Can A Point In The Heart Be Lost?

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can a point in the heart be lost? And can I feel it again after that? I’ve been studying Kabbalah for a few months. I suddenly felt changes and I guess a little Light, which I never felt before that. My views changed, I felt more secure and I really felt nature’s perfection. My burning desire for spirituality changed my relation to everything.

But this great state of mind lasted just a few days and now it seems to me that it’s gone. I continue to read and listen, but it feels harder although I want it very much. What can I do? I’m scared and feel like the point in the heart is lost. Can I attain it again?

Answer: You are going through the regular stages of your development. You were shown the minimal spiritual sensation, and now you have to attain it on your own, through unification with others like you who also aspire to this goal.

Question: In the post “How Spiritual Life Is Born,” it says, “I have restricted your desires because I was unable to satisfy them.” Does it mean we help each other do the restriction? Or that just one of both can do the work?

Answer: Each person does it inside of himself.

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