Financial “Monsters” Threaten Democracy

Dr. Michael LaitmanInterview with Mário Soares, former President of Portugal: “The EU is in crisis today. The markets are disoriented, as are those that govern them. I call them monsters and it’s true, they are monsters. Nobody knows where they came from or what they want. Well, we know they want money so they launch attacks on the euro and consequently countries such as Greece, Ireland and Portugal and others….

“This is extremely serious. We lack a united response, which was necessary for Europe. For rich countries like Germany and Mrs. Merkel, who may be thinking that she can give orders to Europe, to Germanise Europe. If she thinks that, she is mistaken…

“If things carry on the way they are, it will be the end of the European project, there is no doubt. But I think there will be a big reaction. The reaction will come from the people. It is not just in the Arab world that people revolt. The danger is revolution in Europe. Individuals can reject this Europe and say this is not Europe, we want another. We want dialogue, social welfare and respect for each other.”

Comment: The only thing that can save us is the realization that we are living in the new, integral world in which we are fully interrelated and must therefore consider everyone as a whole, as one family. Back in the 1920s, Baal HaSulam wrote that the whole world is one family and if we do not view it that way, then we will bring ourselves to a world war in 10-15 years. And that’s what happened.

Today, the situation is repeating itself with the difference being that time is moving faster, and therefore, a world war could break out within a few months. And it can only be prevented by shifting the world’s tendency toward mutual connection, by realizing the need to rise above protectionism and individual egoism, and by thinking the way people think within a family about everybody while addressing issues from the most pressing to the simplest. Like in a family, first we think about the children and the sick, and then about those who can wait with the solution to their problems.

As soon as we change our approach, we will immediately feel a different attitude from nature towards us because we will reach similarity (homeostasis, balance, harmony) with it, and all our actions in this direction will bring us goodness! Let’s learn from nature!

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