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Emotions And Health

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Studies have shown that the emotional state of a person determines his illnesses. What is the connection between the emotional state of the person and his health?

Answer: There is a direct connection, but there are several parameters that depend upon the general state of humanity. If I were not connected with anyone, I would depend only on what is happening in my desires. By directing my desires to connect with nature, I would be completely healthy and happy.

Question: But how is this connected to emotions? They say that if a person gets upset and is angry, he gets a stomach ulcer. Today experts know how to connect specific emotional states with specific illnesses.

Answer: If I were to depend only upon myself and not the whole world from which I get all kinds of viruses, including emotional viruses, according to my work and behavior with bestowal, I could measure the states of my health. But the reality is that you depend upon everyone. In the meantime, depending on your level, the main thing for you is to relax.

But without a doubt, if you calm down yourself along with the people upon whom you now depend, you will heal the stomach ulcer. After that, depending upon your widening sensitivity, you will begin to feel how much you depend on other people. It could be that the stomach ulcer would partially recur, because you must create the right connection, not just with the people who are closest to you, but with those who are a bit more distant.

And this will continue until you see that you depend on all of humanity and you must create a good connection with everyone. So it is said, Sukkah 52a: Anyone greater than his fellow, his drives are greater, or Berachot 7a: A Tzaddik [Righteous] who suffers. That is how we advance until the general completion of correction.

Question: Can the group influence my state of health?

Answer: The group must and can heal all of its members. If we are included in a single nature in which all of its parts are found in harmony, with this we eliminate all diseases and problems. Disease is the absence of the right connection between cells, between parts, between plus and minus, where all of the materials in the body are not in balance. Health is balance.

Question: For example, suddenly I begin to have a flare up of a stomach ulcer; what do my friends need to do?

Answer: We will draw you to join us in workshops where you will learn to unite. Together, we will pull you to a level where all of us are included. But you must nullify yourself towards us, accept us, and nullify all of your calculations. You are simply like an infant in our hands; you must want to grow up together with us, to be included with us above all calculations. Then you will feel that your stomach ulcer will pass. I promise you that.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/26/14

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The Constant Struggle Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: This burning topic of relationships has become vitally important in our time in the ruling circles and their negative impact on society under their leadership.

Governments get replaced, but each time the same situation returns. Only the actors and forces change, but the dynamics remain the same.

There are several main parties striving for power, and they are constantly at war with each other, trying to trip each other. If I beat you today, then all you do from this moment until the next election is try to knock me over.

And so a politician who came to power and wished to make changes conceived by him is unable to do anything because the rest of his opponents are trying hard to make sure he fails.

The next election comes, someone else wins it, and all the other opponents begin to interfere with him and try to trip him up. Everything returns to square one. By this time, the whole country is suffering from the fact that politicians are trying to blame each other within the government. This only hurts the citizens more.

This is our reality today. Why does this endless struggle take place and most importantly, how can one change things for the better?

Answer: It is natural that there is a struggle for power, because we are all egoists. A person who battles through towards the power often times is more egoistic than a simple person, because one rises to this level. In the ruling apparatus, the one or two hundred leaders and several thousand officials are the biggest egoists of all.

Therefore, a very heated and aggressive environment exists in which problems, bribery, and fraud are concentrated. This is natural. This is not a property of any particular country because it happens everywhere. In some countries it is less pronounced, like in Scandinavia, which is traditionally characterized by a rather quiet way of life and socialist values.

The same struggle for power takes place in all other countries of Europe and in America. As countries develop, they become players in the same governmental games. It is like a boiling cauldron that continually boils on top of a strong flame versus simmering over of a low fire.

Question: Let us say we have politicians who have agreed to go to the polls together, and managed to win in a coalition. Prior to that, we had a common interest that held us together. We came to power and were able to have useful reforms. If we continue to work together, at least in this cadence, things will go well.

But it does not work! Despite the general interest to remain in power, we cannot act as partners. There are endless selfish games and intrigues, which do not allow us to achieve any success. Why does it happen?

Answer: These are egoistic games that cannot be avoided. Egoism blazes inside us and demands us to climb higher and higher, walking on other people’s heads to get there. Only in this case, a person feels successful, strong, and special. Therefore, this egoism, still engaged in a struggle, picks a new intrigue without any justifiable reason. This is the life for egoism, otherwise it does not feel itself as living.

Comment: But in the end, it harms everyone, including the one who started the conflict.

Answer: It does not matter. While this intrigue takes place, it fills our lives. Our selfishness incites us to fight, even in situations where there is almost no chance of winning. We become aware that we are at a loss and still keep moving towards the conflict because we cannot stand the quiet life. In everyday reality, there are no jokes and no life. Egoistic struggle, conflicts, and frictions give us a sense of life.

This is why we engage in social fighting as rival mafia clans or as children who fight in the yard. Boys fight all the time, even if they are brothers. Otherwise they do not feel like they are alive. If we force everyone to sit quietly in the corner, then this simply becomes death for these people.

The struggle lies in our egoistic nature, and this is why everyone is susceptible to it, starting with small children up to top politicians.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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The 72 Recipes For A Wonderful Fate

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There are many ads that offer the use of the holy names of the Creator in order to change our fate. According to Kabbalah, there are 72 holy names for the Creator, each of which has a special power that can help a person in a certain aspect.

A whole industry has developed around that, including the production of different ornaments and objects. What lies behind all that? What is the secret of the 72 names of the Creator that the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks of?

Answer: A holy name is a recipe according to which one can accurately perform a spiritual action. For example, it is like a recipe for a cake, according to which you can bake a cake just like your mother used to when you were a child. You can taste it and confirm that it is indeed the same cake.

The 72 holy names are a recipe according to which we bake our cake. They instruct us how to advance correctly along the right path to the same fate, to the same goal that we have to attain. We have to reach the last grade in this school, whether we want to or not, and to pass all the exams in order to get our graduation certificate. Only then are we ready for life.

If you take the components of the recipe that are included in the 72 names and perform the stated actions, you will attain a state in which you will be able to manage your fate. This recipe belongs to you and the components are inside you.

It refers to different attributes that you have that have to be connected so that you will get a wonderful cake that bears your name. This will be the result of the ten years of your studying.

Question: Does that mean that I use my mental powers, my inner attributes, and somehow prepare them and bake them together and get a wonderful cake that bears my name?

Answer: Eventually a new person comes out of the oven, and this is your opportunity to manage your fate.

Question: But if I have no recipe, don’t know what components to use and how to prepare the cake properly, is the cake that comes out inedible?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is what we see these days. If we live today without thinking, without knowing the goal, our life leads to nothing good.

The wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t have only 72 names, but also lots of advice, formulas, and other conditions that one should keep on every level of our advancement. It advises us what we should fear, what to keep away from, and, on the other hand, what we should get closer to and what to fulfill.

A person goes through the whole curriculum, like in different grades in school where one learns many different subjects. Gradually these subjects converge and format a person by allowing him to understand, to see, and to know. He begins to find his way around biology, geography, and history, and gradually all these subjects converge and help him understand nature. Then he will be prepared to study it generally and globally.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/21/14

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Tattoos Are A Sign Of A Passing Reality

Laitman_028_02The Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim), 19:28: …You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves. I am the Lord.

A person engaged in spiritual work is not allowed to eternalize an egoistic reality. It is temporary. You exit this reality and it does not exist; it must burn out!

And if you etch a tattoo on yourself, it remains until your death. The skin is the uppermost layer of egoism, the outermost egoistical part. Therefore, the Torah is written on the skin of an animal.

In this case we are talking about the fact that you have no right to use the skin as a monument of your states. By doing so you seemingly stop your movement, you do not want to go beyond the highest egoistic substance.

Nowadays, tattoos on the body have become very popular. We are in the final stage of egoistical development where a person is attracted to tattoos, but they are a reflection of the intrinsic properties that we need to go through to get in to the upper world.

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Different But Equal

laitman_423_01Question: All people are different by nature. One is wise and agile, whereas another is lazy and foolish. According to the degree of a person’s maturity, these characteristics are expressed more and more, and as a result of this, one has higher material attainments, whereas the other lacks money for food. Nature, itself, has created differences like these in a society. This is a given.

How must society relate to the weak if it claims to be socially “progressive?” After all, the weak don’t receive any payment in nature. Does society need to support them and assure them of the minimum necessities for existence?

Answer: Yes, and in general, it is up to us to begin to relate to people absolutely differently. They should be integrated into a unique system of education that improves social attitudes so that they will begin to be concerned about society in general, its flourishing and health, social unity, an inclusive connection between everyone, and mutual responsibility.

It is up to the national leadership to take upon itself the organization of a system like this. The learning will not be limited by time. After all, the ego wakes up more and more within a person, and it must constantly be balanced by the appropriate education.

So, if a person studies regularly, he improves and is found in a society that pressures him and demands his conscious and useful participation directed toward a goal in social life. Therefore, each one must be provided with a minimal standard of living that is sufficient for existence.

Question: What is this minimum? How would my life seem if I receive a stipend like this?

Answer: I receive sufficient support to maintain my family, to raise and educate my children and get them on their feet. By and large, I live with dignity from the well-earned social security. It comes to me because I am a part of the society and care about it and its development.

It could be that someone on disability is able only to sit in a storeroom and bring tools from there or to carry out other simple work. Society puts him in a place where he is able to be useful. Moreover, he is educated and educates his children as well.

For all of this, the person receives a “minimum wage,” yet this is enough to maintain the existence of his family with respect and care for all of its needs.

Now, suppose that he has a professional, educated, successful and well-established neighbor. He is very useful to society, develops new devices and technologies, or is a leader in large-scale trading. He gets everything that he needs for his work, yet does he need something different for his home and family than his humble neighbor?

Question: Humanity never has built a social system like this. After all, according to our nature, we always want more than what we have.

Answer: This is exactly what is accomplished through education, which will be massive, permanent, pressing, and put everything in place.

Thanks to this, we achieve general equality. This would not be a forced equality that has already exhausted itself in the previous century. Rather, it is such an equality where each one has everything that he needs in order to exist in dignity and to provide a good, flourishing and organized life for his children.

In addition, regarding the rest of the egoistic drives—envy, lust, honor, and so forth—the person will realize them also, but for the good of the society. The environment itself, the encouraging social atmosphere, will obligate him to act that way. He simply will be ashamed to stand out with his excessive demands through which it is as if he is stealing openly from the others.

I repeat, in a society like this, each one will be concerned about living in dignity, ensuring personal and professional development for his children, yet appreciating himself not according to his wealth, not according to his fame or superiority over others, but according to his investment in society. Additionally, in general, the society preserves a uniform standard of living.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/23/14

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A Generation Of Sages

Laitman_083Question: What should I do if I want to change my destiny through the wisdom of Kabbalah? Should I ask this of the Kabbalists who possess such forces?

Answer: First of all, you, yourself, need to learn the wisdom of Kabbalah. A person comes to Kabbalah because he wants to learn about his destiny.

Question: If a person studies Kabbalah, does he get the force to change his fate?

Answer: Of course, not immediately, but over time, he will be able to do this. He studies in order to do this.

Question: And, if I ask another Kabbalist to change my destiny, will he be able to do this?

Answer: No, it is impossible. You need to learn how to change your destiny. A Kabbalist can influence his own destiny but not someone else’s. After all, everyone has to change his own destiny by his own correction.

For this, we exist in this world in order to achieve the desired state by going through all the intermediate stages in our development. We go through this process of development like a child at school who must study. He still will learn, either forced by the rod, constantly getting punishment, or he will be become smarter, will do his homework and graduate with distinction, feeling everyone’s love and enjoying life.

We can conclude from this example that we need to know our entire personal program, as well as the general one, what desired form we need to achieve. Whether we like it or not, we will be obliged to come to it as defined in our destiny.

The fate descends to us from above, like to a child who is not asked whether he wants to go to school or not. He must enter it since there is the law of universal secondary education. However, it is up to you how you will study personally. If you are smart and realize that there is no choice and that you must complete high school, then you try to learn what is required from you at every stage. You try to do all that is necessary, but in the most convenient form.

Alternatively, you might even shorten your time of studying and graduate ahead of time, in seven or eight years instead of ten.

Question: So, the person, himself, must examine the overall program and then will be able to integrate in it better, and if I ask the blessing of a great Kabbalist, how will it affect my life?

Answer: It has only a psychological effect. A Kabbalist cannot affect your destiny, either in a good or a bad direction. After all, he cannot deprive you of an opportunity to apply your own effort; he cannot steal your freedom of choice, your work through which you should change yourself. Similarly, parents cannot do the homework for their child, pass exams, and graduate from school instead of him.

However, a person believes that the blessing of a great man will bring him success. This gives him confidence, like a child who feels confident under his parents’ care, and, since the person calms down, he really recovers, worries less about his problems, and solves them. Therefore, he thinks that the blessing helped him.

However, this is only a psychological effect; it does not change destiny. Only a person himself can change his destiny, everyone due to his own efforts. Only in this way can he change his destiny, advancing from the starting point to the end.

Question: So, in order to change destiny, I must evolve as a person. I, myself, should become acquainted with the plan of development and see my place in it.

Answer: This became possible only in our generation, but not before. In the past, people did not ask about this. They just lived, and that’s all. One hundred or two hundred years ago, only certain wise men, philosophers, or psychologists wondered for what purpose the human being was created.

A person lived, asking no questions. He knew that if his father was a blacksmith, he too would become a blacksmith, and then his son. So, it went on from generation to generation. Everything has changed only recently, in the last few decades.

Question: Does this mean that people are getting smarter from generation to generation and that today we are given opportunities to achieve the same power over our lives that thousands years ago was available only the greatest sages?

Answer: Yes, humanity has evolved so much that today ordinary people are on the same level of development at which two thousand years ago only great sages such as Aristotle, Plato, and so on were.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/12/14

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Parting With Childhood

Laitman_115_05Two ideologies, Hebrew and Greek, collided in the days of the Maccabees. The first one spoke of the good neighbor, the second one spoke of a person’s benefit at the expense of others.

This conflict is still relevant today. After all, the Jewish approach is not an abstraction; it is a highly specific and practical way for modern times. This is not just a perception of the world, but also are instructions for daily use.

In the days of the Maccabees, these instructions allowed them to win the spiritual war for the perception of the world, for the relationship to nature, to a person, to one’s existence and essence, and most importantly, to the goal of one’s life. The Greeks saw the purpose of life as a material success, a good body, and the Maccabees, on the contrary, intended to raise the spirit for the sake of why a person lives.

Question: Why was the victory of the Maccabees temporary?

Answer: Because there is a program of creation according to which we were supposed to hold out for some time before the destruction of the Second Temple.

In general, throughout history mankind develops in increasing egoism, and the people of Israel developed spiritually from the time of Abraham through Egypt, through the building of the First Temple, and then the throwback occurred from this high spiritual level until the collapse of the Second Temple two thousand years ago; it did not end our tendency to unite for the sake of revelation of the Creator.

With every generation growing egoism increasingly divides us, and today we see firsthand that there are no people as such, but only a collection of exiles.

Everything is built into the program of development of the world. Moreover, it is said that at the end of the twentieth century we begin to work on the integration of the people, where in our unity we reveal the upper force. But it will be a complete deliverance, as we will lead all mankind to follow us.

In general, the term “deliverance” means the disclosure of the upper force. In the course of its development, mankind must form the ability to reveal the Creator (Bore), which means “come and see” (Bo-re). In other words, we need to develop in a particular process until we reach the stage at which we “see” the Creator and will reveal Him in all of the formed sensations.

Having reached this stage, people feel themselves living in a higher dimension, out of the body. The body is there, but its importance is diminished; it disappears. Now people employ different feelings, the feeling of bestowal, love, and unity between them. And then all the small, egoistic feelings related to the animal body, our primitive relationships, gradually come to naught.

Just as we mature, childhood and adolescence pass. Over time, we leave our games and youthful fun in the sandbox.

The same thing goes for the spiritual path; starting the “game” in the upper world, in higher forces, a way out of themselves from the human body, we reveal the super-reality. And then our past, “childish” games fade and dissipate.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/14/14

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A Kabbalistic Book Opens The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalah is a very important science, which includes all of the other sciences. It explains to a person how to act after we complete our development in this world.

Today we find ourselves in this exact situation, having exhausted our egoistic development that has resulted in a dead end. Therefore, the science of Kabbalah is being revealed so it can help us revive, start a new life, and move to the next level of existence.

All of the achievements of our world cannot help us in this because they act only within this earthly plane. A different science is required in order to rise to the next level and continue this life.

Kabbalah is the science that does not belong in our world. It is designed to put all of humanity in an elevator that takes us to the next floor, where we start a new development. The next floor is not where matter develops and it is no longer part of our world. This is the real development of the feelings and the mind, which relate to our inner feelings and not to the physical body.

This is a kind of development where we gradually lose the sense of our body and begin to exist in another dimension where there are no bodies. We do not feel them because they disappear from our perception. We no longer need physical bodies because we act in inside our feelings and mind without the involvement of this crude matter of the body.

This approach seems incomprehensible to an ordinary person, even though our imaginations are rather developed thanks to Hollywood and science fiction novels. All this did not appear by accident, but in order to prepare us for the wisdom of Kabbalah and to be able to understand its wisdom.

Therefore, Kabbalists kept Kabbalah a secret for as long as mankind needed for all generations to be ready for it. Kabbalah was revealed 5,775 years ago for the first time by Adam, the first Kabbalist.

All the thousands of years from that time until our generation, Kabbalists kept the wisdom of Kabbalah a secret only within their inner circle and did not widely disclose their knowledge of it. This was similar to my parents not wanting me to read their medical books as a child because they were too advanced for my age.

Kabbalists are the scientists that study this science, attain what it says, and  learn how to use it, while at the same time looking for people in their environment suitable for such study. And if there was such a person, they quietly tested him, talked to him about life in a philosophical kind of way in order to find out whether he was ready and interested in such things. If they saw a man inwardly mature and attracted to the topic, then they started to teach him.

So the wisdom of Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation. The Kabbalists also wrote books in secret. And even if they did not hide the books, the Kabbalistic text was encrypted in such a way that a person could not understand it if one did not have the proper code, that is, if a person does not know how to relate to the book, what it talks about, how it associates with a person, and the true meaning when this world and the next world are mentioned.

Kabbalistic books are written in the language of branches pointing towards the spiritual roots, but a person thinks that it talks about this world. But, this is not about the plane of this world and a person within it. We are talking about higher powers, not material things.

If the Kabbalists would not have given us the key to the correct reading and understanding of this science, even by opening the book, a person would still not understand what they read. A person would have thought that Kabbalah talks about animals and plants. Some words that have been used are “intercourse, hug, kiss, a female and a male force, and childbirth.” One may think that this is some kind of sensuality.

Then the book speaks of heaven and earth, spirits, demons, angels, and different spiritual forces. Ignorant people who come across these books would build a whole mystical theory around this. I have heard such stories about Kabbalah and I wondered how this particular man could fantasize so much. But these people seriously believe what they say about Kabbalah, using different names from The Book of Zohar.

If a person does not receive knowledge from a decent Kabbalah teacher who gives one all of the keys to this science, one will not be able to correctly open and understand the book. This will only confuse a person. “To open the book,” means to be connected to what is written within it. To each person, the book should be an open world, the upper world.
From the program “A New Life” 12/18/14

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The Right To Choose, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In every person such an immense ego has grown that he feels that he is a king. How will this look if he corrects his ego and hatred towards others into love?

Answer: First of all, we clarify that all of us depend upon each other, like organs of a single body. Therefore we have no choice; we must connect with each other mutually and correctly so that everyone will work for the good of everyone. The system that is built by us must be integral, closed, and whole.

To the same degree to which we approach relationships like these, by mutually completing each other, to this degree we begin to feel the power that is working within us. Between us, and within our connection, the integral force that we call “higher” is revealed.

We begin to discover this a bit even in a regular workshops and during discussions in circles that we arrange in different places including on the streets. That is how we demonstrate to people how, with the right connection, even a spontaneous connection like this that lasts only an hour, it is possible to feel a kind of force, a unique mood, a feeling that is unusual. Something is changed, and even the world seems different.

Question: What is this unique thing that the integral force brings into our lives?

Answer: This integral force obligates us to change our lives to be similar to it. Everyone becomes consolidated, connected, and each one feels everyone else.

Question: Where will that powerful ego that obligates each one to feel that he is like a king disappear to?

Answer: The ego will remain, since we connect above this ego! As it is said in Proverbs 10:12: Love covereth all transgressions. Each one will feel that he is a king, and specifically with his royal power, he will want to make everyone happy. He will want to be a good king. Why do you think he will be an evil despot?

Question: But if each one feels that he is a king, how will all of these kings get along together?

Answer: In an integral system, each individual is as important as everyone else. This is because if he doesn’t perform his role, the entire system will break down.

Question: And who obliges each individual to perform his role?

Answer: The system maintains and supports a person and obliges him to act, and so he gives everything to do so. This mutual support is called a covenant, the power of Arvut (mutual guarantee), which must exist between everyone.

Question: Is there a chance that Israel will become stable?

Answer: We will be ready to do this since no other choice will remain. But the question is, will we reach this through the way of suffering or thanks to an understanding and awareness by which it is possible to advance by a short and pleasant way?
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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