Good Environment – 08.09.11

My Good Environment – Dr. Laitman’s Advice for the Week

A Fire Extinguisher For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe desires that are now emerging in all of humanity are being revealed by the common Surrounding Light. Therefore, humanity won’t find the answer to them inside of itself and will only break out in protests in different places. Nothing more than that will happen. No one has an answer or an understanding of how to extinguish this expanding fire that will envelop the whole world. And there won’t be any solution to it. Not one “fire extinguisher” will help, but only the Light that reforms and returns us to the source of good.

That’s because the Light is now being revealed in the form of harsh forces of restriction, judgment (Gevurot), and they will burn down all of humanity unless we sweeten them with the quality of mercy, bestowal (Hesed), by wishing for this quality to reign among us. We can extinguish this fire with our unity and turn the all-consuming fire of judgment into the flame of love.

This is possible only by virtue of our aspiration to unity. Therefore, everything depends on disseminating our knowledge about the solution, but even more than that—on our inner work, our desire to unite with one another in order to embrace the whole world and give them the Light that we attract for them. And all of this is for the sake of giving pleasure to the Creator by becoming similar to Him.
From the lesson on 8/9/11, Writings of Rabash

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It’s Not Good To Be Ignorant Of Your Illness

Dr. Michael LaitmanSuffering, sorrow, the level of the breaking have to become revealed. However, it can either become revealed directly as is, without any sweetening from the Light’s end, or it can come together with the realization of its necessity, when you wait for it like a sick person going to a doctor’s visit. Even though he may be afraid that he will be diagnosed with an illness, he still wishes to reveal it in order to receive the remedy.

Yet there are people who do not want to know about their illness, although that does not liberate them from their problems later on.

Therefore, we must always aspire in the right direction—toward unification and love, toward the understanding of the goal and plan of creation. By doing that, we enable the evil to become revealed faster! This means that “Israel accelerates the times,” meaning that I run forward before the rod catches up with me to hit me.

However, this is possible only by continuously receiving the importance of the goal and of revealing the evil. I call it evil purposefully, and not because I feel suffering in it. I don’t care how I feel. The most important thing is for the evil to become revealed in relation to the goodness that awaits me up ahead that is called bestowal, love.

If I reveal layers of egoism, suffering in this form, then I will go through all of its phases (0,1,2,3) until the last stage—4, where I will understand that everything is built upon the revelation of the left side. After all, only by revealing our empty desires can we reveal the true reality, in which we already exist.
From the lesson on 8/9/11/, Writings of Rabash

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Introductory Lecture “Tisha B’Av” – 08.09.11

Kabbalah for the Nation Introductory Lecture Series, “Tisha B’Av
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Adopting The Form Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We still don’t feel the pain of the external world to the fullest. How can we correct this situation by working in the group?

Answer: It is better to feel this pain as early as possible. It is like a disease, and it’s better to detect it in its early stages. The world is just starting to submerge into the crisis, but fears it already since today’s problems affect everyone. We see that the time has come, and we should disseminate materials that explain the cause of the crisis and its solution.

The whole world, including America, Europe, China, and Japan, is in trouble. Everyone is scared by what is happening and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Some are looking at the crisis from afar, as for example Germany. However, they should be afraid even more. The one who rose higher falls lower. We cannot even imagine what will happen if tomorrow all proven mechanisms suddenly stop working.

How could it be possible? People get up in the morning, go to work, and so on.…

But no, they are not going to work. We haven’t realized yet that we are situated in an integral system of nature, while we are not integral ourselves. It’s as if we are trying to insert a square piece into a round opening. In reality, our form should resemble that of the system. This form is not simple because we are not talking about geometry, but rather about our properties.

Today the entire humanity should be gradually adopting new shapes, the correct format that corresponds to the Light. This is a very big problem. We can solve it only if we attract the Light that will perform the correction for us. This is why it is said: “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice because the Light in it reforms.”

Let’s hope that we will understand this and will be able to pass it on to others.
From Lesson 1, the Germany Convention 8/5/2011

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What Will Sprout Out Of Us?

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom the initial state where all the souls were together (Σ), we transitioned to the world of the breaking, and then fell into our world. Then, after the development of egoism and the mutual inclusion of all of its parts, we reached a turning point (1995), when we need to start correcting our ego to return to the initial state.

However, if the first state was created by the Light, the Creator, we create the final state ourselves. There is a big difference here: We become similar to the Light, the Creator. This is the purpose of creation.

We are born without any self-awareness, like a drop of semen in the womb that has not become anything yet. Then we go through a preparation period, acquire the power of good (+) and evil (–), and thanks to these forces can develop on the spiritual path.

Everyone is conducting his own inner war, and together we conduct wars in society, humanity, until we reveal the truth by advancing in the middle line. At the same time, both the plus and the minus make up one whole in us. The minus is the forces of our egoism, and the plus is the forces of Light within us. This way we advance.

We must conduct this difficult work consciously and sensibly. Essentially, this is what we have to do. After all, we must return to the initial state, reveal it deep within us. To do this, we become wiser, more sensitive, and more evolved.

Starting with the current state, we begin to sink deep within us: the worlds of Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, and Adam Kadmon, and at the end we attain the world of Infinity (∞). Our main achievement is the realization of our own evil.

We attain everything in our ego. As we direct it towards bestowal, we keep sinking deeper and reveal the upper worlds in it, until all of it, the entire Malchut of the world of Infinity which we had in the initial state, transforms itself to have the intention to bestow. This way we go through the second state, which includes our entire path, and reach the third state.

As Baal HaSulam writes, the method of Kabbalah allows us to reveal the evil, egoism, within us. As we correct it, we sink deeper, and there we reveal all the worlds, the entire spiritual reality. After all, the Creator did not create anything except for the receiving desire. This desire took on an egoistic form though the breaking, and now we need to correct it into bestowal.

Today we feel like we exist in a miserable, dark, and limited reality. Being opposite to the Light, we can perceive only it. We are like a drop of semen that has no idea what will become of it.

However, as we evoke the Light to develop us and change our receiving desire to bestowal, we attain it, the Creator, according to the law of equivalence of form, until our desire and the Light become similar to one another.

From Lesson 3, the Germany Convention 8/6/2011

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Does Europe Have A Death Wish?

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Joschka Fischer, Germany’s Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor from 1998 to 2005): “The behavior of the EU and its most important member states has been irresolute and dithering, owing to national egotism and a breathtaking absence of leadership….

“States can go bust just like companies, but, unlike companies, they don’t disappear when that happens. That is why states should not be punished, and why their ongoing interests should not be underestimated.…

“Refusing to pay is not a viable option, because Germany and all Eurozone members are in the same boat….

“The European financial crisis is really a political crisis, because EU leaders are unable to decide on the necessary measures. Instead, time is lost on secondary issues largely rooted in domestic policy concerns….

“The euro – and with it the EU as a whole – will not survive without greater European political unification. If Europeans want to keep the euro, we must forge ahead with political union now; otherwise, like it or not, the euro and European integration will be undone. Europe would then lose nearly everything it has gained over a half-century from transcending nationalism. In the light of the emerging new world order, this would be a tragedy for Europeans….

“Germany and France, the two crucial players in this crisis, will have to devise a joint strategy, because only they, working together, can push through a solution….

“What is required, therefore, is an open bilateral French-German dialogue about a comprehensive realignment of the monetary union.”

My Comment: Ah, this eternal struggle between reason and greed, between your own political future and the welfare of the people or even the world…. But without integral upbringing, the EU will not survive and will fall apart. Evidently, the world will have to go through sufferings to become convinced that nature puts before us the condition to correct ourselves and unite not in a market, but in a union.

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The Only Religion Is The Revelation Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Throughout history, lots of people have done terrible things in the name of God, and the question is: Was it their immorality that did it, or was it a correct interpretation of immoral scriptures that commanded it?

Invariably however, despite it being completely unrelated to the question, people will point to the terrible atheists throughout history, such as Stalin, Pol Pot, and Mao, and erroneously, Hitler.

Hitler certainly didn’t like Catholicism, and he certainly did toss priests and Catholics into camps. He tried several times to impose his type of Christianity on the country during his regime, he thought of himself as doing God’s work (according to Mein Kampf and several speeches), his soldiers had to take an oath to God of allegiance and many featured the phrase “Gott Mit Uns” (God with us) prominently on their uniforms. His regime even banned books that “belittled” the faith or God, or that advocated Darwinism.

The question is: “Are there fundamental elements of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, that result in such events, even (or especially) when correctly applied?”

Answer: According to Kabbalah, the only religion in the world is the firsthand revelation of the Creator to all people in the world as the sole controlling force. We can disclose the force only in its material manifestation. This matter is us ourselves.

If we try to change ourselves from egoism to bestowal and love, then according to the law of equivalence of form, the upper force of nature is revealed, which is called “Boreh,” from the words “Bo” or “come” (reach) and “Reh” or “see” (discover). All the rest are human inventions, and thus, there are so many of them, and they are not based on a study of the world or nature.

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The Influence Of A Committed Minority

In the News (from just 10 percent of the population holds an unshakable belief, their belief will always be adopted by the majority of the society….

“‘When the number of committed opinion holders is below 10 percent, there is no visible progress in the spread of ideas…,’ said SCNARC Director Boleslaw Szymanski, the Claire and Roland Schmitt Distinguished Professor at Rensselaer. ‘Once that number grows above 10 percent, the idea spreads like flame’….

“An important aspect of the finding is that the percent of committed opinion holders required to shift majority opinion does not change significantly regardless of the type of network in which the opinion holders are working. In other words, the percentage of committed opinion holders required to influence a society remains at approximately 10 percent, regardless of how or where that opinion starts and spreads in the society….

“The research has broad implications for understanding how opinion spreads. ‘There are clearly situations in which it helps to know how to efficiently spread some opinion or how to suppress a developing opinion,’ said Associate Professor of Physics and co-author of the paper Gyorgy Korniss. ‘Some examples might be the need to quickly convince a town to move before a hurricane or spread new information on the prevention of disease in a rural village.’…

“The researchers are now looking for partners within the social sciences and other fields to compare their computational models to historical examples. They are also looking to study how the percentage might change when input into a model where the society is polarized.”

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A View On The Crisis

Opinion (Uzaz Baimuratov, Academician, Director of the Research Institute of Financial Management, Kazakhstan): “The concept of progress…has run its course….

“People experience spiritual crisis when wealth is artificially elevated to the level where it replaces the meaning of human life…. Spiritual crisis manifests itself in that people strive for easy money and material goods, right here right now…. The consumer psychology has to change….” (

“There has to be a certain level, threshold, that restricts our consumer appetite. There is a basic principle of moderation in everything.…

Our needs must be met: not reduced, but normalized. “But to achieve this, a person must come to the understanding that one mansion is enough… and now he has to work for the society…. However, to come to such an understanding, one must be a spiritually developed individual.” ( )

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