The ECB Leadership Panic

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the news (by Michael Hazin, economist):The European Central Bank began to buy Italian and Spanish debt to halt the collapse of the market of their government bonds. They understood that they cannot hold the situation without the emission. Indeed, it is impossible to hold it with the emission, but it is possible to delay.

“We do not know what caused such a panic among the ECB leadership, that they abandoned their core principles. Since the rejection of the core principles has begun, it will soon be followed by the abolition of proverbial European democracy.

“It should be noted that at the end of the 1930s, most of the EU countries were openly fascist regimes, and apparently, they met the proverbial ‘European values,’ as democracy in the 20th century was imposed by the narrow elite stratum as an ideological response to the USSR.

“Today, we have an amazing opportunity to see which real values correspond to the ‘European choice.’ So far, it is clear that ‘financial stability’ has ceased to correspond to this choice!”

Comment: Michael, you have heard me say on numerous occasions that if the Kabbalistic method and correction fails in the world, Nazism will reign over the world, which will bring the world to the third world war. The preconditions for this already exist in all European countries.

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