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My Thoughts On Twitter 1/12/20

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Spain’s deputy prime minister, appointed by Sanchez, hosted an Iran-funded TV show, calling Israel an illegal state and urging a complete #boycott of #Israel as befits an apartheid state: “We need to act more firmly on an illegal country like Israel”; these are the iconic claims of global #Antisemitism!
From Twitter, 1/12/20

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The Key To Success: Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)

laitman_282.01We still can not tear ourselves away from our desire to enjoy, we have not despaired, and have not cried out from this work in slavery to the Pharaoh. We need to see that we are on the side of egoism in front of an abyss, on the other side of this is freedom from Pharaoh, from thinking about myself, from the constant search for my own benefit. When we realize that we are not able to jump over this abyss, then we will cry out. We need to combine all our efforts in order to feel this common despair.

When we feel that the common egoism keeps us in slavery, prevents us from leaving, and when we want to jump over the abyss and run away from the Pharaoh to become free people and not slaves of egoism, then we will scream. And this cry itself is already liberation.1

Our entire Bnei Baruch world group belongs to that part of the common soul that is now receiving an awakening by the general illumination in the world. Therefore, we gathered and organized a group wishing to reveal the Creator. The Creator brings a person into a group, puts one’s hand on the good fortune, and then the choice is mine: to choose it or not, to follow the path of light or the path of suffering.

We all have one destiny because through our actions in the group we awaken a common spark that should be revealed in our connection with each other as the feeling of the upper force. This feeling is getting closer because with each passing day we are increasingly fulfilling the conditions necessary to feel the Creator together.

It is truly a miracle that happens to us because such a state, such work, has not existed for thousands of years! And although we make small corrections, moving gradually with tiny steps, this is a general correction at the very foundation of creation as opposed to a particular correction of an individual. There are times when individuals start to feel a little spiritual awakening, but this is not a correction. We live in the era of the Messiah, and according to the demand of the time, we must lead a general correction, and pass it on to the people of Israel and all humanity.

This is a much more difficult and gradual path compared to the individual work of the past generations of Kabbalists, but it leads to a genuine correction of creation, of Adam HaRishon. As we advance, we will see how we shall realize the goal of creation.2

The mutual guarantee (Arvut) is the key to success; nothing else is needed. This is the only thing missing in the system of Adam HaRishon in order to connect it back after the breakage. All the parts of the soul are already there, like engine parts that need only to be assembled. The correct order of connection and communication between us is called mutual guarantee. We only need to bring all the details closer to each other and introduce them into the common work. It has nothing to do with the material itself; it is only necessary to establish connections within it.

Everything is resolved in thought. The Creator allows us again and again to feel our separation more and more, and we again try to unite and achieve unity. So, we gradually advance until we receive the full measure.3
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/10/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

1 Minute 8:20
2 Minute 19:30
3 Minute 23:10

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“How Do I Get Out Of An Existential Crisis?” (Quora)

Dr. Michael LaitmanMichael Laitman, On Quora: How do I get out of an existential crisis?

Firstly, it is important to understand that existential crises spur questions about what our lives are ultimately about, and if it were not for such episodes, we would simply flow in the currents of life, ending our every day the moment after it starts.

Therefore, existential questions about life’s meaning and purpose, who we are, where we’re headed and who or what we really depend on, surface to wake us up from our everydayness.

We mostly take for granted how complex our lives have become today. On one hand, we carry out our daily business in order to survive and enjoy life as best as we can, but on the other hand, we are in the midst of an overload of information and pressures that we never experienced before. Our connections increasingly tighten all around the world, and since we have yet to realize such connections positively, we experience this tensing reality as one of increasing pains and sorrows.

Many of us thus seek out different meanings and purposes to our lives than the ones we grew up with. It is a sign of humanity undergoing a new form of development from its corporeal desires, where we lived to fulfill ourselves at the levels of food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, to the awakening of the spiritual desire, which seeks the meaning of life.

Most people who encounter such existential questions still seek out a new goal or identity within the corporeal realm, for instance, changing their profession, friends, location, gender, or in general, where they invest most of their time and energy. This search is still not for the eternal and ultimate meaning of life, which the wisdom of Kabbalah provides an answer and method for. It does, however, display an acceleration of human development from the corporeal to the spiritual.

In the wisdom of Kabbalah, “existence” means that within every particular moment of our lives, we question why we are alive. By doing so, we can constantly sharpen our lives’ direction to its ultimate purpose, and thus reach a more optimal realization of ourselves and our lives.

Therefore, we target our dissemination of Kabbalah to anyone who has such questions, and the door is always open for people of any background, culture, age and gender to take whatever anyone wants from the wisdom.

If one seeks answers about life’s meaning and purpose, Kabbalah provides a method to discover life’s ultimate meaning and purpose by guiding our discovery of the eternal and perfect reality, all while we are alive in this world.

Alternatively, if people are looking for a change and improvement in life, not yet at the level of unlocking eternal perfection, then such people are also welcome to read our materials, or join our courses and channels, and see how the wisdom that describes the complete picture of reality can help us conduct our lives with more awareness, understanding and balance.

The Method Of Correction, Part 8

laitman_933When a Friend Is Always Before Your Eyes

Baal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”: After all one certainly loves oneself with all one’s heart and soul and might, but with regards to the Creator, one may deceive oneself; and with one’s friend it is always spread out before his eyes.

The law of correction of relating to a friend is even more important than relating to the Creator because this is how one can draw closer to Him. I cannot imagine the Creator, but a friend is constantly in front of me and I can clearly check how I relate to him.

Remark: Baal HaSulam writes that the method of correction of the egocentric perception of the world, with one’s concerns about self-gratification and fulfillment, has been given to the whole nation, which was a collection of representatives from the different nations in Babylon.

My Comment: They were given a condition that everyone had to accept the principle of “loving your neighbor as yourself” as a means of achieving adhesion with the Creator.

At that time, ancient Babylon was experiencing decline, which is called the “Babylonian tower.” Egoism had suddenly soared, hatred toward each other broke out, and people became unable to coexist peacefully with each other, which lead to the destruction of the Babylonian empire. The same thing happened during the time of Rabbi Akiva at the time of the destruction of the Temple.

Question: Have we been given self-love so that we would realize to what end we should love a friend, take care of him?

Answer: Of course. Only through the opposite can you understand it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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Freedom Of Choice, Part 2

721.03Environmental Impact

Question: According to Kabbalah, heredity and the environment are factors that affect a person on an unconscious level.

With heredity, everything is clear. As for the environment, does the environment we exist in affect 100% of us? That is, is it impossible for us not to fall under its influence?

Answer: Even if we do not explicitly choose a specific environment, but are in some kind of contact with it, it still affects us more or less, explicitly or implicitly. Moreover, we ourselves do not even understand how we put ourselves under it. After all, I might not want to be in contact with it, but it still affects me greatly.

Here it is necessary to carry out very serious work and research so a person realizes that the most important thing for us is to understand our surroundings, what exactly affects him or her.

Sometimes the environment in which we exist might affect us even more than people; it urges us to some completely impractical actions, reactions, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully investigate the impact of the environment on a person in all its parameters: inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human.

Question: Does it mean that inanimate nature also affects people?

Answer: Of course. Does the weather not affect our mood and well-being? And the city and the house in which you live? I’m talking now not about people, but about everything else, in particular, about the inanimate level. This all affects us very much.

Put someone in another place, put a person in a forest or out in the countryside, and you will discern a completely different person insomuch as the factor of one’s surrounding nature is strong.

Remark: They say that if you are near a depressed person, then his or her depression can also be transmitted to you. And even more so if you are in a depressed society.

My Comment: Absolutely.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/12/20

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Lesson on the Topic “”The Jewish Choice: Unity or Anti-Semitism,” Chapter 8

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