Brothers For A Cause

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the meaning of the commandment: “Thou shalt not hate your brother in your heart?”

Answer: The Torah commands us not to hate our brother since brothers naturally hate each other, which is revealed naturally.

A brother is your reflection on the next level and therefore you shouldn’t hate him since he shows you what you must complete in order to become whole,

Question: Does this mean that it is my reflection according to which I prepare my ascent?

Answer: It is a whole system. Why does Jacob have twelve sons, for example? Abraham had only one son Isaac, because Ishmael is a totally different system. They didn’t complement one another mutually. This will only be discovered later at the end of times.

Having many offspring indicates the incompleteness of the parents. Jacob had twelve sons because he wasn’t perfect. In order to attain the level of Israel he had to make all twelve levels perfectly adaptable, since they were still separated.

These mutual relationships apply to the whole family, to all the seventy souls. The twelve sons of Jacob are the twelve attributes that stem from him that have to merge into one integral whole. Only then will they become Israel (Yashar El), straight to the Creator, aimed at the Creator. Thus they discover what and who they have to correct along the ascent up the many levels of correction.

Jacob must have the hatred appear between the brothers, and Joseph must go down to Egypt. Then Pharaoh will appear between them and will keep them apart, and despite their ego, they will have to connect above it. As a result of the connection of the twelve tribes, the one general soul will be corrected, although we are yet to witness that.

Question: You say that the separation between the brothers stems from the fact that the parents are imperfect.

Answer: Of course, otherwise there would only be one single continuation. But it can only be fulfilled along the middle line. This is where the right unity takes place each time that it is aimed straight at the Creator.

The twelve tribes will establish their common basis called the land of Israel to the extent that they begin to connect correctly. This will include all the human attributes and all the parts that are distant from one another. They will gradually begin to connect until they reunite again at the one point of connection with the Creator. But this point, in the third phase, will be on the Creator’s level.

There is an initial hatred for others in people that was given to us by nature. Ask any person who has sons whether they always get along, whether they are always together, and you will get a negative answer. Brothers always compete, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

They can be together only when there is a great force, a great reward that pulls them forward and for which they connect. This reward nullifies their natural hate.

In our world there can only be strong unity between brothers for a cause. If the cause disappears, they separate again since the internal hatred always exists. So, the Torah isn’t wrong.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book”

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