Are Mass Protests An Effective Means Of Reform?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem is that the people who are protesting do not yet understand that the reason for all of the dissatisfaction is the loss of hope for the future. This bothers people even more than the fact that there is nothing to live on. A person does not feel that there is something good waiting for him tomorrow. And it is necessary to give people an explanation that there will be no tomorrow if we will continue the way we are! After all, this way we are only speeding up the destruction of the world.

We have to balance out the evil of our egoism with the mind and understand where all of these problems are coming from and why. The people who are protesting are quite capable of this. They are smart and developed. They just need to hear an explanation of the fact that this protest is not the solution.

It’s not because I study Kabbalah and I want to impose its principles onto everyone. See this for yourself and realize that there is no way out! I say this as a scientist.

What benefit would it give to overturn everything and to change one thing for something similar? There used to be one head of government and now there will be another one. So what will change, really? Things will only get worse.

Look at the huge economic downturn that occurred as a result of the recent unrest that took place in Egypt, Libya, and other places. This is being done deliberately by foreign outside forces, which are destroying one country after another in order to keep themselves in some kind of balance. They do not understand that this boomerang will eventually return back to them.

There is no place anything could be achieved by means of destruction and rioting. If you want to build something, then how can the destruction of shops and other forms of disorder help? This will not give you anything, especially since the people protesting are not offering any solution.

In order to find the solution, you need to gather together people who work in politics, economics, and education, sit them together at one table, and have them build the program of changes. Or bring your own program to the table, but one that’s specific and laid out in detail!

However, today when we evaluate various programs that are proposed, we see that they cannot be realized in any part of the world. There is simply no such possibility! And the reason is because the world today has started to function in an integral form, as an integrated system, while we are still trying to operate by the old programs, which were in place before the world had locked itself into an integral system.

That is why no country today is capable of controlling its domestic affairs, and all of them together cannot deal with anything as well. No one can do anything, and that includes all of the countries and governments. And there is no solution to the situation besides drawing closer to nature. We have to start behaving like it does, which means becoming integral and connected with everyone and with the environment into one system.

Until we do this, we will not have any feeling or thought that will enable us to build tomorrow. Now, the only question is: How much longer will we have to suffer in order to understand this? How many more blows will we have to endure in order to want to hear it!?
From the lesson on 8/12/11, The Zohar

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  1. How can we start becoming integral and connected with everyone and with the environment into one system?

    Jorge Alejandro DelaVega Lozano
    Desarrollo Sustentable Intersectorial DSI

  2. Are saying is that after we come close to nature, the next thing will be for all the countries of the world to get together and come up with a plan that will benefit all,
    and then take it to the public of each country for morre detailed solotions?

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