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My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice for the Week

How To Reach Social Justice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we connect the approach to decision-making at “the round table,” as in one family with the basic needs of man?

Answer: In reality, even if some protesters demand diapers, others—cheap cottage cheese, others—affordable housing, and so on, the whole nation is united by the desire for social justice. Every person feels that it is absent, that he is deceived, that he does not get what he is supposed to get compared to others.

The “pie” has to be shared in a way that achieves social justice. But what is social justice? It is when everyone agrees that under the circumstances, this is the only optimal solution.

Everything is always decided at “the round table.” You cannot solve a single problem apart from the others because everything concerns the same limited resource. If everyone sees only his own needs, we cannot come to the right decision, and tomorrow new protests will begin. Everyone should understand that it is impossible to deal with the problem in another way. Justice can be reached only by mutual consent and mutual guarantee.

We are unable to immediately see and hear how deep this principle is, but it changes the whole approach. And it has to be carried out in the nation. It is not so important how much money you take from here or there, but what is important is the feeling that you are really together with everyone.

People are currently living in a downtrodden state. And as much as they need money, it is important for them to feel that they are not ignored or “cornered.”

With this approach, practical decisions change as well. The whole of society and the nation start to think differently, treating the situation at a different level, and understanding that they can succeed only by making decisions at “the round table.”
After all, social justice is not measured by the amount of money received. It is measured by the conviction that we are one family, but due to not having any other choice right now, we share the resources in this way.

We should think about everyone in the same way, like in a family where there are old and young, sick and healthy. Thus, we discuss how to support each member at this moment. This is justice.

There are organizations that can be commissioned to provoke unrest and revolutions in different countries, while we are working to bringing society to an agreement!

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In The World Of Atzilut Means “At His House”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur broken souls are in the worlds of BYA (Beria, Yetzira, Assiya), and when we unite, we will ascend into the world of Atzilut, which means “at his house” (Etzlo). If we ascend there “from below upwards,” with our own forces, then we attain our final correction. In this way, we correct the breaking that took place in the world of Nekudim.

However, if we are unable to connect into one soul, then we are in another realm, as the Creator, Zeir Anpin of the world of Atzilut said, “I cannot be in one place with an arrogant man.” We are the “arrogant man” and are beneath the boundary of the world of Atzilut (Parsa), in the worlds of BYA which are “separated from holiness.”

But the worlds of BYA are also a spiritual level where a person feels separated and distant from the Creator. He has some understanding, knowledge, and sensation of his uncorrected, spiritual state. On the other hand, when a person just starts out on this path, he is even lower, not to mention those who simply live a regular life in this world and have not even started moving toward bestowal, meaning those who are in no way connected with the spiritual ladder yet.

Yet, to the extent we are able to attract the Light that reforms with our mutual work, it will enable us to connect with Malchut of the world of Atzilut, from below upwards. And if we make efforts in order to belong to Malchut, by that we bring her separate organs back and glue them back together.

Malchut of the world of Atzilut is just a point, while all the souls are below the Parsa. And if we ask and desire to belong to bestowal, to unity, to mutual guarantee and love for the neighbor, then we draw the Light of correction upon us and rise to Malchut of the world of Atzilut—the assembly of all the souls.

From there we begin to work to become similar to Zeir Anpin of the world of Atzilut, the Creator. And the unity of Zeir Anpin and Malchut raises us even higher, to the state of the final correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/11, Shamati

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Spare Something On Reforesting Europe

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: (From “As the Greek economy maintains its slide towards default and the global climate continues to change for the worse, one organization [The Coalition of Financially Challenged Countries with Lots of Trees (CoFCCLoT)], writing in Biotropica, has come up with some novel answers to both problems. Reforest the country to offset historic deforestation and reintroduce long extinct animals such as lions, boosting the economy through eco-tourism.”

My Comment: Kabbalah suggests to divide all the necessary work in the country among people so that a person works at least four hours a day, but if his work is required by the society, then he works as much as necessary. Restoring ecological balance should receive special attention. The rest of the time should be dedicated to theoretical and practical studies of “mutual guarantee.”

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The Entire Nation At The Round Table

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to ensure that all the programs have long-term prospects, the criterion by which we have to check them is whether they view our society as a family. We should solve all problems only in this way. Thereby, we will come to the solution together. Otherwise, decisions will be made under the influence of force, various manipulations, and in the long run, they will turn out to be ineffective: Each will be somewhat flawed.

This sounds as something remote from politics and all those means which the government usually uses: force and money, but there is no escape because people have to perceive solutions precisely in this manner.

Social justice are nice words. But what is it in reality? That is why we should always observe this global, integral approach, without which no nation, no society, can implement any changes today.

Everyone should understand that there is no other approach to solving problems. We have entered a total and complete interconnection in our relationships, which requires the participation of everyone in discussions and decision-making. And all this has to happen in an atmosphere of mutual concession and assistance because the national “pie” which we share is not limitless. That is why we have to discuss this altogether, and everyone should understand that he will not receive a 100 percent of the desired and ought to concede.

And if the spirit of “mutual connection” will reign between us and there will be total agreement between all the citizens, they will realize that we can advance only in this way. This will make an atmosphere between people healthy, and decisions will be taken in the spirit of participation and love. As a result, this will change the overall atmosphere, and this form of decision-making will improve the relationships between all the conflicting parts of society.

Of course, this approach contains more than the establishment of good relationships. If everyone will sit down at the “round table,” and each, demanding maximum for himself, begins to understand the demands of others and is ready to sacrifice some of his, even justified requests, this way we will arrive at the general consensus among people, and they will start connecting.

Thereby all the parties and social strata will enter the integral network, having connected all the nation together. In this way, we will reveal the general integral force that will raise us to the next level of consciousness and existence.

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The Infinity That Flows Through You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe mutual guarantee is when we all unite together in a way that everyone fulfills the desires of another. None of us can fulfill himself on his own—this is impossible in the spiritual world. I can only fulfill the desires of someone else, by 100%.

If I attain the world of Infinity, that means all the spiritual vessels (desires) are before me, and I fulfill them all with the Light of NaRaNHaY, which passes through me as an infinite Light that flows through me to others.

And I am left with the Light of Nefesh de Nefesh present in me at all times. The remaining Light passes through me and fulfills the external vessel that I have attached to myself. And this is what everyone does!

For me, the desires of another are “circular” (Igulim), meaning they are limitless. However, the form in which I fulfill them is a “straight line” (Kav Yashar), meaning this is the work with the screen. In this way I turn into an infinite “straight” desire if I fulfill the infinite “circular” desire of other people without any limitations on my end.

Personally I am limited in my ability to fulfill another, but I always perceive others as free of limitations. The limitation exists only in me—in how much I am capable of bestowing to them.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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Kabbalists On Spiritual Work In The Group, Part 13

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

Principles of Spiritual Work in the Group

The benefit of the society is that it can introduce a different atmosphere in which one can bestow.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”

It turns out that each and every one must be attentive and think how he can help his friend raise his spirit because regarding the mood, anyone can find a needy place in one’s friend, which he can fill.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, "They Helped Every One His Friends"

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