The Odd One Out

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible that the strikes in your country are starting to disperse?

Answer: I understand your surprise. I already wrote about this in previous posts: Violence won’t happen in this country. This is an ancient nation that was founded on the principle of brotherhood. Even though this has been forgotten and is not being expressed in practice, there won’t be violence and a war where brother kills brother. And if the agitators that are funded from abroad start stirring things up, I am sure they won’t be welcome by the people.

But I do understand your perplexity: Instead of breaking the store windows, looting, and cutting each other “like regular people,” what’s happening in Israel, as if to spite the manipulators, is that scientists and social representatives are sitting down to solve their problems together around a round table.

Question: And what are Kabbalists doing in the meantime?

Answer: They are disseminating materials about the true cause of the crisis: the egoistic connection between people instead of the altruistic, global, integral interconnection that is required today, called mutual guarantee. And they observe how the protestors have started working on unity, how they study their own qualities and try to ascend above them. The best thing from everything that is happening are people’s attempts to find interconnection and mutual understanding.

This is a wonderful example for the whole world of how it is possible to try to solve the issues of the crisis (including economy and society) precisely through an open, non-governmental discussion around a round table, together with all of the representatives of society.

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  1. At a round table, no one is at the head (: All appear even, and thus there is room for level minded thinking. Egoism is defeated here, as all are equals.

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