The ECB Leadership Panic

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the news (by Michael Hazin, economist):The European Central Bank began to buy Italian and Spanish debt to halt the collapse of the market of their government bonds. They understood that they cannot hold the situation without the emission. Indeed, it is impossible to hold it with the emission, but it is possible to delay.

“We do not know what caused such a panic among the ECB leadership, that they abandoned their core principles. Since the rejection of the core principles has begun, it will soon be followed by the abolition of proverbial European democracy.

“It should be noted that at the end of the 1930s, most of the EU countries were openly fascist regimes, and apparently, they met the proverbial ‘European values,’ as democracy in the 20th century was imposed by the narrow elite stratum as an ideological response to the USSR.

“Today, we have an amazing opportunity to see which real values correspond to the ‘European choice.’ So far, it is clear that ‘financial stability’ has ceased to correspond to this choice!”

Comment: Michael, you have heard me say on numerous occasions that if the Kabbalistic method and correction fails in the world, Nazism will reign over the world, which will bring the world to the third world war. The preconditions for this already exist in all European countries.

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There Is No Love Without Hate

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we are talking about spiritual concepts, if there is no hatred in the beginning, there will be no love later on. It is written, “I created the evil inclination and I created the Torah as a spice because the Light in it returns one to the source.”

The good source is love. But it cannot be revealed unless evil, hatred, and rejection are disclosed first. We should get used to the fact that love and hatred are always revealed and work together.

This is why we discover both hatred and love in our society, and we should understand that one is impossible without the other. We are not perfect angels, preserved at the inanimate level, but people with all of our cruel egoism.

To the extent that you yearn to feel love, you will discover only greater hatred. That is the only way you will become worthy of “the exit from Egypt” and will come to “Mount Sinai.” The mountain of hatred, “Mount Sinai” is the result of our previous work.

The Tower of Babel is only the beginning; nothing was revealed there. Therefore, 20 generations from Adam HaRishon until Abraham, being the first generations of Kabbalists, are called the forefathers. This is only the initial preparation because a strong desire was not revealed there yet.

The first time that the desire was disclosed was in Babylon, which is where the science of Kabbalah originated. There was already a small mountain of hatred there: “The Tower of Babel” above which it was possible to rise. The science of Kabbalah, the science of connection, was born there, and people who were capable of connecting emerged there as well. Thus, is always revealed above hatred.

Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of the fact that the world today is revealing hatred. We just have to let it be revealed naturally and precede the blow with a remedy so that hatred will be revealed with understanding consciously. And we have to be confident in the fact that we have the precise instructions on how to use it correctly.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on The Day of Love

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Get Secured By The Chief Guarantor’s Signature

Dr. Michael LaitmanFirst of all, I have to commit myself to bonding with others in order to reveal the property of bestowal. But it takes a long time to reach this need, which is called “the time of preparation.” At this stage, I reveal the extent to which I am unable to connect with others, do not desire, and hate it,

This is where I find the hatred. In truth, it’s not hate for another person, but for the property of bestowal itself. Rejecting another person is rejecting the Creator, His property of bestowal. That’s why I have to arrange the support of my environment, of that very friend with whom I want to connect by asking for his help: “I hate you, and I need your help!” After all, there is a very special force called the “mutual guarantee“, as it is said: “So help a man his neighbor.”

That is how I get the support that is deposited in my account since I drew it from another source. And to the extent I achieve this mutual guarantee, where I support him and he supports me, we try to get closer to one other and cannot! Then we discover that the mutual guarantee does not help either because the One who maintains it is absent. We need the Creator to be a witness, a guarantor who signs our contract.

It’s as if we are lacking the “head of the bank” and therefore our guarantee is invalid. It has to be supported by capital and power. That force which can unite us is the Light! And the Light is revealed through our reciprocity. This is what sets us apart from all other cases of guarantee, such as between criminals who have united in order to steal. After all, they did not bond to implement mutual bestowal.

This is a profound discernment which shows why we are able to realize ourselves in this way, although bonding did not help everyone else who pursued material goals and did not draw the Light that reforms to them. There must be a mutual guarantee which contains the force of the Creator, the force of the Light inside of it.

This is described as: “Israel (aiming straight to the Creator), the Torah (the Light of correction), and the Creator are one.” This is the only way to connect: When we (the Creator, the group, and me) are together. Otherwise, it won’t work. There won’t be a force that can engage the engine, and then we will simply get off track. We will not be able to examine ourselves, as if we are in a dead circuit with no electricity in it.

But if we work in a way where one supports another, with the Creator’s power unfolding between us, this is the only way we will arrive at the correct system where the Creator is revealed. That is how the quality of bestowal is revealed among the creatures. We create spiritual vessels out of ourselves, and within them the Light, the Creator is revealed.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected passages on the Day of Love

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Financial “Monsters” Threaten Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanInterview with Mário Soares, former President of Portugal: “The EU is in crisis today. The markets are disoriented, as are those that govern them. I call them monsters and it’s true, they are monsters. Nobody knows where they came from or what they want. Well, we know they want money so they launch attacks on the euro and consequently countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal and others….

“This is extremely serious. We lack a united response, which was necessary for Europe. For rich countries like Germany and Mrs. Merkel, who may be thinking that she can give orders to Europe, to Germanise Europe. If she thinks that, she is mistaken…

“If things carry on the way they are, it will be the end of the European project, there is no doubt. But I think there will be a big reaction. The reaction will come from the people. It is not just in the Arab world that people revolt. The danger is revolution in Europe. Individuals can reject this Europe and say this is not Europe, we want another. We want dialogue, social welfare and respect for each other.”

Comment: The only thing that can save us is the realization that we are living in the new, integral world in which we are fully interrelated and must therefore consider everyone as a whole, as one family. Back in the 1920s, Baal HaSulam wrote that the whole world is one family and if we do not view it that way, then we will bring ourselves to a world war in 10-15 years. And that’s what happened.

Today, the situation is repeating itself with the difference being that time is moving faster, and therefore, a world war could break out within a few months. And it can only be prevented by shifting the world’s tendency toward mutual connection, by realizing the need to rise above protectionism and individual egoism, and by thinking the way people think within a family about everybody while addressing issues from the most pressing to the simplest. Like in a family, first we think about the children and the sick, and then about those who can wait with the solution to their problems.

As soon as we change our approach, we will immediately feel a different attitude from nature towards us because we will reach similarity (homeostasis, balance, harmony) with it, and all our actions in this direction will bring us goodness! Let’s learn from nature!

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.17.11

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