The Infinity That Flows Through You

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe mutual guarantee is when we all unite together in a way that everyone fulfills the desires of another. None of us can fulfill himself on his own—this is impossible in the spiritual world. I can only fulfill the desires of someone else, by 100%.

If I attain the world of Infinity, that means all the spiritual vessels (desires) are before me, and I fulfill them all with the Light of NaRaNHaY, which passes through me as an infinite Light that flows through me to others.

And I am left with the Light of Nefesh de Nefesh present in me at all times. The remaining Light passes through me and fulfills the external vessel that I have attached to myself. And this is what everyone does!

For me, the desires of another are “circular” (Igulim), meaning they are limitless. However, the form in which I fulfill them is a “straight line” (Kav Yashar), meaning this is the work with the screen. In this way I turn into an infinite “straight” desire if I fulfill the infinite “circular” desire of other people without any limitations on my end.

Personally I am limited in my ability to fulfill another, but I always perceive others as free of limitations. The limitation exists only in me—in how much I am capable of bestowing to them.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/18/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. Does this mean that another’s desires are igulim and limitless because I am always perceiving them as something to love? And that I fullfill the limitless according to how much I use the screen to consistenly fullfull their desires and love them? Because if I don’t use the screen then I place limits on the love and stop loving them, and these limitations come from inside of myself through my perception of them being someone I stop loving.

    Is this also, why in anti semitism, it iseems illogical? Or a constant stream of illogic. Of stop and go and loving then not loving and passive agressiveness and instability? Because it has limitations. Whereas, consistent love, that is not illogical is the opposite of anti semitism and is infinite or limitless?

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