Evolution Of Consciousness

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe begin to develop and grow from this world, from the lowest possible reality, which descended from the world of Infinity through 125 degrees, through 5 worlds, to the very lowest point. Having reached this low level, the spark of light broke through to the very last spiritual degree into this world and began to form matter in it.

Matter began to concentrate, form, and unite one particle with another. In this manner began the return to the source—the correction of the breaking. From thereon began our Universe: the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature.

All these degrees are a result of the unification of matter into more and more complex structures, all the parts of which act in benefit to each other. The power of Light, the power of nature, unite separate elements, and thus form inanimate matter in all its inner diversity. Matter is formed due to the unification of opposite particles according to particular laws.

And then even vegetative matter arises, where opposite particles connect into even more complex structures. They are much more spread apart from each other, but they unite nonetheless. Then animate nature emerges, each part of which feels separate and wishes to maintain its existence in an egoistic form. However, due to the force of nature, each of them still unites with others, and all together they create the animate—an animate body that is able to exist in spite of the fact that inside it exist a contradiction and unification of polar elements.

They are united by a special force—the force of Light, the force of the Creator, the force of mutual bestowal, in spite of the force of creation, an egoistic force that exists inside each. These two forces begin to act in common harmony.

Harmony is impossible if there are not two opposite forces that nonetheless unite for the sake of one goal, a common interest, and some higher state. A higher state means common interests of the body: the vegetative or the animate body. And then, due to development of matter on the animate level, it reaches the level of the human being of this world, which is an even more complex creature—a more aggressive and egoistic one. Every creature from this degree “human being in this world” finds that he is opposite to all other people.

And when he reaches the end of his egoistic development, he reveals that if he wishes to exist further, he needs a second, opposite force—the force of bestowal. The force of egoism developed in him, but what is he to do it with it now? It only destroys us.

At this point we understand that we must receive the force of bestowal, the force of unification. The feeling of the lack of the force of unification, without which we cannot continue, is in fact that feeling of a crisis, the breaking, the destruction of former values. It is revealed directly inside our existence, our life. We discover in absolutely all areas of life, in all the activities of a person in this world, that we cannot reach balance, harmony, and so-called “life.”

After all, life is built on the basis of two forces: reception and bestowal. We cannot exist by acting only with the one force of egoism. Therefore, as a result of our development, our gradual evolution, step by step nature brings us to the conclusion that we also need a second force: the force of unification.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/25/11, Shamati

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  1. I have been trying to take my time understanding the 125 degrees and 5 worlds. If a soul develops through the five worlds or matures (what The Zohar describes), are the 125 steps something it automatically goes through when it has reached attainment since we cannot decribe these steps individually?

  2. I have a question about the technicality of spiritual interactions when disseminating. If I am loving people around me anyway despite our differences. Even if I cancel my ego with the screen to do it. Am I technically in bestowal, because they are not studying or practicing Kabbalah at the moment. I don’t mean I stop loving others because they are not studying, etc. But, what I mean is, if I am giving to the Kabbalah group, then it is bestowal. This is clear to me. What is it called when I am giving it to people whom are not studying or trying to connect?

  3. I’m sorry about all the separate posts! I guess what I also mean is that if I don’t see those who study as different as those who do when I am loving others and I see everyone as good when I love them. Is the connection different or called something different when I interact or love someone who in the group might be receiving my love in order to love me back or in order to turn around and give to the world in love and on the other hand, interacting with someone who isn’t studying Kabbalah or even aware of it, and receives my love because they want something from me or have an agenda with it or receive it egostically for their own profit, etc. Not that it matters that they do this, love anyway, I just want to know if the connection then is authentically bestowal based on the reception of the other person or just based on my efforts? What dictates or qualifies it to be genuine? Just my intention?

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