Who Are “We”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe “Mutual Guarantee” movement is a social, non-political movement whose goal is to raise the importance of the idea of “mutual guarantee” in Israel and the world. The movement was founded by the international “Kabbalah L’Am” organization with the aim of informing the worldwide community of the reality of the global crisis which has enveloped all areas of humanity’s life and activity, and to offer a scientific method for solving it.

The movement is joined by representatives of every layer of society, regardless of gender, age, religion, nationality, and social or economic class.

The situation that has arisen in recent weeks has exposed a vital need to give anyone who cares about the fate of our country an explanation the notion of “mutual guarantee.” We think that this is the only position from which people should analyze the current state of Israeli society and discuss the ways of its further development.

In our opinion, social changes cannot take place unless a critical mass of people, and as a result, society as a whole gain a new value system. It is impossible to achieve true social changes through political and economic reforms alone, inspired by the “powers that be.”

Various social organizations operate in our country and in the world, and we welcome everyone, extending our hand in partnership to every person who is concerned with the current state of affairs. Let’s sit together as equals by a round table and hold a sincere discussion of the problems that are literally causing our society to explode today.

We have to realize the enormous responsibility that lies upon all of us today without exception, and be extremely careful not to inflict harm to the very foundation of our state.

Only our active and responsible participation, good will, and mutual respect will bring about positive changes in our country.

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