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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice and Principles for the Week

Who’s Sponsoring The Tent Protestors?

Editorial in the news (by A. Kogan): “Knesset member F. Kirshenbaum does not understand why the names of Israel’s social protest sponsors, who invest large sums into supporting it, are kept secret. ‘Do they really have something to hide? What about the “transparency” that everyone likes to talk about so much? I don’t understand why it’s problematic to reveal the sources of funding of the social protest. Why are they being concealed so zealously? The press is publishing various rumors while the organizers of the “tent protest” deny them, yet they don’t present their own information either. I want to know what all of this all means,’ stated Kirshenbaum.

“She admits to experiencing a sense of ‘Déjà vu’ about what is happening. She initiated a legislative project to create a parliamentary commission to research sources of funding of non-government organizations that participate in delegitimizing the Israel Defense Forces. According to Kirshenbaum, this initiative failed in Knesset because many members of the ‘Likud’ party literally ‘ran away’ from the battlefield, fearing the noise that would be raised by the mass media.

“What do we have today? A demonstration worth hundreds of thousands of shekels that, according to data from channel 10, was paid for by a certain American billionaire with ultra-left views. The organizers deny this, but they don’t give out names of their sponsors either. Yedioth Ahronoth writes about an office that was ‘given’ to the organizers of the protest, but we aren’t told about who made this gift. It’s a secret. And it’s also unclear to what extent the notorious New Israel Fund is taking part in the protest’s organization.

“At the same time, Kirshenbaum thinks that the protest is based on real social problems that have accumulated over decades. ‘Attempts to conceal the sources of funding from the society tarnishes a legitimate protest because we do not know what the opinions of the sponsors are. Maybe they simply wish to replace the power in the country rather than solve the people’s social problems.’”

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Responsible For One Another

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “Mutual Guarantee” movement –

The world has entered a new era of globalization, proving that we are all interconnected.

The previous methods are crumbling. The leaders of the old world who have not reached balance with the global system are perplexed in the face of the challenges of the new era.

In this new state, a law called “mutual guarantee” is starting to be revealed. And it is the only thing that can save us.

We should understand that this is not a protest against the government. This protest does not belong to the left or right camps. It is a struggle for the image of our society, for its transformation into a single whole that is uniform and just.

Only actions that are based on the unity of the whole nation will bring us success.

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The People Demand Social Justice

Dr. Michael LaitmanSocial justice is possible only when mutual guarantee is achieved.

Mutual guarantee means that the principle, “The well being of society is above personal well being” becomes the law of every person’s life.

Only on this basis will we be able to provide a respectable life for ourselves and our children. Only upon this foundation is it possible to fulfill all of the social demands that people advance by coming out to the streets today.

Only be feeling that we are all one people, a single, tight-knit family where the interests of those close to you are more important than your own, will we save our nation, which is the guarantee for the life of the entire Jewish nation.

Otherwise, if we don’t answer the call of the times, then politicians will play their games, the television will show more soap operas and soccer matches, the press will discuss another sex scandal, and the rain will wash away the feeling of unity that we were unable to preserve in our souls.

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Unrest In China

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: Crowds came out in Qianxi, Guizhou, one of China’s poorest provinces. Reports say hundreds of people rioted, setting fire to cars belonging to the local government, blocking off streets and injuring several police officers. Police arrested 10 people.

Chinese towns regularly experience short-lived outbreaks of unrest. The anger is often directed at local officials. Analysts say such incidents are on the rise in China, and provide one of the most pressing challenges to the rule of the Communist Party.

My Comment: It’s frightening to think about the unrest that is gradually swelling in China. I hope that before it breaks out, humanity will understand that the only possible path of development is the path of gradual unification toward mutual guarantee (Arvut Hadadit). This can prevent a lot of suffering in the world during this transitional period from the egoistic framework to the altruistic one.

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Who Are “We”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “Mutual Guarantee” movement is a social, non-political movement whose goal is to raise the importance of the idea of “mutual guarantee” in Israel and the world. The movement was founded by the international “Kabbalah L’Am” organization with the aim of informing the worldwide community of the reality of the global crisis which has enveloped all areas of humanity’s life and activity, and to offer a scientific method for solving it.

The movement is joined by representatives of every layer of society, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, and social or economic class.

The situation that has arisen in recent weeks has exposed a vital need to give anyone who cares about the fate of our country an explanation the notion of “mutual guarantee.” We think that this is the only position from which people should analyze the current state of Israeli society and discuss the ways of its further development.

In our opinion, social changes cannot take place unless a critical mass of people, and as a result, society as a whole gain a new value system. It is impossible to achieve true social changes through political and economic reforms alone, inspired by the “powers that be.”

Various social organizations operate in our country and in the world, and we welcome everyone, extending our hand in partnership to every person who is concerned with the current state of affairs. Let’s sit together as equals by a round table and hold a sincere discussion of the problems that are literally causing our society to explode today.

We have to realize the enormous responsibility that lies upon all of us today without exception, and be extremely careful not to inflict harm to the very foundation of our state.

Only our active and responsible participation, good will, and mutual respect will bring about positive changes in our country.

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The Advantages Of Correction By Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The correction to the crisis lies in unity because we were created as one whole, like the Creator. But in order to understand what is unity, what it is to be single like Him, meaning to understand the nature of the Creator, we were deliberately separated in order to unite through our own efforts and thereby attain Him, become like Him.

This explanation is clear. But what is the practical advantage of this correction – unification through mutual guarantee, over other methods?

Answer: Let me answer this way:
1. There is no other method to correct or come out of the global, universal, integral crisis. We won’t come out of it by attempting to get rid of the universal dependence of every person on everyone, but by finding the right behavioral system within this total dependence, with that system being the unification of everyone into one whole. In principle, everyone are already united by nature, but we have to become aware of that and readjust our social, political, and economic relationships and connections to suit the new conditions.

In the global, integral, systematic crisis, we can arrive at unification only by the method of mutual guarantee. There is no other method to improve our state in any regard. Nothing else will work in any country in the world because the crisis is the same everywhere.

2. Independence of the realization:
a) Using any other method of correction, change, or way out of the crisis, you depend on many inner and outer social, economic, and political factors. You have to hold negotiations with your partners and opponents, push your ideas through in legislature, and follow through with their execution. All of this renders any changes practically impossible because everyone are egoists and no one wants anyone else to succeed.

b) Because the crisis is integral, you depend on the whole world as a whole.

c) If you are a weak country, you have to carry out the political decisions and will of the powerful countries, which think about themselves and not about you.

d) You are inside constantly changing circumstances and therefore you are obligated to constantly change and make concessions. Thus, in the best case scenario, you end up realizing a small fraction of your plans.

3. The advantage of coming out of the crisis by the method of unity:
a) You do not depend on anyone.

b) You are generally met with a positive response from the population and voters.

c) You do not harm or bother anyone so no one openly objects to your statements, even though your political opponents are unhappy with you, just like they are with everyone besides themselves.

d) The only thing you need is to disseminate an idea, and you will quickly discover changes in society without having to go through the usual procedure of creating laws and executing them through legislature. You are free – free to act however you like without asking anyone’s advice or depending on anyone because you do not act in the egoistic dimension, but in the altruistic one.

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A Small Step For A Person, A Giant Step For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to reach balance with nature’s integrality, we have to start treating each other differently in all areas of our activity. Even if the change is slight, even if it’s 1%, yet if it happens all over the world, it will bring about radical, enormous changes for the better.

In general, we underestimate small things. For example, over the last 50 years the world’s temperature increased by 0.1%, and look at what kind of changes this caused: the glaciers in Alaska and other places are melting, the ocean level has risen by several centimeters, and the climate is changing. And all this was caused by a mere change of 0.1% because it is happening in the whole world.

In the same way, the tiny change in every individual will be multiplied by seven billion souls which are absolutely interconnected with each other, a circumstance that was not present before. There is already universal closeness among us in some regard, and therefore this tiny movement will cause tremendous changes, transforming the world in an extraordinary way.

The current processes are happening on a very large scale. Therefore, this small change will bring about many consequences in our lives. Under conditions of mutual influence, every person influences everyone because we are all connected within a single net with our thoughts, desires, plans, and so on. Scientists are already talking about this as well. As a result, our thoughts and desires are coming closer and becoming inter-included in one another.

This is creating a completely different territory and platform for humanity’s existence. Through that, we, people, multiply our changes due to every person’s influence on everyone. A small change in each person is multiplied by seven billion, while seven interconnected billion people influence every individual that much stronger. A special progression gets created, like a snowball that keeps getting bigger. It’s as if you activate an engine whose rotation increases by virtue of multiplication, by virtue of our interconnection.

People are at the highest level of nature. The force of thought and desire that is inherent to us exceeds all other factors. The most concealed force is always the greatest. The force of the human level lies above the forces of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. Therefore, with our changes, we influence everything that surrounds us. And the results are not confined to the human society. By changing, we bring all of the forces in the world into balance.

Then the weather will normalize, all sorts of natural occurrences will calm down, and problems like the energy deficit and the dwindling natural resources will be resolved. In every area where we experience trouble today, we will experience changes and will attain success because we thereby create balance in the whole natural system, which constitutes one whole.

Therefore, we don’t just want to make our lives a little bit easier. If you observe the law of nature on your level, then, being a person, a creature that rises above all the other levels of nature, you exert an influence on them. As Baal HaSulam writes, all of nature rises and descends together with man. It does not have the freedom of choice to advance toward balance. Only man, who evoked the imbalance, is able to bring it to balance, to unity. All of nature adjusts to man from below, being a system that merely accompanies our human system.
From a conversation about a new book on 7/11/11

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Let’s Let Light Through The System

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Nation”: We are certain that Israel is not alone, and among us there are those who search the hearts, and can provide a successful scheme that will unite all the factions in the nation. And from experience we have learned that specifically those people sit at the corner without listeners.

Question: Who is Baal HaSulam talking about when he writes, “those who search the hearts”?

Answer: Anyone who is interested in taking part in an open discussion and creating an integral, global system that will envelop the entire nation. We are happy to see people like that. Let’s unite and start working together.

As soon as we unite in order to compile at least an initial phase of the program, clear changes for the better will start happening that very day. Our unity already contains a spiritual force, and it will immediately begin to work. We will see this in practice.

Then people will begin thinking in new ways and will begin to understand what is happening. They will feel how matters stand and will start looking at the world differently. That is how the Light works.

Today we are unable to get anything done because the world is governed by a global system. But if you bring a little bit of Light into it, you will see how it becomes activated in a positive fashion. All we have to do is unite and sit by a round table.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, “The Nation”

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Jump And Don’t Look Back

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Back in his time, Baal HaSulam seemed to be pounding on a closed door, trying to warn the nation of danger. And he understood what was happening. How did he not give up in the face of this impasse?

Answer: This is not an impasse. Success is in our hands, and we don’t have any other way to go – we have to act, especially today, when the whole world is in crisis. Today we are no longer talking about the survival of one particular nation, Israel because the collapse is drawing near every place you look.

A special situation has arisen where everyone understands that things are bad, but no one has a solution. These aren’t conflicts between the weak and the strong, the rich and the poor anymore, but on the contrary, we have come up against a global problem that will become expressed in the most radical form within a few months.

Under the circumstances, we have to unite stronger and stronger. Of course, it will be difficult. It’s like crossing the Red Sea: You won’t get anywhere until you jump into the water. But you have all of the conditions in order to jump.

Passing the Machsom is a problematic endeavor. It requires you to jump without looking back, but you do reach the state where you are able to do that.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, “The Nation”

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