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In The Center Of The Entire Creation

Laitman_712_03We are found in the center of creation. And specifically we, those who are with doubts, problems, and confusion, through our small efforts carry out the most desirable work for Creator, what is most pleasant for Him.

That is how a small child gives pleasure to his parents with each of his unconscious acts. Everything extends from above to below. So we need to learn about the spiritual world from the physical world, and then we see what great actions we are doing.

And the very many states that are constantly changing in the world are the revelation of the Shehina (the presence of the Creator), an immense vast field that includes within it all the worlds, all the souls, all the conditions, all the Reshimot (reminiscences); everything is found within the Shehina. Above it are the first nine Sefirot, the bestowal of the Creator. Under it is its nine lower Sefirot; these are the shattered Kelim, desires. And the Shehina herself, meanwhile she is Keter of Malchut of Atzilut, and her nine lower Sefirot fell into the three worlds of BYA.

Everything that happens in our world, everything that is portrayed in front of us, is a small copy of what is found in the shattered parts of the lower nine Sefirot of Malchut. But the person’s problem is that he isn’t ready to absorb this from everything that exists.

I must prepare myself for this state,first of all, to understand that everything that happens descends from the world of Ein Sof, and each and every moment this appears before me in the best form, given to me for correction. And so I don’t get involved at all in any of the problems that exist in the world, all that happen with me, with the friends, with the families, with the people of Israel, with the whole world, no matter what.

I must accept this as a given, and think only about what I must do above all of this. I don’t need to enter and go deeper into all the events that appear before me, otherwise I will be immediately be detached from the Creator. First, I must rise to a higher level, identify with the higher supervision and management, seemingly see this situation from its perfected supervision and management, and say that I see the world in such a damaged form because I myself am not corrected.

I must correct myself to see the world as perfect instead of this world with murders and all the terrible events; all this is done and created within my Malchut, within my desires; I absorb all of this, as it is said: “All who condemn do so through their own defect” (Talmud Babyli Kiddushin 70b).

From what I see in this world, I must now correct myself so that in this place I see the Malchut of Infinity. I think only about my correction, bringing myself to a state in which I will see that everything is perfect.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/14, The Zohar

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Everything Returns To The Beginning, But In Another Dimension

laitman_537Question: What does it mean that every day and at every moment everything starts all over again?

Answer: We never begin from the same state that we already went through. Each time there is a new subject, a new feeling. But every time we start from zero, we forget what was before as if we had done nothing.

There are such states that we don’t remember anything at all; it’s as if we are found in some fog, confusion, in a state that we don’t understand and are not used to. You feel that you are lost, as if you lost your way and don’t recognize what is happening around you. Everything seems strange and unfamiliar.

That is how they bring you to a new state in which you must make a clarification, an investigation of where you are found and what you are doing. That is how you must begin each new stage, for it includes within it ten complete Sefirot in desires, lights, and situations.

After that, a person gets used to it, as if they exchanged a diskette inside of him, installed a new program, and then he begins to behave differently, reacts differently, sees the world in another form; everything is different. We must get used to needing to pass through many changes. Only someone who has not developed is not changed.

All of nature evolves: even the still, vegetative, and animate, and also ordinary human beings, meaning all of humanity. But with the Kabbalist, evolution is expressed in a different absorption of reality, in a division of reality into why and what I absorb and feel. And this happens even before we begin to go up the spiritual ladder where already a very strong change happens as well as the quality of the states. The difference between two adjacent states on the spiritual ladder is immense. They are simply different dimensions.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/26/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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Who Will Tip The Scales: Our Ego Or Us?

Laitman_115_05Sanhedrin, 98:1: Rabbi Yochanan said that if you see a generation that is afflicted by many troubles like a river, wait for him (the Messiah)!

There is another state besides the signs of the coming of the Messiah described in this chapter, which the Messiah’s quick coming depends on: The more people there are who yearn for the Creator, the greater the Creator’s revelation in that society will be.

Therefore, our group opposes the negative state of humanity by trying to summon the flow of the Upper Light unto us and the whole world. At the moment, however, we don’t see any real and clear signs of the affect of our actions. We must admit that despite our attempts and perhaps thanks to them, we see that the world is in a state of an accelerated decling.

Question: Can we say that in humanity there is a feeling that “it is afflicted with many troubles like a river?”

Answer: I don’t think that we are afflicted by many troubles like a river compared to the generation that underwent the Holocaust of the Jewish people and other troubles, including WWII when many people experienced an inner personal holocaust. It isn’t the same situation yet.

At the moment we are not ripe in either direction (for better or for worse) and we don’t see where this can take us. But we are already at a turning point where we can decide which direction humanity will follow, which depends on our spiritual center, on our state, on our powers.

However, we too, are neither in a state of detachment, unable to do anything, nor in a state of a sharp rise, a counter attack against our ego in order to free the Messiah from his prison,

What will tip the scales? Our ego or us? This will have to be solved in the near future.
From KabTV’s “Will the Messiah Come?” 11/14/14

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The Jewish Character Is Unity

laitman_943Only unity will allow the people of Israel to achieve success in any field. By doing so, it fulfills the program of creation. The point here is not about politics, not economics; unity is inherent in the plan of the universe, which is presented before us. It is time to understand it and all together to begin to realize it.

If we deal with that, the nations of the world will join us to help in every way. According to the metaphor of the Tanakh, that they will “carry the children of Israel on their shoulders to Jerusalem.”

Question: Who prevents the people of Israel?

Answer: It itself. For example, currently the Knesset is discussing a bill on the Jewish character of the state. Thus, the politicians want to clarify basic questions: whether we live on our land as the people of Israel?

However, what are they based on? On the legacy of Jabotinsky and Ben-Gurion? Such arguments do not represent a sufficient basis; hence, there is discussion.

This topic has become urgent, and we have to explain to people what really “the people of Israel,” “the land of Israel,” “the State of Israel” are.

We returned here to carry out our task and were given time—the current period—to be used for the formation of the people in its true, correct form, according to the laws of nature, and not the way we want. The power of the Turkish sultan, the British mandate, the recommendations of university professors, etc., all these are equally inconsistent with nature.

We already have lived under a foreign law, so why take the next versions, let them be our own, but nonetheless forced and artificial.

I repeat, it is a program of nature. True, we are not like all others, but for one reason: We are entrusted with the duty to take a definite shape and become a transitional link to the world. The growing anti-Semitism today is a sign that reveals to us that the world is aware.

And we need to highlight key points. Indeed, we have a problem. Indeed, we must take on the law, defining the role, the essence of the people of Israel and the land bearing the name of “Eretz Israel.”

Unlike others, we are considered a people only under certain conditions. And if we carry them out, then ethnic conflicts will disappear. It will be discovered that everyone has a place and everyone is responsible for correction. Please join under the umbrella of unity, and together we will do everything that is required.

The new bill is intended to divide the Jews and other peoples who live here. We, on the contrary, call not for division, but unity.

We are talking about a very difficult key issue. Prompting it through the politicians, the Creator sends us a clear sign so that namely we will solve these problems. None of them will be able to find a solution. No matter how much they may vote, no matter what laws they may pass, the fruits of their work do not stand the test of reality. The result will be only a general “catcall.”

On the other hand, if we start doing what should do, according to the program of creation and development of the world, we will get a great response from all the nations. They will immediately understand and feel:”The Jews have suddenly become engaged in their business.”

As Baal HaSulam writes, the corrections of the Jewish people is carried out in stages in a very long and difficult path, but the nations, on the contrary, will get them at once. Therefore, our correct actions will be immediately rewarded with respect and a positive reaction. Moreover, this entire process will be unfolded right before our eyes.

Well, today, the debate on the Jewish character of the state, in fact, is pulled out of thin air. Of course, the world will not agree with this approach. If you purposefully go against everyone, it does not always help. We will not win in this way. Similarly, today Russia confronts Europe and America from hopeless positions. Our world is egoistic: He who has more money wins.

This is predetermined, and even if you are right, nothing can be done. In this case, we are even wrong, and therefore will not succeed. We still will have to “eat” what they are “cooking” because we do not agree with the program of creation.

According to this program, we have to come to unity in our environment and with the Creator. Who agrees to connect to us and to Him—please. Everyone has a place. That’s what the “Jewish character of the country is,” that’s what the people of Israel are.

Baal HaSulam writes in the “The Writings Of The Last Generation” how this unity is created.

“Since this altruistic law will be international, thanks to money and spiritual influence, it will be possible to win the hearts of Arab sheikhs who will take this outlook together with us as a single unit and will draw the souls from the midst of Arab workers and owners.

“Hence it shall grow benefit for Zionism, for since they pass a law, mandating to love and bestow to the entire humanity in equal measure, because they will not hanker to raid the land of Israel, because they will understand that this land is intended for the Creator. The standard of living of the Arabs will be the same as the level of the Jews, and it will be a great help to establish friendship between them. ”

Only unity and equality will ensure victory. And thus we will kill all the forces of impurity.

We only need to understand that we do not act against sheikhs, governments, the UN, or anyone else. Instead, we must establish a balance between internal forces inherent in humanity. We have to think about them, and then we will succeed.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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The Habit Of Fearing

Laitman_002Question: To some extent we all feel concern and worry with regard to different aspects of our life. Why is it that a natural thing like life suddenly becomes a source of worry and concern?

Answer: I don’t agree with the idea that life is a natural process free of worries and concerns. In the animate world that we are part of worry and concern are the main things in life.

Animals constantly worry about their existence, their nest, their offspring, their pack. Their whole life is a struggle to survive. Who can even think about pleasure? We, on the other hand, think that a bird sitting on a tree chirps because it is peaceful and feels good.

We don’t understand life at all. Our ego is constantly growing and developing in us so that by using it we will attain the level of the speaking, of man who resembles the general integral nature. We, on the other hand, want to enjoy at its expense, filling it, and if possible, reducing our worries and concerns, which is totally opposite from the plan of creation.

Question: How can we balance our worries and concerns in this world so that I will be able to overcome them and use them in order to advance correctly?

Answer: No created being is free of the feeling of worry and concern. Otherwise he wouldn’t be a created being. A created being is a desire to receive, a desire to be full. It cannot be that I will feel like Faust and say that I have reached the peak of my pleasure and therefore there is nothing more I need in life. Anxiety is my permanent state and it never ceases.

The question is how to give everyone in society the support so that everyone will feel balanced. This means that a person has worries and anxieties, but on a level that he controls himself, and doesn’t say that he can’t manage, thus falling into the hands of the society so that they will help him or be so indifferent that he lives on the streets like many people do these days.

A person should have enough worry to sustain himself: to have a family, to bring up his kids and to help them in life, as has always been the case in every generation. On the other hand, he should feel relatively secure, comfortable, and good, which means at a certain neutral point that sustains him.

At the moment we subconsciously fear, since we are used to it. A person is constantly thrown from one extreme point to another. He  doesn’t want to hear about society and is ready to escape to some desert island, or takes a weapon and shoots in every direction.

In the past, the events on a neighboring street didn’t concern us, but today I am concerned about what happens on the other side of the world, since it depends on me, refers to me, and affects me! This is where the root of the problems is.

The solution is in the society. A person is totally influenced by society and we should therefore organize society in a way that instead of TV programs and other artificial expressions of fear that threaten us, a person will simply live in society. It isn’t about concealing the truth from a person or cutting him off from life and not telling them anything bad. He should listen to the news, but it should be presented properly and sufficiently.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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The Restoration Of Planet Earth’s Ecosystem

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can you say about the ecology of the world; after all, it isn’t just being violated, but is threatened with disaster?

Answer: As of now, the ecosystem of the Earth is collapsing, being crushed, shattered, and annihilated. Our incorrect relationship to nature causes terrible problems. We have already reached the North and South poles, where they are getting ready to drill for oil.

But on its own, planet Earth possesses an amazing characteristic of renewal under the influence of positive signs that descend from above. So a person’s task is to invite these signs, not to clean the Earth of garbage. This won’t work. As much as we clean it, it becomes filthier and filthier, for chemical and biological cleansing damage the ecology even more.

Rather, the idea is that everything found on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature can regenerate and recover at an amazing speed. And this is possible only if a higher spiritual level brings positive signs.

The moment that humanity becomes harmonious through integral consolidation, the entire ecology will, in fact. immediately become balanced and the world will begin to blossom and spread a pleasant fragrance. It is not necessary to be concerned about it in particular, just as it isn’t necessary to be concerned about anything that is found below the spiritual level. If we make a correction on the spiritual level, the corrections will pass down and immediately cause changes on the physical level.

Everything will be changed such that it will be restored to its original divine form. Even those violations that have happened on the face of the Earth for the past twenty or thirty thousand years will be balanced and all the species of animals that disappeared will be restored.

There is nothing imaginary about this because all of nature is mutually connected and all of its levels are found one under the other. The Upper Light passes hierarchically from above to below and arranges everything through a higher harmony.

So, the blossoming of planet Earth depends on our changes and internal education. It is not necessary to do anything besides correct ourselves. Through re-education we begin to look at nature differently, and this time it will begin to come back to life.

Gradually we will stop working with it according to the previous trend, because we understand that all that is necessary is to bring the whole world to a state of balance. And for this, it is necessary to receive from nature only what will reasonably fulfill all of humanity through it, and no more than this. We are connected through millions of connections between us and with all of nature. So thanks to the restoration of the inner ecosystem of humanity, the ecosystem of planet Earth will begin to be restored.
From KabTV’s “Short Stories”, 10/23/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.03.14

Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” “Come Unto Pharaoh-2”

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The Book of Zohar “Introduction,” “General Explanation for All Fourteen Commandments and How They Divide Into Seven Days of Creation,” Item 8

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “Mutual Guarantee,” Item 25

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