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Blocking The Oxygen For The World

Laitman_509Question: It is written that the war is conducted by the upper force and not by us. Exactly how does this work?

Answer: The upper force is the force of connection, the force of love and bestowal. It works to the degree that we make it possible for it to work, when we equalize with it in our characteristics. To the degree that our yearning is directed externally towards others, to that degree it acts through us.

And if we are not connected with all the rest and don’t intend to live with love and bestowal and this force is not prepared to be extended our way, we block its passage. Then the nations of the world blame us for their troubles.

Question: From this does it follow that ultimately everyone will want to connect with love?

Answer: Yes, it is only that the people of Israel are not letting them do it. We must make it possible for this force to be spread, to be revealed in us and connected between us. It is just as the Creator is revealed to a creature. It is written: “The one who makes peace on high will make peace among us.” And then with that aspiration we will open to the nations of the world. The Creator is interested in everyone knowing Him, “from the least of them unto the greatest of them” (Jeremiah 31:33).

Question: Can the war be an opportunity to reach this?

Answer: The war is designed for only one thing: to obligate us to think about what is not okay with us. For both our neighbors and the world in general are going out against us in an increasingly clear and obvious way. They will no longer be friendly; on the contrary, with time their attitude will only worsen.

Yet before this they were sympathetic to us because they let the Jews return to their land and the nations of the world hoped that somehow we would realize our destiny. The forces of nature worked through them in this way.

Yet today, after 66 years, it is already clear to everyone that we are not setting ourselves to this task. On the contrary, from day to day we block the “channel of abundance” that was supposed to reach everyone through us. And so the complaints of the world increase; so they stand with their backs toward us and support our enemies. This trend will only go and grow stronger, so much so that nobody in the world will remain who supports us, including the Jews who live abroad.

Question: Well, all of the signs suggest that already for some time we should have given the abundance to the world, and have not. Why is that?

Answer: It is because we are not connected. If we connect, then we will create a kind of “conduit,” a direct passage through which the Light will pass to the nations of the world.

Question: When a person stands before a complex problem, he tries with all his might to solve it in his way or moves towards searching for another means. How do we approach this work on connection psychologically?

Answer: The Upper Light, or the Ohr Ein Sof (Light of Infinity), must pass through the “conduit” of Israel to the nations of the world. Yet we are blocking this channel, we are stopping the Light from entering above and exiting below. As a result of this, our “pipe” instead of being a bridge becomes an insulating component between the Light of Infinity and the world.

Blocking Oxygen For The World
Even though they don’t know about this, they feel this subconsciously, even including those who have never been involved with us. And from this are derived all the accusations they come to us with. And truly, following the lack of Upper Light, they experience troubles and blame us for them.

Essentially they are telling us that we are very important for the world, more important than what they are themselves because they depend upon us. But we are blocking the abundance to them; we are blocking the vitality. How else is it possible to relate to people like this?

Yet the people of Israel don’t want to be aware of it. They don’t even know or recognize what is preventing them. If they knew this, they would act differently. They must live in unity, in Arvut (mutual guarantee), then the passage of the abundance will be opened and the Upper Light will pass from Olam Ein Sof (the World of Infinity) to the nations of the world and will fulfill everyone. As it is written by the prophets: this way the whole world will attain peace and calm.

Question: Together with this, how must we relate to the external enemy today?

Answer: We must understand that we must kill the evil within us. But in the meantime, due to a lack of choice and a lack of energy and time, we must also get rid of the external enemy. But this is only because we have not yet succeeded in acting in the right way within ourselves.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write, The Wars of Israel” 7/21/14

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The Force That Revives The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus”, 19:26: Ye shall not eat with the blood.

Blood is the Light of Hochma, which is the force that revives the soul and enters the fourth phase of the desire (the meat).

But it is forbidden to use the desire the Light is in. First you have to correct it separately, restrict it and make a Masach (screen), and then weigh and clarify everything. These are the laws on which the conditions of the Kasrut are later based, when meat becomes edible.

It is totally forbidden to eat the blood. In the days of the Temple they used to drain the blood into special vessels that were designated for that purpose and later were completely emptied.

Therefore, we should investigate the force that revives the soul, both in our world and in the spiritual world and thus distinguish it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/09/14

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Soccer According To The General Rules Of Spirituality

Laitman_197_01Question: Suppose that you are a soccer coach. Some soccer team invites you for a year to help it become a better team. As a coach, what can you offer it in the field of group psychology?

Answer: My condition is I demand fifty million dollars! This immediately creates tension: Why so much? What intentions does he have? And I don’t say to anyone that at the last minute I will return the money to them. This is so that they will all be on their toes. They immediately see that I am exactly like them: I am interested in money, power, and honor. This is so that their attitude towards me will be as it is towards everyone.

Question: Now we will imagine how your daily life looks. In the evening the team has a game, what is your attitude towards that?

Answer: It is necessary to arrange a workshop one hour before training, the warm-up, and the game, before every team activity. Here we are talking about how to build such a team so that each one will react to the moves of the others without thinking about it. And so, from day to day, we connect and unite more and more, with this we build a connection above rejection.

This is because from the start there is rejection between us: competition, disagreement, jealousy, an orientation towards control and honor. Someone scores two goals and I don’t even score one, he gets a million and I don’t, and so on. But now we are talking differently. First of all we talk about making the same amount, no more and no less, we are building a homogeneous team. We don’t bury the personal desires of each one; rather, we build a connection above them.

This is a long training process that includes a multitude of activities. Ultimately, the feeling of the connection between them into a single whole itself becomes important for them. So the game becomes only a means for them. We reach the desired result: We play not for the sake of the game itself but for the sake of general harmony and the feeling of connection and unity. There are no differences between them; we exist like some kind of cloud, as one body with one heart. And the audience is also included in the action as if they are in a vortex, they connect with the team and feel the game as if it were alive. Regular soccer, in which there is nothing besides competition, finds a new life!

Question: How must I relate to a situation where a member of the group should have given me the ball and didn’t do that and ran towards the goal by himself?

Answer: At that moment you must control yourself, overcome your anger. You must play with him in complete harmony as if he were 100% right. At that moment you say to yourself that as far as it seems, he hasn’t understood his action correctly. It could be that he didn’t see the whole situation.

You behave with him the way you would towards a child. Let’s say that your child wants to help his mother wash the dishes, and eventually breaks a plate. But you forgive him because he wanted to do something good.

Question: This seems like a very high state requiring a change in education.

Answer: Right. Here it is important to understand the degree of responsibility. Now the soccer players could easily move from one team to another. But in bringing them up towards a spiritual reward, none of them will want or be able to abandon his friends.

It could be that they will come to us complaining that on the one hand, they became alive but on the other hand, in their profession they are no longer ready to work with other people. The rules of the game of this world often don’t leave us with much choice. But it is in our power to change them.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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Malchut That Is Not Free

laitman_557Question: It says: “And if a man lies carnally with a woman, and she is a handmaid designated for a man, and she had not been [fully] redeemed nor had her document of emancipation been granted her, there shall be an inquisition; they shall not be put to death, because she had not been completely free.” What does that mean?

Answer: It means that the male and female parts of the Partzuf do not match and the male part cannot work with this desire.

A person wants to bestow, to work for the Creator, to perform a spiritual action, but he has not fully clarified and examined his desire yet. Being in certain attributes, he doesn’t know that he cannot work with Malchut. There are many different options here.

It turns out that there is no contact between the first nine Sefirot and the tenth part of the desire. Malchut is not suitable for it yet and so it turns out that it isn’t free, engaged, etc. with regard to it.

It is about the partial correction of a person’s desire with which he really and candidly wants to work in order to bestow but has failed. Although later he does correct the desire to the end.

“They shall not be put to death, because she had not been completely free” means that we should bring a sacrifice, the addition necessary for forgiveness. To forgive means either to add your own correction of the female part and thus become one Partzuf with it, as it says: “and will become his wife”; or simply grant atonement for his action since the Light enters the female part of the desire and this should be corrected so that the female part should return to its previous state.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/9/14

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Unity Is The Guarantee Of Victory, Part 3

laitman_944Question: How has the worldwide culture influenced the people of Israel and what do we need to restore the confidence in our ancient spirit?

Answer: In the period of exile, the people of Israel for two thousand years evolved together with the other peoples and gave them a lot from its culture, its education, including the calendar, the division of the week into workdays and rest on weekends, and many other things.

But today we have evolved to a unique state where all of humanity must become connected into a single whole. After all, we have locked ourselves into a single network that spans the entire globe as if we are living in one small village. In this circumstance, all of humanity must also connect, not just the people of Israel. Otherwise there will never be a future.

It is not just Europe that must unite into one union, something that it hasn’t succeeded in doing, but the whole world must transform into a single union. But instead of this more and more conflicts and clashes appear. Russia and America have again returned to the Cold War, except that both China and South America have been pulled and drawn into it. The Arab nations are in a state of hostility and hatred towards Israel and among themselves. Conflicts exist everywhere.

That is how the forces that want to distance the nations from each other are acting. But likewise, there is one general force that connects everyone together. It follows that the world must unite; this is its general trend. All of nature ultimately reaches balance and connection.

But the people of Israel are not bringing the force of unification to the world. The force of unification is the force of the Light. It is written that the evil inclination, the egoistic desire that separates people, was created and in addition the Torah, the Light that Reforms, was also given.

The Torah is a unique Light that corrects the force that separates people into a force that connects them. This is the force that is found in the Torah, the force of the Upper Light. We are ready to attract this force. This is a positive energy that exists in nature, but it is necessary to attract it.

If we don’t attract this force into the world, then it will bring its extinction, global wars, and terrible suffering. And the nations of the world feel this and have already begun to blame Israel now by pointing to us as being to blame for the suffering of the world.

Question: Do you want to say that because the people of Israel are not learning Torah they are not allowing the Light to enter the world?

Answer: Under the concept of Torah we mean the wisdom of Kabbalah, which is the true inner part of the Torah. It is simply necessary to learn how the world is built, how a person is built, what kind of Light we must attract. and how we attract it. But in principle, this is talking about connection between people.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/11/14

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What Is The Light?

laitman_567_04Question: What is the Light that the wisdom of Kabbalah talks about?

Answer: The Light is phenomena in which the will to receive senses the upper force, spirituality, the Creator, the force that directs and governs the desire to receive.

The Light is the only power that actually exists. The other force is the desire to receive. There is nothing but these two powers. In other words, a desire to receive is something that is “locked” from within, whereas the Light is open and fills the entire universe.

Inside the desire, there is a tiny spark of the Light with the help of which the desire can connect with the external Light, thus directing the Light’s actions performed on the desire. An aspiration of the will to receive to be similar with the Light allows it to establish connection with the Light, thus triggering the Light’s impact upon it.

Question: Then what is the connection between the books written by Kabbalists and the Light?

Answer: All Kabbalistic books are the stories about the impact of the Light on the desire. There is nothing else besides it. The Light is the Creator, i.e., the force that rules everything. If one wants to approach the Light, one should learn how to build correct intentions on top of one’s desires so that the Light descends and conveys its properties to it, thus making one similar to the Light. In this case, one’s actions become similar to the Light even though one’s desires are opposite to it.

The entire wisdom of Kabbalah is the revelation of the Light to the creation.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/14/14, Writing of Baal HaSulam

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.22.14

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