The People Demand Social Justice

Dr. Michael LaitmanSocial justice is possible only when mutual guarantee is achieved.

Mutual guarantee means that the principle, “The well being of society is above personal well being” becomes the law of every person’s life.

Only on this basis will we be able to provide a respectable life for ourselves and our children. Only upon this foundation is it possible to fulfill all of the social demands that people advance by coming out to the streets today.

Only be feeling that we are all one people, a single, tight-knit family where the interests of those close to you are more important than your own, will we save our nation, which is the guarantee for the life of the entire Jewish nation.

Otherwise, if we don’t answer the call of the times, then politicians will play their games, the television will show more soap operas and soccer matches, the press will discuss another sex scandal, and the rain will wash away the feeling of unity that we were unable to preserve in our souls.

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