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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The nations assert: the #Jews control the world—all the evil comes from them. They feel that they are in the hands of the Jews, who are able to change the world. The Jews need to be corrected first. With the help of Kabbalah, we will turn hatred to love and will transmit it to the world. We will thereby change our fate and the fate of the world.

The Jewish nation has to feel that by uniting among itself, it manages the enormous system of the world by the good path. But if it doesn’t unite among itself, then the system turns around toward harsh unification by way of suffering.

We are incapable of living in harmony with each other. Our egoistic nature does not allow this. But we can act out good relationships and by that, awaken the influence of the upper light upon us. We will then begin drawing closer together! And the Creator will be revealed in our convergence.

I look at the world through a non-transparent glass. I don’t see anything. But if I oppose egoism, thinking about unity, the good of the group, the goal of creation—then I draw the reflected light (Hassadim). It turns the matte glass into a transparent one and I see the Creator in the quality of bestowal and love.

The Creator is revealed between 10 desires of ten friends. If the desires aspire to unity and to the Creator, then the Creator is revealed to the degree of our unity and influence on Him with the quality of bestowal.

There is a special force in the 10—we don’t feel it and it therefore elicits lack of understanding. The Creator must be revealed in the connection between us, through the connection of 10 desires. For this, we must tie our desires together into one desire to reveal the Creator by mutual self-annulment.

We are in exile in the egoistic desire, which separates us. To realize the method of correction we must get organized into tens, the way this happened after exodus from Egypt when Jethro came to Moses and they started creating tens out of the nation of #Israel.

All of the Jews’ destructions and descents were but a consequence of them belittling Kabbalah, the method of the nation’s unity. Studying anything besides Kabbalah leads to the destruction of the nation and the world. The attitude that the nation of #Israel has to Kabbalah determines the world’s attitude toward the nation of Israel.
#Jews #kabbalah
From Twitter, 1/14/20

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Choose The External Factor

laitman_962.7Only a person has freewill because he or she can use an external factor that allows them to choose the direction of their development. Imagine that a grain of wheat would have the opportunity to choose how to grow into a stalk of ten grains and decide which grains. Wheat cannot choose, but we can, although we are in the same state. But we have the opportunity to turn to the special factor that will develop us, and this is called our freewill.

If there is no freedom of choice, then only wheat and nothing else can grow from your grain of wheat. However, we have the opportunity to become a human being due to an external factor. Therefore, we need to find what this external factor is, what it can do, and how can we awaken it? Also, we need to understand why we need this external factor because it goes against all of our desires, against our nature. It turns out that we need to convince ourselves, and this requires an environment that will help us overcome all difficulties and prove that this is a worthwhile endeavor. It is very difficult to acquire freedom.1

External factors make a huge impact on a person: we pass on our thoughts, desires, aspirations, goals, and values to other people, and we receive the same from them. Humanity thus develops under the influence of society. Particularly noticeable is the influence of the media that destroys a person.

An external factor cannot affect a person directly, but indirectly, in a roundabout way; it has a very serious effect.2
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/2/20, Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Freedom”
1 Minute 34:40
2 Minute 38:12

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“The Cause And Solution To Israel’s Poverty According To Kabbalah” (Times Of Israel)

The Times of Israel published my new article “The Cause and Solution to Israel’s Poverty according to Kabbalah

Nearly one-third of Israel’s children and nearly one-fifth of Israel’s elderly are in poverty, according to a recent poverty report by Israel’s National Insurance Institute. When the country’s citizens make no effort to strive for a warm, family-like sensation, they let a high tension atmosphere develop that chokes its citizens from one day to the next. Such relations give rise to a country with great wealth and amassing poverty.

The Cause of Poverty: Not Sensing Each Other as Members of a Single Family

Israel’s “rich country, poor citizens” state is bigger than merely an economic situation, and thus cannot be solved at the economic level alone. It requires the implementation of connection-enriching programs through its education and media systems, regularly explaining how all Israeli citizens are members of a single family, and which aims to pass a family-like sensation among everyone.

It might sound like a socialist idea, but it’s not. We saw such examples in history, and they all failed. The reason was because they did not to take nature’s laws into account.

The laws of nature are integral laws of interconnectedness and interdependence. They guide us toward more and more connection, and in our times, the connections we need to form are at the level of our attitudes to each other: that we develop a feeling toward strangers as if they are members of our own family. By aligning our attitudes to each other accordingly, we guarantee ourselves a harmonious future.

2 Steps to Solve Poverty: Disagree With Division and Promote Connection

The first step toward a change of attitude to each other is disagreeing with our present separation. Social division is the principle cause of poverty, and our disagreement with this situation makes room for a new desire to appear—a desire to change our relationships so that we feel ourselves connected like members of a single family.

By activating and encouraging the desire for family-like connection to spread among society via educational and promotional means, we would then start seeing the erasure of our emotional remoteness, and likewise, its symptoms of poverty.

The Kabbalistic Explanation as to Why There’s a Growing Gap between Rich and Poor

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, the state of imbalance between rich and poor takes place due to an imbalance between Ohr Hochma (light of wisdom) and Ohr Hassadim (light of mercy), i.e., when there is a lot of Ohr Hochma and only a little Ohr Hassadim.

What are these two lights in relation to this current situation? Ohr Hochma signifies spiritual abundance and wealth, while Ohr Hassadim expresses the desire to give that abundance and wealth. Ohr Hassadim is a condition that prevents the desire to keep receiving more and more for personal benefit to imbalance our systems. In other words, Ohr Hassadim can be thought of as a regulating device that warms the heart, which otherwise becomes continually colder in an encasement of egoism without such conditioning. Therefore, when we apply Ohr Hassadim upon our instinctive desire to devour everything for self-benefit, we build a new sense, a tool that gives us the ability to receive the Ohr Hochma in a balanced manner. In this way, we can have a country where all its citizens experience spiritual abundance and wealth. Without such a regulator, we then continually head in an egoistic direction and bear witness to the “rich country, poor citizens” situation we are in today.

Moreover, without the Ohr Hassadim regulator that aims to give the abundance to others in society, then not only the poor citizens feel as if they are deficient, but also the rich feel a constant lack. More wealth is never perceived as enough wealth, and thus they continually seek how to increasingly fulfill themselves. This is how the pressure of the Ohr Hochma is felt. When we aim to receive for self-benefit alone, then pleasures we receive ultimately encounter an empty space within us, like a black hole that extinguishes any self-aimed pleasure we absorb.

Therefore, whether or not we have a little or a lot depends on our attitudes to each other.

Abundance Reaches Everyone When Society Becomes as a Single Family

We can organize our relationships in order to create an abundance that fills the space between us. When we open ourselves up to others, we become conductors of that abundance, like hubs and nodes in a network that pass signals to each other, and then our lives becomes rich and diverse.

Therefore, the more the idea of our need to connect as a single family upon our innate division spreads among society, both rich and poor, then the more we will find that there is plenty to go around for everyone.

Freedom Of Choice, Part 4

laitman_527.03In the Maelstrom Whirl of Life

Question: Are all a person’s actions and conditions in this world predetermined, except for one’s aspiration for spiritual development?

Answer: A person also has a certain predisposition to spiritual development. One feels that they are drawn somewhere.

In our world we do not just rush in the maelstrom of life. For example, if I look back from the height of my seventy years, then I will see how I was always directed somewhere. Although sometimes these were turbulent flows that carried me from country to country, from society to society, it still was a purposeful movement.

At a certain stage of the journey, a person is given the opportunity to pick up the oars and steer one’s boat in a different direction. You must understand this, realize this, determine which sails to raise, and how to control your little life vessel.

In principle, 99.9% of people do not understand this. But there are people who are somehow trying to somehow direct themselves somewhere, although they also do not understand where and for what purpose.

Therefore, now, in our very turbulent time, when maelstroms carry us in an unknown direction, the science of Kabbalah is being revealed which explains that, in principle, you have the opportunity to influence your fate, you have freedom of will.

Despite the fact that you are affected by the initial data embedded in you, it does not matter. All the same, you are given the opportunity to influence yourself through the environment. It is only necessary to choose an increasingly correct environment each time.

In principle, one does not choose the environment, but clearly finds it according to the goal and enters the appropriate environment. Therefore, first of all, you must choose the goal of life.

If you want to be a musician, an artist, or a scientist, then accordingly you choose the environment in which you will develop in order to come closer to the goal that attracts you, the goal that you need.

Question: So, over all these tens of thousands of years of human development, we have not had freedom of choice. But at a certain evolutionary stage, it appears in a person. One seems to accidentally find some kind of environment. And this is also not freewill yet. Does it start when a person is already inside this environment and works with it?

Answer: Yes. A person’s free will manifests itself to the extent that one submits oneself to the environment in order to absorb all the properties and forces necessary to achieve one’s goal from it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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Life And Death, Part 5

737.01Why do we have to be born again?

Question: Is it possible to say that apart from the constant renewal of Reshimot (informational genetic data) a person needs to change his physiological body every few tens or hundreds of years in order to be born again in some different environment and connect with different souls, people?

Answer: Yes, it is necessary.

Question: So I do understand this correctly?

Answer: More or less. In our world, we cannot use our vocabulary to express what is actually happening in the spiritual world. However, at least imagine it that way. At least, the truth is that because of this we begin to make a calculation: what happens to me, what I should do?

Question: Does a person need to die so that the knowledge and experience he has acquired in this world will pass to feelings? For example, Baal HaSulam gives an example with wheat: the grain must rot so that a new sprout will grow from it.

Answer: Yes. That is right. In this way, there is a transition of quality to quantity or, conversely, quantity to quality. A person lives some 80 to 100 years and all that he has acquired, all his experiences, are embodied in his descendants.

Question: Where is this all stored?

Answer: The informational data exists in the information field around the person.

Question: Is this field common for everyone or does each one have his own?

Answer: Each one has his personal field and there is one common field for everybody that leads us all. We see even in our world how we are developing: all of humanity is drawn somewhere, but each has one’s own personal destiny.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/14/20

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati 69,First Will Be the Correction of the World”

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Peace in the World” 

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