The Advantages Of Correction By Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The correction to the crisis lies in unity because we were created as one whole, like the Creator. But in order to understand what is unity, what it is to be single like Him, meaning to understand the nature of the Creator, we were deliberately separated in order to unite through our own efforts and thereby attain Him, become like Him.

This explanation is clear. But what is the practical advantage of this correction – unification through mutual guarantee, over other methods?

Answer: Let me answer this way:
1. There is no other method to correct or come out of the global, universal, integral crisis. We won’t come out of it by attempting to get rid of the universal dependence of every person on everyone, but by finding the right behavioral system within this total dependence, with that system being the unification of everyone into one whole. In principle, everyone are already united by nature, but we have to become aware of that and readjust our social, political, and economic relationships and connections to suit the new conditions.

In the global, integral, systematic crisis, we can arrive at unification only by the method of mutual guarantee. There is no other method to improve our state in any regard. Nothing else will work in any country in the world because the crisis is the same everywhere.

2. Independence of the realization:
a) Using any other method of correction, change, or way out of the crisis, you depend on many inner and outer social, economic, and political factors. You have to hold negotiations with your partners and opponents, push your ideas through in legislature, and follow through with their execution. All of this renders any changes practically impossible because everyone are egoists and no one wants anyone else to succeed.

b) Because the crisis is integral, you depend on the whole world as a whole.

c) If you are a weak country, you have to carry out the political decisions and will of the powerful countries, which think about themselves and not about you.

d) You are inside constantly changing circumstances and therefore you are obligated to constantly change and make concessions. Thus, in the best case scenario, you end up realizing a small fraction of your plans.

3. The advantage of coming out of the crisis by the method of unity:
a) You do not depend on anyone.

b) You are generally met with a positive response from the population and voters.

c) You do not harm or bother anyone so no one openly objects to your statements, even though your political opponents are unhappy with you, just like they are with everyone besides themselves.

d) The only thing you need is to disseminate an idea, and you will quickly discover changes in society without having to go through the usual procedure of creating laws and executing them through legislature. You are free – free to act however you like without asking anyone’s advice or depending on anyone because you do not act in the egoistic dimension, but in the altruistic one.

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