing forces that must be constantly held against each other. The problem is that we surrender to the negative forces, to our egoism, since it is more convenient for us to please it than to fight with it all the time. As a result, a person understands that there is no way out and that he must turn to the Creator to fight for him because he himself is unable to fight with his evil inclination, which also comes from the Creator. An action against egoistic forces is the appeal to the Creator in which a person, with his egoism, wages a war against the Greeks toward complete victory.

This war does not end until a person wins and reaches the light. Let this be a little light in the vessel of Bina, but this is already the beginning of the revelation of the soul.

First of all, we must reveal that we are in danger and cannot escape from the power of our egoism, which does not let us turn to the Creator. This whole war is only for turning to the Creator, whom we ask for the strength to unite. The success of the war is measured by this only. This is how we advance until we win.1

The egoism does not let us turn to the Creator through the ten, but does not prevent us from turning to Him personally. The whole world appeals to the Creator because this is a Klipa, opposite to spirituality. The Creator can be revealed only through the ten, and if the appeal is not through the ten, then it is not to the Creator.

The power of the appeal to the Creator is the power of the Maccabees, the power of the ten. First of all, we must unite and create one common force, perhaps small yet a precise one, which will deliver success.

You can become a hero through quantity and quality. Those who are disconnected are strong in numbers. And those who are united as one person possess the power of quality.

The main thing is to get an opportunity to turn to the Creator because this whole war is aimed at revealing the one standing before us and achieving similarity to Him. Unity is not the end goal but the means of revealing the higher power that once created this unity and then broke it.2

The Hanukkah song “The Mighty Rock of My Salvation” says: “The Greeks attacked us in the days of the Hasmoneans and broke through the wall of the tower… .” This means that we must reach a certain level of connection, build a tower. And then we will feel how the “Greeks” attack us, break through the walls of our fortress, meaning, egoism attacks trying to break through our thoughts, desires, and destroy us.3

If in our ten we want the greatness of the Creator to enter into our whole being, affecting us as if we actually see Him and feel Him, then we attract the returning light that builds this feeling within us. Thus, we are already behind the fortress wall. And then the Greeks appear, wanting to break through the walls of our tower, meaning, these are all kinds of extraneous thoughts from all directions trying to break through our faith above reason.

Faith above reason—because inside my reason I do not see or feel anything. I received a backlight from above that keeps me in the air like a magnet holds a piece of metal. Thanks to this, I am in the tower behind the wall. This tower and the wall were built for me by the upper light, so, I depend on it.

In order to make me even more dependent upon the upper light and demand even more strongly, the Creator reveals in me faults called “the Greeks.” And I must ask Him and demand that He again performs a miracle and lets me stand against them. Of course, I do not have the strength, and if the Creator does not perform a miracle, I will certainly fall. Therefore, I have nothing to hope for except for the Creator.

Everything works according to one system: the Creator does something bad, I ask Him to correct this evil, and He does good. And so it happens at every step. Every time the same story occurs. We must finally understand how this happens and what needs to be done today: how to turn to the Creator asking for the power of faith above reason in order to advance with it.

The Creator builds a wall, and He sends the Greeks to destroy it. The Creator operates everywhere, and we are in the middle of this battlefield, between the powers of good and evil in order to combine them both within. Then we, as beings created by the force opposite to the Creator and having received a form similar to the Creator, become one with Him.4

We must ask for faith above reason because this is the wall behind which we can hide. And the tower is the greatness of the Creator built inside the wall—the faith above reason higher than our reason and feelings—only thanks to the prayers to the Creator and His actions. We only need to cry out together. If we ask together, we will certainly succeed.

Therefore, we need to bring together our knowledge, prayers, aspirations, and desires, in order to understand exactly what we want. Everyone should separate as much as possible from their own “I” and take care of the tower and the wall, that is, the greatness of the Creator which is inside faith above reason.5
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/24/19, “Hanukkah”

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