Adopting The Form Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We still don’t feel the pain of the external world to the fullest. How can we correct this situation by working in the group?

Answer: It is better to feel this pain as early as possible. It is like a disease, and it’s better to detect it in its early stages. The world is just starting to submerge into the crisis, but fears it already since today’s problems affect everyone. We see that the time has come, and we should disseminate materials that explain the cause of the crisis and its solution.

The whole world, including America, Europe, China, and Japan, is in trouble. Everyone is scared by what is happening and no one knows what will happen tomorrow. Some are looking at the crisis from afar, as for example Germany. However, they should be afraid even more. The one who rose higher falls lower. We cannot even imagine what will happen if tomorrow all proven mechanisms suddenly stop working.

How could it be possible? People get up in the morning, go to work, and so on.…

But no, they are not going to work. We haven’t realized yet that we are situated in an integral system of nature, while we are not integral ourselves. It’s as if we are trying to insert a square piece into a round opening. In reality, our form should resemble that of the system. This form is not simple because we are not talking about geometry, but rather about our properties.

Today the entire humanity should be gradually adopting new shapes, the correct format that corresponds to the Light. This is a very big problem. We can solve it only if we attract the Light that will perform the correction for us. This is why it is said: “I have created the evil inclination, I have created the Torah as a spice because the Light in it reforms.”

Let’s hope that we will understand this and will be able to pass it on to others.
From Lesson 1, the Germany Convention 8/5/2011

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  1. I think it’s important that we realize the “system” is a system were are not aware of . It’s one we cannot see and one we are not brought up or raised to have an awareness of or interact with. People in the general public or most of the world, understand when things go bad or there are bad people that there is a sense of the lack of love in the world or that there is something dysfunctional about it, but other than that it is hard for them to see past that. I was with someone the other day, and although I don’t mention Kabbalah, it was interesting to notice things they were becoming aware of. They bought something as a gift and bought something for themselves, then looked at it and said “I must be really selfish, I cannot even go buy something for someone else without getting myself something in return.” They also mentioned, when looking at the stock market going down “if we didn’t have the stock market to begin with because we are greedy would we have this problem in the first place of suffering from it?”..I mention this only because it illustrates that I think the world around us is becoming more aware of the problem that exists of our egoism even if we are not aware of a “system” that exists underneath our struggles.
    I also wanted to add, that like this awareness this person was having, I have these same thoughts too at times and see things that way. So, the public is becoming aware of this stuff. Just slowly and without knowing there is a “system” in place already.

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