Why Do We Judge Others?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible for one to strengthen oneself and the environment in order to stop falling into the trap of constantly judging and comparing others, whom I still see as separate from myself? Or is this part of the Creator’s plans for us to realize the error of our egoism and take the opportunity to correct ourselves?

Answer: You have to rise above all of the negative feelings and try to see everyone as righteous men, justifying them by the fact that you are seeing everything inside of your egoism. All of this judging is happening precisely to enable your ascent.

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  1. I like to answer the question why do we judged others? Judging others meaning where telling to him or her that we better than they, but to avoid this we must think others is better than us.

  2. We can serve the others in a scale of merits. At the end the others don’t exist out of me.

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