Mutual Guarantee Is For The Whole World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: I am reading reviews of some of the articles published by the “Mutual Guarantee” movement and many say that you simply want to expand your circle of adherents, as if “Kabbalah isn’t that interesting anymore, so now Laitman has started a new movement.”

Answer: I enjoy these intense questions and objections because I would like people to understand my opinion. Kabbalah is a technique of correcting the world, which works at every social level:

  • There are people who are interested in progressing spiritually.
  • There are people who are interested in moving forward spiritually because they feel it is important for them and for their children to live in a peaceful, secure, and serene world.
  • There are people who have very little concern for any of this. They are only interested in living a good, normal life, “I feel comfortable right now, and this is my task—to maintain the comfort and if possible, to increase it.”

Depending on people’s desires, some are engaged only in their personal matters, whereas others are engaged in society. Some people are attracted to power, fame, knowledge, and wealth, which means they have higher demands compared to those of a common man. Every person has certain properties and desires as a given essence that are present in him from birth.

Therefore, being a person who studies human nature and society, I make no claims to anyone because I understand perfectly well that the people who are engaged or interested in Kabbalah will, in fact, come to Kabbalah. As for the people who don’t have these aspirations, then no matter how much time I would spend telling them about Kabbalah, they will not come to it. However, they will see that mutual guarantee is the instrument that we can use to fix the crisis today, but in the internal personal realm, within our families, and on the scale of the country and the world.

That’s what I want people to know. And accordance to every person’s inner question or need, each will take his proper place in this hierarchy of correcting himself and humanity. Therefore, there is no attempt here to draw people to what they will not respond to. This is impossible.

This is not the usual political movement where people can be enticed by some goals, by telling them, “Let us go and conquer, let’s take abundance from someone else and divide it among ourselves,” and so on. On the contrary, this is a movement that is based only on the joint agreement of all members of society, and therefore, it involves everyone. In other words, it is there in order for everyone to come under the mutual guarantee in the world, to the degree of one’s innate properties, predispositions, and inclinations to this.

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