A View On The Crisis

Opinion (Uzaz Baimuratov, Academician, Director of the Research Institute of Financial Management, Kazakhstan): “The concept of progress…has run its course….

“People experience spiritual crisis when wealth is artificially elevated to the level where it replaces the meaning of human life…. Spiritual crisis manifests itself in that people strive for easy money and material goods, right here right now…. The consumer psychology has to change….” (kazeu.kz)

“There has to be a certain level, threshold, that restricts our consumer appetite. There is a basic principle of moderation in everything.…

Our needs must be met: not reduced, but normalized. “But to achieve this, a person must come to the understanding that one mansion is enough… and now he has to work for the society…. However, to come to such an understanding, one must be a spiritually developed individual.” (inform.kz )

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