First Of All, Figure Out What You Have To Correct

Dr. Michael LaitmanOnly when trying to get closer to one’s neighbor and connect with him does a person reveal his 613 uncorrected desires. Only then does he start to open up his broken soul and understand what he has to correct.

When correcting my desires with the intention of “not doing what I hate to the other,” I correct myself to the level of Bina (Hafetz Hesed, delighting in mercy) and am filled with the Light of Hassadim (mercy). This means that I’m completely free from my ego. Then, I gradually turn this ego toward serving my neighbor, called “love thy neighbor as thyself,” by correcting the AHP, the 365 desires.

Both of these stages of correction are only relevant to those desires that are revealed in our connection with each other. If I don’t have a desire to connect with the others, this means that I haven’t yet revealed what I need to correct. Our usual desires toward food, sex, family, money, power, and knowledge don’t need to be corrected. Use them as you please.

If I seek knowledge or power, this is not the desire that is revealed in connection to others. The work begins when I try to advance in this connection by revealing the will to bestow instead of the will to receive. Then, I reveal how much I don’t want it. This lack of desire is called “evil,” and it’s revealed to me as the creation.

It is exactly this desire, felt as a rejection of connection with another person when trying to reveal the quality of bestowal, that is called the evil of egoism. It has to be corrected and transformed into good. This means that I act according to a strict order that is expressed by the phrase, “I created the evil inclination and I created the Torah as a spice” because the Light in the Torah reforms, and I realize this formula step by step.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected excerpts on the Day of Love

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