The Right to Choose, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf all of us are parts of one mechanism, a smooth circle, then everyone is equal. Therefore, any person defines the state of everyone as if one is a king. Absolutely any one of us!

Perhaps we do not yet feel it, but this is how nature is. If we move toward the discovery of the integrated community in which all are interconnected, then we cannot continue with our selfish protectionist nature, which causes us to neglect others and care only for our ourselves.

We cannot become a part of an integral humanity with such a natural egoistic approach. Meanwhile nature pressures us more.

A person wants to be independent and to be left to one’s own devices where one would not be obliged either to the nation or to other people. These are two opposite processes running in parallel. The world connects by increasingly closer ties, inside of which we all become more callous and egoistic.

There used to be shame if one were caught stealing. There was even shame to divorce. Today people feel completely free to marry and divorce several times and the younger generation does not want to marry at all.

We cannot exist in the integral form in our civilization within our current nature. After all, we are not integrated but quite the opposite. There are no more horrendous contradictions than trying to connect us terrible individualists to each other. Nobody wants that connection, and all  run away from it as sheep shy away from wolves.

The people of Israel are especially opposed to such unity despite the fact that they are in such a difficult situation and under pressure from a hostile environment on all sides.

Therefore, a politician who is going to win the election and arrogantly expects to achieve improvements in the country should understand that he cannot do it. No matter what wing he belongs to, either the right, the left, or the middle, none of them can succeed.

After all, they do not know the basis upon which the Israeli society rests, thinking that it is no different from the usual Western democracy. They do not know what nature has prepared for Israel and for the whole world, the mission of the people of Israel nor the purpose of the whole world in this long battle through which we all must go. What is of special importance in our time is their lack of knowledge of what is going on during this period of development.

They do not know anything about it. They think that if they toughen up laws and lower taxes everything will work out fine. These are not the tools you can use to manage the country.

The general law of nature, the law of integrality, influences our government. This law comes down to us from above, and the mechanism acting towards the people of Israel commits our nation to become one interconnected entity. People of the world also require the same of us, because on the next level, they will also connect to the same form of society.

They are required to achieve it but cannot, because no one can teach them to do so. Only Israel can become a light to the nations of the world and teach them, since Israel has undergone this level in the past. If we do not fulfill our mission in relation to the rest of the world, then we will suffer from it immensely.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/09/14

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