A Worldwide Action Of Love Dissemination!

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists left us clear instructions on what to do with the hatred that becomes revealed to us, telling us that it should be viewed as a means of work by continuously correcting it. Above this hatred, we should constantly build a bridge between us.

That is why a general, global crisis is being revealed in the world today—a global lack of connection between us. And it is being revealed precisely in order for us to create this connection!

This is so simple, and the picture that emerges is so clear. I don’t see any difficulties here. We just have to explain it again and again in order to open a person’s eyes. What is happening in front of us right now is a clear revelation of the broken vessel, whose parts are unable to connect with one another and therefore, they suffer.

We want to lovingly inform all of these broken parts that we won’t feel better unless we glue our broken vessel together. A few years ago I already said that there is a crisis ahead of us, and now it has happened. Soon we will reveal newer and newer problems, and it will only keep gaining speed.

We have to understand that what’s happening is the revelation of our breaking, and we have to arm ourselves with the remedy that prevents the illness. Then we will accept every blow with understanding and will immediately correct it.

This way, we can transform the evil that becomes revealed to goodness, increasing it by 620 times! After all, the Light of NaRaNHY is “620 times” greater than the Light of Neshama of the still level. And if I now turn hatred to love, I earn 620 times more Light!

Imagine how wonderful it would be if goodness 620 times greater than the force of evil was now revealed in the world !? What else would the world lack? Everything would be present in abundance, including sources of energy, good ecology, tranquility, and harmony.

Besides, inside of this we would reveal immortality and eternity because upon this bridge between us, we reveal a connection with the Root and rise to Its level! All forms of connection are present inside of us, and we have to start working on them: on the virtual, global, integral connection. We have to correct all of these destroyed connections and turn them into good ones.

Let us hope that we will attain love on this “day of love,” which is celebrated today. This is a good sign, and the perfect time to enter all of the virtual networks and explain what is love. Let this be our act of “love dissemination.” With this appeal, I turn to all of my readers and students all over the world!
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on the Day of Love

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  1. This is so beautiful. I am so grateful for your efforts and these words. I will read this again and again so that I hear.

  2. Thank you!

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