Who Will Tip The Scales: Our Ego Or Us?

Laitman_115_05Sanhedrin, 98:1: Rabbi Yochanan said that if you see a generation that is afflicted by many troubles like a river, wait for him (the Messiah)!

There is another state besides the signs of the coming of the Messiah described in this chapter, which the Messiah’s quick coming depends on: The more people there are who yearn for the Creator, the greater the Creator’s revelation in that society will be.

Therefore, our group opposes the negative state of humanity by trying to summon the flow of the Upper Light unto us and the whole world. At the moment, however, we don’t see any real and clear signs of the affect of our actions. We must admit that despite our attempts and perhaps thanks to them, we see that the world is in a state of an accelerated decling.

Question: Can we say that in humanity there is a feeling that “it is afflicted with many troubles like a river?”

Answer: I don’t think that we are afflicted by many troubles like a river compared to the generation that underwent the Holocaust of the Jewish people and other troubles, including WWII when many people experienced an inner personal holocaust. It isn’t the same situation yet.

At the moment we are not ripe in either direction (for better or for worse) and we don’t see where this can take us. But we are already at a turning point where we can decide which direction humanity will follow, which depends on our spiritual center, on our state, on our powers.

However, we too, are neither in a state of detachment, unable to do anything, nor in a state of a sharp rise, a counter attack against our ego in order to free the Messiah from his prison,

What will tip the scales? Our ego or us? This will have to be solved in the near future.
From KabTV’s “Will the Messiah Come?” 11/14/14

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