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laitman_214Question: What is it, to be a Kabbalist that is occupied in practical work?

Answer: A Kabbalist that is occupied in practical work is a man that reveals the Creator in our world and wants to bring the whole world to Him. He works on the change of the ego to bestowal, altruism, hatred to love, the separation between us to unity. He realizes the thought of the Creator in our world, investigates and realizes it.

A real Kabbalist is a materialist and not mystical. He sees that the whole world exists as one whole under the influence of one force, and understands that in this world everything works under one law, the law of completion, unity, and mutual integrality, meaning, the law of love, and if it seems to us, that it is not like that, it is only because it is the way we are built and we need to correct our incorrect point of view. The evil that we see outside ourselves actually is within us and is reflected by our distorted vision on the exterior world. If I were completely corrected, then I would not see any evil in the world.

Question: Does it means, that the Kabbalist does not see any evil in the world?

Answer: It depends on what degree he is in. The thing is that our ego, that is called “Pharaoh,” is divided into 125 egoistic degrees, and the Kabbalist corrects them inside himself in portions, in parts, from the weakest degree to the greatest. By correcting each one of them, it is as if he rises in the degrees of the ladder of attainment, connecting with the upper force, in adhesion with the whole of humanity, and in this adhesion he feels the Creator.

To be a practicing Kabbalist, it means, to be a teacher or student, one that attains the upper world, to study according to authentic Kabbalistic sources, and to devote himself completely to it, because all the attainment of the spiritual world is also the fulfillment and the purpose of life.

Because when you begin to understand whom you are dealing with, then all the rest that is in this world is clearly seen as the fruits of the human imagination; these are insignificant efforts and experiences in comparison to the attainment of eternity, completion, the perfection of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories” 10/22/14

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  1. It is easy to understand this Intellectually. If everything is a pretermined path leading to a pretermined state, and the only reason for all of this is for the created beings and the existence of free will. Easy enough to understand. Much harder to internalize emotionally. How can one not react to all the horrors of the world? But, if there is none else beside him, then this is all a play through which a story is being told, like a puppeteer pulling strings. Was this the only way to create separate individuals in the universe? There is a purpose to all this because there really isn’t a purpose to any of this? On the highest level we are utterly free to do anything we want? And thus bound to do absolutely nothing? Is contentment really possible.. Not in this world so I must polarize myself in the next….

  2. Yes I Appreciate You My Teacher And Am Interested I Need To Learn And Be A Practicing Kabbalist

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