Freedom Of Choice, Part 4

laitman_527.03In the Maelstrom Whirl of Life

Question: Are all a person’s actions and conditions in this world predetermined, except for one’s aspiration for spiritual development?

Answer: A person also has a certain predisposition to spiritual development. One feels that they are drawn somewhere.

In our world we do not just rush in the maelstrom of life. For example, if I look back from the height of my seventy years, then I will see how I was always directed somewhere. Although sometimes these were turbulent flows that carried me from country to country, from society to society, it still was a purposeful movement.

At a certain stage of the journey, a person is given the opportunity to pick up the oars and steer one’s boat in a different direction. You must understand this, realize this, determine which sails to raise, and how to control your little life vessel.

In principle, 99.9% of people do not understand this. But there are people who are somehow trying to somehow direct themselves somewhere, although they also do not understand where and for what purpose.

Therefore, now, in our very turbulent time, when maelstroms carry us in an unknown direction, the science of Kabbalah is being revealed which explains that, in principle, you have the opportunity to influence your fate, you have freedom of will.

Despite the fact that you are affected by the initial data embedded in you, it does not matter. All the same, you are given the opportunity to influence yourself through the environment. It is only necessary to choose an increasingly correct environment each time.

In principle, one does not choose the environment, but clearly finds it according to the goal and enters the appropriate environment. Therefore, first of all, you must choose the goal of life.

If you want to be a musician, an artist, or a scientist, then accordingly you choose the environment in which you will develop in order to come closer to the goal that attracts you, the goal that you need.

Question: So, over all these tens of thousands of years of human development, we have not had freedom of choice. But at a certain evolutionary stage, it appears in a person. One seems to accidentally find some kind of environment. And this is also not freewill yet. Does it start when a person is already inside this environment and works with it?

Answer: Yes. A person’s free will manifests itself to the extent that one submits oneself to the environment in order to absorb all the properties and forces necessary to achieve one’s goal from it.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 2/4/19

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