The Method Of Correction, Part 7

laitman_608.02What does correction entail?

Question: What is unique about the quality of bestowal?

Answer: We cannot understand the quality of bestowal in the sense in which it exists, outside of us. Within us, we can understand it only above the quality of reception. Only in this way can we attain anything based upon the comparison of one to the other. Thus, by creating purely negative qualities within us, the Creator gives us an opportunity to gain completely opposite positive qualities by rising above the negative ones.

Question: If one places fulfilling the friend’s needs above one’s own, is that a degree of bestowal?

Answer: Of course! The more one fulfills the needs of the friends, the greater is one’s degree of bestowal.

Question: With what can we fulfill a friend?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. What’s most important is what your thoughts are aimed at, your intent: to fulfill the other or yourself? What are you thinking of, where is your heart? Do you want to bring joy to the Creator by fulfilling a friend, or do you want to fulfill yourself while the Creator or a friend are not on your radar?

Question: Are you trying to say that the correction consists of the fact that instead of, as a regular person who’s constantly calculating, consciously or not, how to get pleasure at each moment, one would make calculations putting the needs of others above one’s own?

Answer: Yes.

Remark: This is utopian! It is unclear how to even approach this.

My Comment: This is what we have the group and the methodology for, to begin working on it.

Question: The group is a tool. What about the goal? How can I know that this is what the Creator wants of me?

Answer: Firstly, the Creator wants only one thing of us, for us to become like Him. Secondly, in order for us to become like Him, the Creator put us in this world and brought us to the group saying: “Take it. Start working according to the method: from the love of friends to the love of the Creator. Only in this way can you become like Me.” Note that love of a friend must be greater and must precede love of the Creator. All the sources write about this. It is exactly how we must act if we wish to reach the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/7/19

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