Mass Protests In China

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “In recent months, there were mass riots in China, details of which are carefully hidden.

“China saw almost 90,000 such ‘mass incidents’ of riots, protests, mass petitions and other acts of unrest in 2009…. Like many other recent protests and riots, news of this one spread on China’s Internet, especially on Sina’s popular Weibo microblogging site, reported Radio Free Asia….

“‘In fact, China has riots more serious than England’s every week,’ said one Weibo comment.”

Comment: The whole world has become integral and therefore there are no regions that are separate and that can avoid experiencing the crisis, each in its own way. There are no societies that can avoid feeling how they are being pushed toward change.

However, people do not understand the nature of these changes, they do not see that they are driven by the desire for unity. This is happening because the integral, general network has connected us and compels us to realize our oneness and the oneness of all of nature.

If we begin to move toward this understanding, then even a slight awareness of this appeal from nature will immediately create changes for the better in us and in society! Otherwise, the world will be seized by general, global unrest. People will feel pressured and will go out to the streets and rebel without even  being aware of the reason. And that’s because globality can only be realized within altruistic qualities.

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All Of Human Development Is The Development Of Connections

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person cannot exist separately from society. We are deliberately built in a way that obligates us to live among other people. This follows from the breaking of the common soul into many particular souls.

In order to reveal the Creator, we have to reveal the broken connection between us and correct it. Then, by attaining His actions, we will attain His perfection. This is why we are built so not one of us is able to live in total isolation. Otherwise he would slide down to the level of an animal. If a person has developed to the human level, then he has to live like a person, meaning use everyone else and also contribute his part to everyone.

The development of humanity should be viewed as the development of connections between us and of our dependence on one another. First only families existed. Then large familial communities began to develop, followed by tribes, then villages, cities, and nations. A few hundred years ago, active international trade began between many countries.

This is exactly why developed nations traveled to conquer other countries and to discover new lands, feeling that they lack connections. The egoistic desire always pushes us toward interconnection and exchange.

That is how we developed the economy, which is a reflection of our inner aspiration to be connected with one another. This is why the entire economy is built upon our egoism, on the will to enjoy that feels that it must win and profit at the expense of everyone else: I give to you, you give to me, and so on. One person was a farmer, another – a craftsman, and by uniting, everyone gained great profit.

It’s clear that it is impossible to stop the evolutionary development and to produce everything by yourself, maintaining a natural household, the way people once did in ancient times. That is how we built all the forms of connections between us. They all agree with our egoistic character, which developed over many millennia and generations until in our time, we suddenly revealed that this connection is no longer as simple as we thought when we looked at things from our ego! Today a different connection is being revealed – one that’s mutual and universal. That is how it is being revealed from nature’s end.

We built the connection in whatever way we wanted to, the way it seemed best for us for establishing profitable connections with one another. We built it by our free desire, following the demands of our egoism. This is what gave rise to politics, society, economy, family, education, and all of the vital systems.

But suddenly, some kind of new connection is being revealed, which is different and contradicts everything I have done until now! That is why a problem emerges and a crisis is breaking out.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/17/11, “The Nation”

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Are Mass Protests An Effective Means Of Reform?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that the people who are protesting do not yet understand that the reason for all of the dissatisfaction is the loss of hope for the future. This bothers people even more than the fact that there is nothing to live on. A person does not feel that there is something good waiting for him tomorrow. And it is necessary to give people an explanation that there will be no tomorrow if we will continue the way we are! After all, this way we are only speeding up the destruction of the world.

We have to balance out the evil of our egoism with the mind and understand where all of these problems are coming from and why. The people who are protesting are quite capable of this. They are smart and developed. They just need to hear an explanation of the fact that this protest is not the solution.

It’s not because I study Kabbalah and I want to impose its principles onto everyone. See this for yourself and realize that there is no way out! I say this as a scientist.

What benefit would it give to overturn everything and to change one thing for something similar? There used to be one head of government and now there will be another one. So what will change, really? Things will only get worse.

Look at the huge economic downturn that occurred as a result of the recent unrest that took place in Egypt, Libya, and other places. This is being done deliberately by foreign outside forces, which are destroying one country after another in order to keep themselves in some kind of balance. They do not understand that this boomerang will eventually return back to them.

There is no place anything could be achieved by means of destruction and rioting. If you want to build something, then how can the destruction of shops and other forms of disorder help? This will not give you anything, especially since the people protesting are not offering any solution.

In order to find the solution, you need to gather together people who work in politics, economics, and education, sit them together at one table, and have them build the program of changes. Or bring your own program to the table, but one that’s specific and laid out in detail!

However, today when we evaluate various programs that are proposed, we see that they cannot be realized in any part of the world. There is simply no such possibility! And the reason is because the world today has started to function in an integral form, as an integrated system, while we are still trying to operate by the old programs, which were in place before the world had locked itself into an integral system.

That is why no country today is capable of controlling its domestic affairs, and all of them together cannot deal with anything as well. No one can do anything, and that includes all of the countries and governments. And there is no solution to the situation besides drawing closer to nature. We have to start behaving like it does, which means becoming integral and connected with everyone and with the environment into one system.

Until we do this, we will not have any feeling or thought that will enable us to build tomorrow. Now, the only question is: How much longer will we have to suffer in order to understand this? How many more blows will we have to endure in order to want to hear it!?
From the lesson on 8/12/11, The Zohar

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A Strong Connection Is Like A Shared Child

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe connection between one person and another always contains a third componentthe degree of their connection which is common to both of them. A connection can emerge only on the condition that there are two different things which vary by qualities or states. But if they are different, how can they unite?

On the other hand, if we are not different, then what kind of connection can we possibly talk about? The very word “connection” already implies that there is some opposition or difference between us. The connection is the third component, which includes something from the first and the second, and creates a bridge between them.

This third, intermediate link is formed by the inclusion of two opposite parts into one another so the second is present in the first, and the first—in the second. Then a third body emerges between them, which is similar to both.

This is apparent from the structure of Bina, which includes GAR and ZAT, and several additional, different parts inside which create “Tzelem”—the image of the upper one for the lower ones. This is not simple because an entire system gets created so the upper one could come to the lower one and build a certain degree of connection with him.

And the upper one must have a place that is suitable for raising the lower one, called a “womb” (Rechem). This place is intended specifically for the lower one, but on the other hand, it belongs to the body of the upper one.

All of the systems belonging to the connection between the upper one and the lower one by the rules of the second restriction (Tzimtzum Bet), according to which we live, have a very complex structure. They include special Partzufim called “hair” (Searot) and “garments” (Levushim). The inner Partzuf dresses into the outer one in order to connect with the lower Partzuf.

This is a very complex system, which is why in our world we do not know how to build the right connection between us. We cannot unite until we reveal every person’s inner desire and become included in one anther. This is mutual guarantee. And until we get there, we won’t know how to exist in one common system.

We have to understand one another and connect to such an extent that I will feel and accept the desires of everyone else as my own, and they will all accept my desires. Only then will we be able to connect.

If I am connected with everyone and they are all connected with me, then we connect through parts that became common to us. But we cannot connect through the parts in which we don’t have something in common. There, every person remains on his own. That is why every person retains his own qualities and desires, which even include all of their egoistic forms. He becomes included in others and acts only within the part where he is able to create a connection with another person. These are the laws of connection.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/17/11, “The Nation”

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Mutual Guarantee Is For The Whole World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am reading reviews of some of the articles published by the “Mutual Guarantee” movement and many say that you simply want to expand your circle of adherents, as if “Kabbalah isn’t that interesting anymore, so now Laitman has started a new movement.”

Answer: I enjoy these intense questions and objections because I would like people to understand my opinion. Kabbalah is a technique of correcting the world, which works at every social level:

  • There are people who are interested in progressing spiritually.
  • There are people who are interested in moving forward spiritually because they feel it is important for them and for their children to live in a peaceful, secure, and serene world.
  • There are people who have very little concern for any of this. They are only interested in living a good, normal life, “I feel comfortable right now, and this is my task—to maintain the comfort and if possible, to increase it.”

Depending on people’s desires, some are engaged only in their personal matters, whereas others are engaged in society. Some people are attracted to power, fame, knowledge, and wealth, which means they have higher demands compared to those of a common man. Every person has certain properties and desires as a given essence that are present in him from birth.

Therefore, being a person who studies human nature and society, I make no claims to anyone because I understand perfectly well that the people who are engaged or interested in Kabbalah will, in fact, come to Kabbalah. As for the people who don’t have these aspirations, then no matter how much time I would spend telling them about Kabbalah, they will not come to it. However, they will see that mutual guarantee is the instrument that we can use to fix the crisis today, but in the internal personal realm, within our families, and on the scale of the country and the world.

That’s what I want people to know. And accordance to every person’s inner question or need, each will take his proper place in this hierarchy of correcting himself and humanity. Therefore, there is no attempt here to draw people to what they will not respond to. This is impossible.

This is not the usual political movement where people can be enticed by some goals, by telling them, “Let us go and conquer, let’s take abundance from someone else and divide it among ourselves,” and so on. On the contrary, this is a movement that is based only on the joint agreement of all members of society, and therefore, it involves everyone. In other words, it is there in order for everyone to come under the mutual guarantee in the world, to the degree of one’s innate properties, predispositions, and inclinations to this.

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First Of All, Figure Out What You Have To Correct

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly when trying to get closer to one’s neighbor and connect with him does a person reveal his 613 uncorrected desires. Only then does he start to open up his broken soul and understand what he has to correct.

When correcting my desires with the intention of “not doing what I hate to the other,” I correct myself to the level of Bina (Hafetz Hesed, delighting in mercy) and am filled with the Light of Hassadim (mercy). This means that I’m completely free from my ego. Then, I gradually turn this ego toward serving my neighbor, called “love thy neighbor as thyself,” by correcting the AHP, the 365 desires.

Both of these stages of correction are only relevant to those desires that are revealed in our connection with each other. If I don’t have a desire to connect with the others, this means that I haven’t yet revealed what I need to correct. Our usual desires toward food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge don’t need to be corrected. Use them as you please.

If I seek knowledge or power, this is not the desire that is revealed in connection to others. The work begins when I try to advance in this connection by revealing the will to bestow instead of the will to receive. Then, I reveal how much I don’t want it. This lack of desire is called “evil,” and it’s revealed to me as the creation.

It is exactly this desire, felt as a rejection of connection with another person when trying to reveal the quality of bestowal, that is called the evil of egoism. It has to be corrected and transformed into good. This means that I act according to a strict order that is expressed by the phrase, “I created the evil inclination and I created the Torah as a spice” because the Light in the Torah reforms, and I realize this formula step by step.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on the Day of Love

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Will We Go Extinct Like The Dinosaurs?

Dr. Michael LaitmanInterview with Igor Beloborodov, Director of the Demographic Research Institute (Moscow): “The birthrate is going down at an alarming rate, and in the coming decades most countries will face a non-renewal of generations. This is a moral, ethical problem, associated with the loss of traditions and family foundations in society. The demographic crisis has already started. Forty-two percent of humanity do not reproduce. This has never happened before. This situation is unprecedented in world history.

“No government has proposed a set of solutions as to how to increase the birthrate in the conditions of reigning consumer values and moral degradation and how to ensure the priority and stability of the family. Out of half a billion of the European population, there is no country that reproduces itself demographically.

“According to the UN, by the 2030s, the birthrate may decline below replacement level. This means that this will be the starting point of the extinction of the entire human race. Will we be able to stop this process?

“I think so, if we set an appropriate goal. But international organizations have a different agenda: They want to reduce the population in developing countries. The entire world population has bleak prospects today.”

Comment: If there is no higher purpose, nothing higher than our life, then why should we bring up children and continue the human race? Sex is a pleasant activity, but raising children is a burden, especially when you do not see any prospects either for yourself or your children….

Only the revelation of the upper World and an eternal, perfect existence, which can be reached through correction by the Kabbalistic method, will awaken everyone’s desire to continue their correction through their children.

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The Connection Between Free Will And Morality

Dr. Michael LaitmanA physiology experiment and its results:
Objective: “Does a belief in free will have a relationship with morals? Does the belief in free will make one more moral or less moral?”

Experiment: “A set of 30 people were taken and divided into two groups of 15 people each. One group was given passages and statements which seemed to state that free will does not exist. They were made to read the viewpoints of philosophers and scientists who were determinists and stated that free will is only an illusion. One of the passages they read was from Francis Crick’s book (Crick along with Watson discovered the structure of DNA), The Astonishing Hypothesis: ‘You, your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules. Who you are is nothing but a pack of neurons.’

“So, one group was given ‘anti-free-will’ passages to read. The other group was given neutral passages to read that said nothing about free will or the lack of it.”

Test: “Then, the two groups were given a set of mathematical questions to solve on a computer. The computer program that asked the questions had a bug that the students could use to cheat in the test. After the test was over the experimenters checked the results of which group cheated more. The subjects of the experiment thought that the experiment was about math skills, but actually the experiment was about who cheats more.”

Result: “The experimenters found that the group that was given ‘anti-free-will’ passages to read cheated much more as compared to the group that read no passages related to free will.”

Conclusion: “So, the study suggested that a belief in free will makes one more moral. The person who believes in free will tends to take responsibility for his actions. A non-believer in free will tends to assign the moral responsibility to determinism – it had to happen that way!

“So scientists think that we may not have free will, but a belief in free will keeps society more moral. Our deterministic brain neurons fire based on its previous state, but one of the components of the state is our belief system. And having belief in free will in the system causes the neurons to fire more ‘morally’ than when the brain does not have this belief.”

My Comment: Kabbalah takes all of the opposite points of view and combines them, saying that a human being has no freedom in any regard; he is completely influenced by the environment. However, he can choose the environment on his own and thus change himself under its influence. This way, he can change his own destiny. (See Baal HaSulam’s article “The Freedom.”)

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Seven Billion Household Members

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe approach of Kabbalah is highly scientific. However, we do not impose it; we just want to point out the obvious facts of the interconnected world that are impossible to ignore.

We will move on from these facts to the changes in human nature because now, by getting an integral education, people are beginning to think in terms of an integral system. Earlier, they saw it and perceived it through the prism of their egoism, “me and others,” whereas now, a person is gradually beginning to feel the world through a prism that absorbs all visible light. He does not focus on personal gain, but on the good of all humankind. His view is becoming general and his mind is acquiring a different way of thinking. His perception passes through everyone else.

An example could be the mistress of the house, a mother who takes care of her children, her husband, and the home, arranging everything. She looks at life and tomorrow not in connection with her personally, but in connection with her household. She sees the reality of today and tomorrow not out of herself, but out of them.

If a person gradually begins to look at the world in this manner, he rises to a new degree. A new system of perception of reality develops in him. He does not feel a reality within himself personally, egoistically, and individually, but he sees the way everyone else feels it.

In essence, this is the rule, “Love the other as yourself.” A person gradually approaches this state where he is not only in confrontation with humanity and in closeness with some individual people, but he begins feeling himself inside this “pot,” within humanity, within the general system.

Then his perception, view, and way of thinking and feeling change; his entire reality changes. He comes out of himself and reveals a new reality that he did not feel before, a new dimension in his new perception.

If humanity advances toward this intention, it will reach what we call the upper spiritual world. This is not just a name, but it has everything to do with perception and bestowal instead of self-reception.

Moreover, the word “bestowal” is not used in the regular sense. It is when I feel the commonality of all of us, and if I do not care about everyone, I do not get anything myself. Today we are beginning to understand this, albeit slowly.

It will cost us a lot of pain and effort, but if we introduce global education, people will start paying attention to various examples from movies, plays, novels, television programs, and stories that demonstrate that good and evil are considered only with respect to society. We are in a global system where we are experiencing a global process that is accompanied by changes which we can implement ourselves only on condition that we start developing a new kind of education.

I spoke about this at the World Spirit Forum in Arosa back in 2005. However, we still see that people are not ready for this, despite being incapable of escaping it, and even though they are already on the verge of disaster.

For example, a few months ago the USA national debt exceeded the country’s total resources. In other words, even if they sold everything they have, they still would not be able to meet their obligations. If they recognize collapse and declare bankruptcy, the world will fall after them. Therefore, the world is demanding, “Keep on playing. Continue printing money as if you have something to cover it with.”

These are the games we are playing. This is not the economy in the former, classical sense. We just keep moving further with our eyes closed, relying on chance, rather than udnertaking correction. We have no other alternative than an integral education, and we are already aware of this.

The economy is the language of our egoism. Our relationships are built on the principle of “you give to me, and I give to you,” on the system of maximum gain at the expense of others. It’s precisely in the language of economy that we communicate in our egoistic interactions because the economy is the essence of our egoistic unity.

We built it according to certain rules and because of it, we can exist. We are experiencing the crisis in this system first because the egoistic connections between us have reached the ultimate state, and it is no longer possible to live this way.

Therefore, under the circumstances, I appeal to people not even as a Kabbalist, but as an ordinary person who worries about the future of humanity. I do not need anything myself. I just urge people to look at what is in front of every one of us in equal measure.

I do not give home-grown advice. I do not suggest self-made theories, nor do I propose any new, special science. First of all, I say: Let us be guided only by science because it is equally recognized by everyone.
From a conversation about a new book on 7/11/11

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US-European Banks Bring World To Brink Of War

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the news: “For the Western peoples, who have failed to heed our civilization’s greatest warning that ‘those who fail to heed history and its lessons are doomed to repeat it,’ lie the greatest dangers as the only way capitalistic systems are able to survive is through war, and according to the experts now it is coming much sooner than later.

“The first stirrings of Total Global War to protect the American and Western economies were first sounded this past spring by top Obama advisor, Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman who said: ‘From an economic point of view World War II was, above all, a burst of deficit-financed government spending, on a scale that would never have been approved otherwise. Over the course of the war the federal government borrowed an amount equal to roughly twice the value of G.D.P. in 1940, the equivalent of roughly $30 trillion today.…this slump can be cured. All it will take is a little bit of intellectual clarity, and a lot of political will.’

“Krugman was joined in his ‘war thinking’ by his fellow economic ‘intellectual’ and CNBC analyst Marc Faber, who warned to ‘Brace for a Global “Reboot” and a War.’

“And to how close this war is we can ascertain from Russia’s envoy to NATO Dmitry Rogozin who warned that the United States and its Western allies are planning a military campaign against Syria to help overthrow the regime of President Bashar al-Assad with the long-reaching goal of preparing a beachhead for an attack on Iran, and which, of course, would start World War III as neither Moscow or Beijing will allow this to happen.”

Comment: Kabbalah also states that the world will reach war out of despair. But if we show people the possibility of another way out, which nature has to offer us—namely, the unity between ourselves and nature, then humanity will be able to achieve its final, perfect form and will do without war.

Kabbalah points out that the second path is realistic and we can realize it. Everything depends only on the explanation of how we should act to accomplish this ascent onto the next stage of our evolution where we reach similarity to the integral, global nature.

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