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Anti-Semitism is a disease that has only one remedy.
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The Creator is the sum total of the entire light of Infinity, the entire corrected Kli, and each time, as we pass from one state to the next, we reveal that it is contrary to all our previous notions. By working among us first, we prepare ourselves for that which is opposite to us.
From Twitter, 1/2/20

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Life And Death, Part 1

laitman_444What Is the Basis of Life?

Question: In the old Soviet encyclopedic dictionary, life is defined as “a form of existence of matter, which naturally occurs under certain conditions in the process of its development.”

Living objects differ from inanimate ones by metabolism, irritability, ability to reproduce, grow, various forms of movement, and adaptability to the environment.

Do you as a Kabbalist agree with this definition of life?

Answer: If we are talking about the form of existence of protein matter, about the way life originated and how it developed over billions of years, then, of course, this is true.

Life is one of the possible ways of existence of matter. In our world, this is protein matter because we discuss the organism’s animal existence. Yet, it is entirely possible that it can be built on other foundations.

Question: What is the basis of life?

Answer: At the basis of life is a force that develops any matter to the point that it captures and absorbs the environment for its further development. That is, development itself is the goal of life. Since this development cannot be continuous and infinite, it is interrupted by individual deaths. However, it still constantly progresses.

Question: What distinguishes living matter from inanimate matter?

Answer: Оnly the desire to realize oneself at the next, higher degree.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 1/14/19

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“Existential”-’s Word Of The Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 1/2/20

I’m happy to hear about “existential” becoming’s word of the year. That many people are using the word in the media, and that people are seeking its definition more and more is a sign of the spiritual awakening humanity is undergoing.

Most people who encounter existential questions seek out a new goal or identity within the corporeal realm, for instance, changing their profession, friends, location, gender, or in general, where they invest most of their time and energy. This search is still not for the eternal and ultimate meaning of life, which the wisdom of Kabbalah provides an answer and method for. It does, however, display an acceleration of human development from the corporeal to the spiritual.

“Existence” in Kabbalah means that within every particular moment of our lives, we question why we are alive. By doing so, we can constantly sharpen our lives’ direction to its ultimate purpose, and thus reach a more optimal realization of ourselves and our lives.

If one seeks answers about life’s meaning and purpose, Kabbalah provides a method to discover life’s ultimate meaning and purpose by guiding our discovery of the eternal and perfect reality, all while we are alive in this world.

Alternatively, if people are looking for a change and improvement in life, not yet at the level of unlocking eternal perfection, then such people are also welcome to see how the wisdom that describes the complete picture of reality can help us conduct our lives with more awareness, understanding and balance.

The Combination Of Opposites

627.2Two opposites in one subject—this is the main point that determines the entrance to the upper world, to the spiritual dimension, that is, to the space where the Creator is the source of two forces. With respect to us, they are revealed as the force of evil and the force of good, Klipa and holiness, bestowal and reception, two opposite forces. However, the Creator has no contradiction and everything is connected into one.

It is only with respect to us, our sense and understanding, that this manifests itself as two forces that contradict each other. The more we begin to learn about creation, the greater the distance and conflict we see between them. Therefore, we cannot perceive spirituality, as it is written, “For in Isaac shall a seed be called to you, and offer him there for a burnt-offering.” One thing contradicts the other: on the one hand, you are ordered to kill him, and on the other hand, he must be the continuation of your path.

How is this possible? We do not understand this with our mind, and we must acquire the mind of the upper. If we exert in keeping these principles, we attract the reforming light, which builds a new reality for us. In this new space that we are revealing, which is called the middle line, these two opposite lines can coexist together, as one whole, completing each other.

It is very difficult, almost impossible to perceive. There must be a society and the reforming light from above that will connect the two lines together to the middle line. The middle line is the Creator. The revelation of the Creator, or the connection of two opposite lines, gradually leads us to the purpose of creation, to the end of correction. Step by step these opposites grow and connect more and more. This is our entire work.

We have already made enough preparation over many years and have gathered many people that are capable of making this step. The rest will become capable of it by clinging to those who have already gone through the correct preparation. It is like in our world, children born today in the 21st century join all the progress achieved before and go ahead of all past generations because they clung to their parents and received from them all that they have.

It is so also in a Kabbalistic group, no matter who is more or less advanced. If everyone tries to achieve the goal according to all one’s strength and preparation, he or she will achieve it.

I hope you have a serious attitude to this topic, because in the wisdom of Kabbalah, in spiritual work, in the attainment of the Creator, the upper reality and the perfection of nature, there is nothing more important than this principle of the connection of two lines. This combination of opposites is the spiritual space that is revealed to a person. When he enters it, he begins to feel the next world. There is no doubt that by working together we can advance and achieve all this, drawing everyone to this degree, that is, to the beginning of the true spiritual ladder.

From this moment onward, we always continue in three lines, in faith above reason. Then the entire Torah and the entire world become clear to us. All of reality begins to gain perspective, dividing into three lines and revealing their interaction. After all, now we do not know where the plus and minus come from and where they lead us. Yet, if we know how to correctly tie the opposites above our world and our earthly mind with the spiritual senses and mind, we achieve unlimited revelation, understand how the Creator is operating, what He does, and what we need to do to become like Him, becoming “like God, knowing good and evil.”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah lesson 12/23/19, “Two Opposites in One Subject”

1 Minute 0:20

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Hanukkah: The Middle Of The Path

laitman_962.1Many people think that what is most important is to annul one’s ego and separate from it, to become so holy that you cannot hurt a fly, like an angel in the sky. It is a big mistake to think that this is how we achieve correction. We only distance ourselves from evil, but do not correct it; therefore, we don’t fulfill the purpose of creation.

Thus, Hanukkah is the middle of the path: “stop here” (Hanu-ko). We still have a war ahead of us, enormous and unique, but now, having achieved the bestowing desires we get a respite. This pause means that we change our method for the rest of the war.

At first, the war was waged to conquer the desires of bestowal, faith above reason. Then we begin to work with the desires of reception for the sake of bestowal. This is a completely different approach. Thus, one should not think that a simple distance from egoism is the end of correction. In fact, this is only a preparation for the correction, which hasn’t started yet.1

Why is it that we cannot continue the old way after Hanukkah, but need new strength? Because a totally different light is coming. Before Hanukkah we grow in our bestowing desires, in smallness, Galgalta ve Eynaim. We are not yet fighting our egoism, we just rise above it. We do not turn the evil inclination into a good one, nor use the ego to turn it into holiness.

By turning the angel of death into a holy angel, we build the image of the Creator. All the evil that the Creator has embedded us with we transform into His image.2
From the 3d part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/22/19, “Hanukkah

1 Minute 4:25
2 Minute 7:40

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 10/27/19

laitman_600.04Question: When I attain the upper root, will I still have a desire to change something in the branches?

Answer: Certainly! Because we must achieve full similarity to the upper world precisely while we are in our world in order to connect the two worlds together. That is why we exist.

Question: If a woman is loyal to her Kabbalistic teacher, can he convey his knowledge to her? Or does this affect only men?

Answer: It makes no difference if it is a woman or a man at all. Loyalty doesn’t have to be to the Kabbalistic teacher, but to the method of correction.

Question: Why does a teacher convey information specifically through allegories?

Answer: How else is it possible to talk about the spiritual world if not through some kind of example or story? You see it is necessary to make some kind of impression in our world, to present something similar, so that the student will understand that as far as it seems, the matter happens like this in the upper world. Otherwise he cannot convey this knowledge. Therefore, there is a place for allegories and all kinds of symbols in the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Question: Where does a person’s desire to find a teacher or a guide come from?

Answer: This is not up to the person; that is how they attract him to a teacher and through the teacher to a higher goal, to the root of his soul.

Question: How does one work with the external sources that prove the truth of the wisdom of Kabbalah?

Answer: I am not familiar with any other sources! The answer is final and definite. If a person is in external sources, this means that he is simply confusing himself, he has no hope of finding out anything correctly.

Question: In the future, will there be a head of the Bnei Baruch organization, a new teacher, or will there be a ten?

Answer: What do you mean by in the future? Even today we have lecturers besides myself. These are dozens of my students. Anyone who has been designated as a lecturer by our organization, is a teacher that I can recommend to you. And just as in any other science, each one teaches in his or her own style, and you will choose for yourself already.

Question: What is worthwhile to copy from a teacher?

Answer: There is no need to copy anything except for how the teacher shows a student how much he wants to attain this wisdom, to discover it. You should be envious of a teacher who has such a great desire, even though he has already been involved with the wisdom of Kabbalah for many years. For example, I have been involved with this for 40 years already, and yet my desire has not waned.

Question: Does a teacher need to divert a student intentionally from the way for his development? Or does the teacher guide him only smoothly?

Answer: The teacher does not divert the student from the way. It is the natural egoism of the student that doesn’t make it possible for him to agree with the teacher fully and diverts him from the way. But at the same time, changes like these are also helpful.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” 10/27/19

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/2/20

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Lesson on the Topic “All Who Fault, Fault in Their Own Defect, and Love Covers All Transgressions” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot,” Item 18

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom” 

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