How To Reach Social Justice

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we connect the approach to decision-making at “the round table,” as in one family with the basic needs of man?

Answer: In reality, even if some protesters demand diapers, others—cheap cottage cheese, others—affordable housing, and so on, the whole nation is united by the desire for social justice. Every person feels that it is absent, that he is deceived, that he does not get what he is supposed to get compared to others.

The “pie” has to be shared in a way that achieves social justice. But what is social justice? It is when everyone agrees that under the circumstances, this is the only optimal solution.

Everything is always decided at “the round table.” You cannot solve a single problem apart from the others because everything concerns the same limited resource. If everyone sees only his own needs, we cannot come to the right decision, and tomorrow new protests will begin. Everyone should understand that it is impossible to deal with the problem in another way. Justice can be reached only by mutual consent and mutual guarantee.

We are unable to immediately see and hear how deep this principle is, but it changes the whole approach. And it has to be carried out in the nation. It is not so important how much money you take from here or there, but what is important is the feeling that you are really together with everyone.

People are currently living in a downtrodden state. And as much as they need money, it is important for them to feel that they are not ignored or “cornered.”

With this approach, practical decisions change as well. The whole of society and the nation start to think differently, treating the situation at a different level, and understanding that they can succeed only by making decisions at “the round table.”
After all, social justice is not measured by the amount of money received. It is measured by the conviction that we are one family, but due to not having any other choice right now, we share the resources in this way.

We should think about everyone in the same way, like in a family where there are old and young, sick and healthy. Thus, we discuss how to support each member at this moment. This is justice.

There are organizations that can be commissioned to provoke unrest and revolutions in different countries, while we are working to bringing society to an agreement!

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  1. Shalom, Rav!

    Thank you for the article! I like your description of what justice is and how to get there…peaceful and loving methods to bringing society to an agreement!

    Rav, you said that September 1, 2011 you (BB) are going to go “full force” with dissemination. What does this mean? What methods of dissemination are going to put into action? Are you going to have a special lesson with Q,&,A discussing this?

    Todah! 🙂

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