Good Environment – 08.15.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice for the Week

A Worldwide Action Of Love Dissemination!

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists left us clear instructions on what to do with the hatred that becomes revealed to us, telling us that it should be viewed as a means of work by continuously correcting it. Above this hatred, we should constantly build a bridge between us.

That is why a general, global crisis is being revealed in the world today—a global lack of connection between us. And it is being revealed precisely in order for us to create this connection!

This is so simple, and the picture that emerges is so clear. I don’t see any difficulties here. We just have to explain it again and again in order to open a person’s eyes. What is happening in front of us right now is a clear revelation of the broken vessel, whose parts are unable to connect with one another and therefore, they suffer.

We want to lovingly inform all of these broken parts that we won’t feel better unless we glue our broken vessel together. A few years ago I already said that there is a crisis ahead of us, and now it has happened. Soon we will reveal newer and newer problems, and it will only keep gaining speed.

We have to understand that what’s happening is the revelation of our breaking, and we have to arm ourselves with the remedy that prevents the illness. Then we will accept every blow with understanding and will immediately correct it.

This way, we can transform the evil that becomes revealed to goodness, increasing it by 620 times! After all, the Light of NaRaNHY is “620 times” greater than the Light of Neshama of the still level. And if I now turn hatred to love, I earn 620 times more Light!

Imagine how wonderful it would be if goodness 620 times greater than the force of evil was now revealed in the world !? What else would the world lack? Everything would be present in abundance, including sources of energy, good ecology, tranquility, and harmony.

Besides, inside of this we would reveal immortality and eternity because upon this bridge between us, we reveal a connection with the Root and rise to Its level! All forms of connection are present inside of us, and we have to start working on them: on the virtual, global, integral connection. We have to correct all of these destroyed connections and turn them into good ones.

Let us hope that we will attain love on this “day of love,” which is celebrated today. This is a good sign, and the perfect time to enter all of the virtual networks and explain what is love. Let this be our act of “love dissemination.” With this appeal, I turn to all of my readers and students all over the world!
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on the Day of Love

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The Odd One Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible that the strikes in your country are starting to disperse?

Answer: I understand your surprise. I already wrote about this in previous posts: Violence won’t happen in this country. This is an ancient nation that was founded on the principle of brotherhood. Even though this has been forgotten and is not being expressed in practice, there won’t be violence and a war where brother kills brother. And if the agitators that are funded from abroad start stirring things up, I am sure they won’t be welcome by the people.

But I do understand your perplexity: Instead of breaking the store windows, looting, and cutting each other “like regular people,” what’s happening in Israel, as if to spite the manipulators, is that scientists and social representatives are sitting down to solve their problems together around a round table.

Question: And what are Kabbalists doing in the meantime?

Answer: They are disseminating materials about the true cause of the crisis: the egoistic connection between people instead of the altruistic, global, integral interconnection that is required today, called mutual guarantee. And they observe how the protestors have started working on unity, how they study their own qualities and try to ascend above them. The best thing from everything that is happening are people’s attempts to find interconnection and mutual understanding.

This is a wonderful example for the whole world of how it is possible to try to solve the issues of the crisis (including economy and society) precisely through an open, non-governmental discussion around a round table, together with all of the representatives of society.

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The Day Of Love After The Day Of Destruction

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why are we taking about hatred if most people don’t feel hatred for each other, but just indifference?

Answer: When I think that the grass is greener on the neighbor’s lawn or I envy his new car, this is called hatred. That’s because I assess my well-being in relation to my environment, and if the comparison is not in my favor, this causes me to feel hatred for others.

With their successes, they force me to feel bad and to suffer. And naturally, I hate them for that. You may not be aware of it, but it’s so.

It’s impossible for me to be indifferent to others because we are connected within one system and I undoubtedly assess my state by what others have. That is how we are by nature, wishing to see everyone else as lower than us and to have everyone serve us. If you don’t understand this, then you simply lack awareness.

When do I reveal that I want everyone to be my servants? When I try to serve them! This lets me see just how much I want the opposite!

It’s not simple revealing your hatred. One reaches Mount Sinai (the mountain of hatred) and the reception of the Torah only after a very lengthy preparation, the Egyptian slavery and the journey around the desert. As long as you don’t reveal your hatred, you do not need the Torah.

There are many people in the world who deem themselves righteous and think that they don’t wish bad for others, that they love others. But they simply don’t feel their hatred. If they really tried loving others, they would reveal just how much they hate them. One has to go through the Egyptian exile in order to reveal hatred.

This is why the “day of love” (Tu B’Av, the 15th of Av) happens after the day of destruction, the 9th of Av. After we reveal the evil, the enormous, horrible crisis, the hatred between us, this is followed by 5 days (5 levels) when we correct ourselves and reach love. It happens only in this form!

Therefore, in our regular lives, if a husband and wife don’t quarrel, then they don’t reveal their love. Sometimes people pick a fight on purpose, doing it instinctively in order to feel sweetness and the taste of their relationship by making up. Indifference is the worst possible thing.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on the Day of Love

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What Is ”Mutual Guarantee”?

Dr. Michael LaitmanMutual guarantee is an interconnection between us where I have to consider all the other people just like members of my family. It’s difficult to imagine that this is possible, but we have to attain this inner state in our development where every person in the world will sense the whole world as being inside of him.

How do I sense my family? I feel every member of the family inside of me. They are like one whole with me. I feel what I have to give to whom, whom I have to take care of, and whom I have to support. I have my elderly parents, children, grandchildren, the household, expenses, responsibilities, debts, someone is sick, someone needs help, and so on.

According to this, when we hold our common family council, we take the needs of every person into consideration, make a list of priorities and rate how important these necessities are. We decide what we have to do first, what next, what comes after that, and so on.

If we act with the same attitude toward the world, just like in one family, then each of us will become a harmonious part of this world. This is the state that nature will bring us to, either by blows or by our understanding.

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Why Do We Judge Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible for one to strengthen oneself and the environment in order to stop falling into the trap of constantly judging and comparing others, whom I still see as separate from myself? Or is this part of the Creator’s plans for us to realize the error of our egoism and take the opportunity to correct ourselves?

Answer: You have to rise above all of the negative feelings and try to see everyone as righteous men, justifying them by the fact that you are seeing everything inside of your egoism. All of this judging is happening precisely to enable your ascent.

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What Is The “Mutual Guarantee” Movement Based Upon?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Are you the founder of the national “Mutual Guarantee” (Arvut) movement?

Answer: I would not say that I am its founder because this movement is entirely based on knowledge we received from the science of Kabbalah and on the results of the analysis of the data and tendencies of development that are being expressed in the world. Therefore, even though the movement was founded by people, it is based on the laws of nature.

We formulate and offer a practical correction of our society, the observance of the conditions that nature dictates to us.

Question: So this movement can only include people who study Kabbalah?

Answer: No. Any person can take part in this movement if he understands that this is exactly what is required of us today.

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Can A Point In The Heart Be Lost?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a point in the heart be lost? And can I feel it again after that? I’ve been studying Kabbalah for a few months. I suddenly felt changes and I guess a little Light, which I never felt before that. My views changed, I felt more secure and I really felt nature’s perfection. My burning desire for spirituality changed my relation to everything.

But this great state of mind lasted just a few days and now it seems to me that it’s gone. I continue to read and listen, but it feels harder although I want it very much. What can I do? I’m scared and feel like the point in the heart is lost. Can I attain it again?

Answer: You are going through the regular stages of your development. You were shown the minimal spiritual sensation, and now you have to attain it on your own, through unification with others like you who also aspire to this goal.

Question: In the post “How Spiritual Life Is Born,” it says, “I have restricted your desires because I was unable to satisfy them.” Does it mean we help each other do the restriction? Or that just one of both can do the work?

Answer: Each person does it inside of himself.

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A Feeling That Can’t Be Mistaken For Anything Else

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When will I find out that I bestow and don’t receive?

Answer: You will know that you bestow when you feel that all of this is being done by the force of the Light that dresses into you and the Creator is acting through you, while you are an instrument in the hands of the force that has dressed into you. Then you really will be bestowing.

You bestow when you feel that you are happily outside of yourself, that you are in others, and there you perform upper actions. The Light operates within you. There is an inner spirit that pushes you and directs you. This is a sensation that cannot be mistaken for anything else!

But it comes as a result of all of the previous actions, which you make against your will. The most important is to desire bestowal! It’s as if you are trying to start up a car, again and again, until it finally starts working!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, Shamati

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Don’t Doubt That You Will Win Big

Dr. Michael LaitmanInner work begins with our aspiration to come out of ourselves, to unity. And one’s exit from unity is measured by how much it contradicts our desire, according to the forces that obstruct and fight unity. But these forces of resistance are actually “help from the opposite” because they show a person where he still has to make efforts in order to correct himself.

That is how he gradually advances further and further. He tries to connect with the neighbor and bestow, and he continuosly receives repulsion, difficulties, burdening of the heart, and the realization of his error which enables him to correct his direction. As this repeats again and again, it gradually accumulates “penny by penny into one big sum” until finally, the “pay-off” arrives, meaning he really reveals the force of bestowal, the force of faith.

The most important part of this work is not to give up! After all, we start out on this path completely egoistically (Lo Lishma) and think only about how to win, and how to win big at that. We don’t connect it to other people at all and don’t feel who the “neighbor” is.

For now our actions are similar to a baby who has just been born and does not have the slightest idea of what he is doing. He does not even feel what others are doing to him. But with time, he gradually starts to feel, hear, and see some things, and to react in some way. That is how he grows! And we grow in spirituality in exactly the same way! We have to make efforts at every moment of our lives, like a child, with the difference being that a child is pushed to grow instinctively by nature.

In reality, a person is not required to do any more than he is able to. The most important is to try! And to desire bestowal at least slightly, in whatever way he is able. It’s clear that this aspiration is not for real bestowal, but that doesn’t matter! The most important is to desire, and the true desire will be born from these efforts. It’s similar to a child who wishes to become an adult, and by virtue of his efforts to become big, to understand and to feel, to do something, he grows.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/14/11, Shamati

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