A Fire Extinguisher For Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe desires that are now emerging in all of humanity are being revealed by the common Surrounding Light. Therefore, humanity won’t find the answer to them inside of itself and will only break out in protests in different places. Nothing more than that will happen. No one has an answer or an understanding of how to extinguish this expanding fire that will envelop the whole world. And there won’t be any solution to it. Not one “fire extinguisher” will help, but only the Light that reforms and returns us to the source of good.

That’s because the Light is now being revealed in the form of harsh forces of restriction, judgment (Gevurot), and they will burn down all of humanity unless we sweeten them with the quality of mercy, bestowal (Hesed), by wishing for this quality to reign among us. We can extinguish this fire with our unity and turn the all-consuming fire of judgment into the flame of love.

This is possible only by virtue of our aspiration to unity. Therefore, everything depends on disseminating our knowledge about the solution, but even more than that—on our inner work, our desire to unite with one another in order to embrace the whole world and give them the Light that we attract for them. And all of this is for the sake of giving pleasure to the Creator by becoming similar to Him.
From the lesson on 8/9/11, Writings of Rabash

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