The Entire Nation At The Round Table

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf we want to ensure that all the programs have long-term prospects, the criterion by which we have to check them is whether they view our society as a family. We should solve all problems only in this way. Thereby, we will come to the solution together. Otherwise, decisions will be made under the influence of force, various manipulations, and in the long run, they will turn out to be ineffective: Each will be somewhat flawed.

This sounds as something remote from politics and all those means which the government usually uses: force and money, but there is no escape because people have to perceive solutions precisely in this manner.

Social justice are nice words. But what is it in reality? That is why we should always observe this global, integral approach, without which no nation, no society, can implement any changes today.

Everyone should understand that there is no other approach to solving problems. We have entered a total and complete interconnection in our relationships, which requires the participation of everyone in discussions and decision-making. And all this has to happen in an atmosphere of mutual concession and assistance because the national “pie” which we share is not limitless. That is why we have to discuss this altogether, and everyone should understand that he will not receive a 100 percent of the desired and ought to concede.

And if the spirit of “mutual connection” will reign between us and there will be total agreement between all the citizens, they will realize that we can advance only in this way. This will make an atmosphere between people healthy, and decisions will be taken in the spirit of participation and love. As a result, this will change the overall atmosphere, and this form of decision-making will improve the relationships between all the conflicting parts of society.

Of course, this approach contains more than the establishment of good relationships. If everyone will sit down at the “round table,” and each, demanding maximum for himself, begins to understand the demands of others and is ready to sacrifice some of his, even justified requests, this way we will arrive at the general consensus among people, and they will start connecting.

Thereby all the parties and social strata will enter the integral network, having connected all the nation together. In this way, we will reveal the general integral force that will raise us to the next level of consciousness and existence.

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  1. I agree, even justified requests, although not bad, can put limitations on things. And in a world where we have to share our resources, etc. We do need to make concessions. It’s hard to genuinely make concessions just through good relationships alone. There has to be talks and discussions, putting egoes and desires aside, eve the desires that are justified. And really talking about things in a genuine way. Otherwise, like “good relationships” things like “social justice” are just products of wanting change without the internal work happening.

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