A Small Step For A Person, A Giant Step For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn order to reach balance with nature’s integrality, we have to start treating each other differently in all areas of our activity. Even if the change is slight, even if it’s 1%, yet if it happens all over the world, it will bring about radical, enormous changes for the better.

In general, we underestimate small things. For example, over the last 50 years the world’s temperature increased by 0.1%, and look at what kind of changes this caused: the glaciers in Alaska and other places are melting, the ocean level has risen by several centimeters, and the climate is changing. And all this was caused by a mere change of 0.1% because it is happening in the whole world.

In the same way, the tiny change in every individual will be multiplied by seven billion souls which are absolutely interconnected with each other, a circumstance that was not present before. There is already universal closeness among us in some regard, and therefore this tiny movement will cause tremendous changes, transforming the world in an extraordinary way.

The current processes are happening on a very large scale. Therefore, this small change will bring about many consequences in our lives. Under conditions of mutual influence, every person influences everyone because we are all connected within a single net with our thoughts, desires, plans, and so on. Scientists are already talking about this as well. As a result, our thoughts and desires are coming closer and becoming inter-included in one another.

This is creating a completely different territory and platform for humanity’s existence. Through that, we, people, multiply our changes due to every person’s influence on everyone. A small change in each person is multiplied by seven billion, while seven interconnected billion people influence every individual that much stronger. A special progression gets created, like a snowball that keeps getting bigger. It’s as if you activate an engine whose rotation increases by virtue of multiplication, by virtue of our interconnection.

People are at the highest level of nature. The force of thought and desire that is inherent to us exceeds all other factors. The most concealed force is always the greatest. The force of the human level lies above the forces of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. Therefore, with our changes, we influence everything that surrounds us. And the results are not confined to the human society. By changing, we bring all of the forces in the world into balance.

Then the weather will normalize, all sorts of natural occurrences will calm down, and problems like the energy deficit and the dwindling natural resources will be resolved. In every area where we experience trouble today, we will experience changes and will attain success because we thereby create balance in the whole natural system, which constitutes one whole.

Therefore, we don’t just want to make our lives a little bit easier. If you observe the law of nature on your level, then, being a person, a creature that rises above all the other levels of nature, you exert an influence on them. As Baal HaSulam writes, all of nature rises and descends together with man. It does not have the freedom of choice to advance toward balance. Only man, who evoked the imbalance, is able to bring it to balance, to unity. All of nature adjusts to man from below, being a system that merely accompanies our human system.
From a conversation about a new book on 7/11/11

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  1. I think you are very smart to bring this up. Like a small rise in the environment’s temperature having an overall impact on the entire earth, people making small spiritual advancements can make an overall impact on the entire population of humanity. It’s like a small stone thrown into the water, a tiny splash can create ripples across the top of the water that can spread across an entire lake. The spiritual connection that binds all of us on earth into one Kli cannot be seen physically like the melting glaciers or the rocks sending ripples through waters, but it is the same concept. Just take, for example, a man who comes home yelling at his wife. Eventually, the kids feel the negative vibe, then the neighbors, then the other kids at school, etc. It has a ripple effect. The same is with spirituality and connecting with others above our nature or selfishness or desires. When a man comes home loving his wife, then his kids feel it, and the neighbors, and the rest of the community picks up on the feelings and vibes and the positive energy spreads. This eventually manifests itself in how we feel about our environment, how we take care of it or don’t. And, if we take care of it through taking care of each other in our actions. These physical problems, like global warming, do correct themselves.

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