Mass Protests In China

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “In recent months, there were mass riots in China, details of which are carefully hidden.

“China saw almost 90,000 such ‘mass incidents’ of riots, protests, mass petitions and other acts of unrest in 2009…. Like many other recent protests and riots, news of this one spread on China’s Internet, especially on Sina’s popular Weibo microblogging site, reported Radio Free Asia….

“‘In fact, China has riots more serious than England’s every week,’ said one Weibo comment.”

Comment: The whole world has become integral and therefore there are no regions that are separate and that can avoid experiencing the crisis, each in its own way. There are no societies that can avoid feeling how they are being pushed toward change.

However, people do not understand the nature of these changes, they do not see that they are driven by the desire for unity. This is happening because the integral, general network has connected us and compels us to realize our oneness and the oneness of all of nature.

If we begin to move toward this understanding, then even a slight awareness of this appeal from nature will immediately create changes for the better in us and in society! Otherwise, the world will be seized by general, global unrest. People will feel pressured and will go out to the streets and rebel without even  being aware of the reason. And that’s because globality can only be realized within altruistic qualities.

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