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Like Fish Caught In A Net

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it that a person is able to annul oneself before the environment?

Answer: A person despairs of how much time has passed and so much effort has been applied, and still there’s no result. But if one nevertheless is in the group and continues to attend, in the end one’s desire changes.

I remember once I came to Rabash’s lesson during a terrible rainstorm. Nobody had a car except for me, so we waited for a long time, but nobody came. Then I began to call and ask why people didn’t come, and then offered a ride. And the reply was: “What can I do if there’s such a flood outside?”

And then another student showed up all soaking wet. When we asked him how he was able to walk in such a downpour, he replied: “What could I do if there’s a lesson?”

It turns out that one sits at home and says, “What could I do?” “How could I go out in this rain?” And another came completely drenched and also said, “What could I do, there’s a lesson, and I couldn’t stay home?”

Everything depends on a person’s attitude towards any given condition. Every moment you are being asked about your attitude. If you don’t forget that everything comes from above especially for you so that you work with it, then you have no choice, and you act accordingly.

Question: How can I, with every given possibility, persuade myself to take a step towards the group?

Answer: It is written: “Whatever the mind doesn’t do, time does.” And indeed it’s true. If there’s no quality, quantity will work. In any case, you realize that one day, due to the influence of the Light, nothing will help you. You won’t accomplish anything by addressing the Creator directly, since it doesn’t work like that.

Then you despair and decide that you’re required to connect yourself with the environment. You’ll want to connect your threads with everyone else’s, and everyone else wants to connect with you, like you’re a fish caught in a net. Only in this form will you have the opportunity to do something about yourself, and most importantly, let friends work on you.

You are bound to feel disillusioned to the point where you doubt your own abilities in order to agree to submit yourself to the environment, to become entangled in the net with one hope that friends will affect you. You believe that they have the power to do so. You have no connection with the Creator on your own, and He doesn’t want to influence and change you.

After all, you see that many years have passed, but nothing helps. There’s nothing else to do, and then you make your decision. This requires a lot of effort, time, perseverance, and persistence. There shouldn’t be a day where you miss a lesson.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/4/14 Writings of Rabash

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Kabbalah For Everyone

laitman_262Comment: I was introduced to a new book, Why Ones Are Loved, and Others – Not, And How to Make Oneself to Be Loved. It addresses issues of what a man and woman need from each other in order to maintain peace and harmony in their relationship for a long time, whether they should marry, what, in fact, love between them is?

The book says all that will be clarified if they observe each other a little and reflect on what is happening, using the ancient knowledge of the science of Kabbalah.

Answer: Kabbalah is a very high science. It is close to me like biocybernetics, which studies the management of biological systems. But in principle, it is impossible to talk to an average person from this height.

However, when you begin to explain to people those fragments of life that they cannot balance, the relationship between themselves, for example, men and women, parents and children, an employee and employer, roommates, or neighbors, etc., it turns out that Kabbalah can be explained in simple terms.

Therefore, we publish such manuals and books that are popular precisely because people feel that it could be useful for them. They do not understand lofty matters.

These books are written in simple language and although it seems that they are very far from Kabbalah, they are based on its ideas because it studies the homeostasis of the control systems between us: balance of the human internal system and relationships between people.

In principle, the wisdom of Kabbalah can be defined as a system of knowledge that helps to balance our relationships so that harmony between reception and bestowal of everyone to everyone else is manifested so that we become connected like cogwheels in a single mechanism. After all, we represent a complete closed integral system.

Uniting in such a system, people start to feel inner harmony within it, which manifests itself in a person and gives him a sense of the next level of existence.
From KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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Anti-Semitism Is A Natural Phenomenon

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “One of Japan’s largest newspapers has had to issue an apology after running a full-page advert for a book that claimed that the earthquake and tsunami which devastated north-east Japan in March 2011 was a Jewish conspiracy.

“The conservative Sankei Shimbun, which has a combined circulation of close to 3 million for its morning and evening editions, ran an advertisement in its Nagoya edition on November 26 for books by Richard Koshimizu, an author who has previously written books claiming that Jews were also behind the September 11, 2011 terror attacks in the United States.

“The advert quickly attracted the attention of The Simon Wiesenthal Centre, with Abraham Cooper, rabbi and associate dean of the organisation, denouncing the publication.

“’I am writing to you directly to protest the decision by your newspaper to publish a full-page ad selling three anti-Semitic books by a known bigot and Jew-hater,” the complaint read.

“’In addition to denying the WWII Nazi Holocaust, in which 6 million European Jews, including Anne Frank and 1.5 million Jewish children perished, the author alleges Jewish control of mass media and manipulates events and economies to further their nefarious goals,’ the complaint stated.

“’Everything from the horrors of 9/11 to tragedies of the tsunami in Japan, and even to the threats from North Korea, are, in one way or another, linked to Jews or the state of Israel.’”

My Comment: I do not doubt the sincerity of these accusations. They come from a sense of direct dependence of the writer’s fate on the Jewish people. Feeling this eternal relationship, the writer rightly blames the Jews for all earthly misery. Thus he admits his complete dependence on them. I would advise him to point out to the Jews that their mission is to change so as to cause only positive events in the world!

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In The Same Place After A Few Thousand Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that only the Jews are ready to help the world in the conditions of the global crisis. How exactly?

Answer: It is according to the method that was discovered by Abraham. Specifically, he understood why the ego is constantly growing and that human development is summoned in this way. During this process, more and more disasters are experienced.

For together with all of the successes and achievements, the ego pushes us further and further into an abyss, makes life difficult and fills it with unavoidable tension. More than this, in our day, the ego is growing exponentially, not linearly.

So by discovering all of this, Abraham also discovered a further unique power in nature, which is the power of bestowal and love. We can derive that from nature and through this positive force, dominate our egoistic negativity.

How is this done? It is done through connection and unification with each other. Through our convergence, we discover this power of unification between us that can cover our entire ego. Then we feel as if we are under a safe umbrella. Nature doesn’t bother us anymore and we are not threatened by any harm. We don’t lose anything, we have no need for competition and we don’t need to devour each other. Everywhere there is absolute abundance, peace, and tranquility throughout the world.

This is what Abraham discovered and taught his students with whom he disengaged from Babylon and went to the land of Israel.

We are the owners of this wisdom. And the nations of the world feel this, especially at this time of the global crisis. It is expanding and we don’t see an end to it. There will be further pauses, but the trend is moving us towards an abyss. Under such conditions, the nations of the world understand that we have a solution. This is because they are like the ancient Babylonians from whom we once branched out in a different way.

At that time, Abraham said to everyone, “Much later you will still have to face the facts and understand that this method of counteracting evil, the ego, with good, the power of altruistic love, is compulsory. You don’t want to realize this now? So you will realize it in another few thousand years.” There is no choice, and this period has been like a moment in our reality.

And now thousands of years have passed. Today we are already close to the end of the process. Ultimately all of humanity must be aware of this, that the same wisdom of Kabbalah that was given to the Jews and which they have themselves forgotten, is imperative for this. It is necessary to counteract the ego that is killing humanity and devouring itself, like a cancer that devours the body.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 11/25/14

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Genetic Socialists

Laitman_167Comment: Recently, in one of the radio programs, a presenter asked the question: “Why did American Jewish people overwhelmingly vote for a Democrat rather than a Republican? I think it is because the Jewish people genetically are socialists, the genes of helping their neighbors prevail in them.

Answer: Of course. But, unfortunately, it’s all in the past. Recently we have significantly grown apart and have ceased to engage in mutual assistance. Everything has turned into a business.

The world is moving towards a big crisis that Kabbalah looks at as a prelude to World War III, and wants to keep the world from war.

Everything depends on us. The Jewish people should show an example of unity to everyone. They should create a state within Israel with such internal communication between people that would serve as an example for all.

We are a group of descendants of Abraham, the unity of which he wanted to demonstrate for ancient Babylon. Today we have to give an example of this combination of ancient Babylon that settled all over the earth, and to become “a light to the nations of the world”,  as is written in the Torah.
From  KabTV’s “A Special Opinion” 8/17/14

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Emitting The Light Through Our Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhen we look at our life in this world, it seems as if we are forced to spend many hours on unnecessary activities. Life is arranged in a wasteful manner with so many hours spent on sleep, food, work, and family. A person is left with some nuggets of time at the end.

Some people calculate and figure out that they have only a few moments remaining out of their entire life and are unclear why they live their life..

But on the other hand, we understand that our entire material life is built in accordance with spiritual roots. In our world there is nothing that would not have been a consequence of the higher world, since all material branches derive from their higher spiritual roots.

Even simple activities in our world, like sleep, work, and eating seem like a waste of time, but in the upper world they have a spiritual form. Apparently, our world is designed correctly, no matter how irrational it may seem to us. First of all, we need to take this as a hypothesis, and then we’ll see.

Our life seems a little too short or too long, confusing, and without any meaning, but is apparently arranged in the best way to achieve the highest goal. And if so, it’s necessary to ask, “Where is that secret reason, that correct goal towards which we should strive? What exactly is there to choose from in this life and how do we delve into this analysis?”

Even during those times when we are in spiritual work studying, we aren’t always able to properly concentrate. What can be depicted as the most important and necessary? What can be accomplished during this life in order to make it successful and to correctly use this chance given to us?

We come to the most important point in which all our work and effort are concentrated. This is the place for which we all should strive and seek: the revelation of the Creator. This is the only place towards which we should direct our efforts, to try to get as close as we can until we can touch it and then start building it.

It’s been written that we create the Creator. We need to build a vessel, a joint desire assembled from the many different and strange desires that are foreign to each other. The capacity of the vessel is determined by the contrast and connection of all components, which will be revealed to us as the property of bestowal that is located above the properties of reception.

The confrontation of these two properties, one against the other, is how we reveal the Creator. As it is written, “Love covers all crimes,” which is built above hatred.

It’s clear that the most important thing is to build this common place for us that is combined from our desires. Therefore, everyone has to find out what kind of wish is being talked about, what we want it to do, how one organizes and builds the correct desire, how to correctly direct it, what its effect will be, and what we need to feel within it.

Interesting enough, none of us have such a desire that is good enough for the revelation of the Creator! If it’s present within us, we would need only to increase its size and the power at the expense of our association. But everything is based on exactly the opposite, which is the annulling of the opposite desire existing within a person.

In Kabbalah, this is called a screen and reflected light We need to build such desires internally and see that they are contained in this particular desire that appears as an opposite, as an aspiration to bestow. Only in this desire are we able to connect with each other and achieve such a powerful quality and strength that it would start emitting light by itself. Therefore, the most important thing is that common place that we must attain.
From the Convention Association “Day One” 12/5/14, Lesson 2

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Learning To Live In An Integral World, Part 1

laitman_579The Light created a desire to receive and after that divided it into five phases. The “root” phase – Keter still belongs to the Light. And from it the first phase emerges that belongs to the desire, to the Kli, to Hochma. The Hochma phase is a desire to receive that wants to be bestow like Keter and becomes Bina.  Bina produces Zeir Anpin, a unique Kli that integrates reception and bestowal within itself. And Zeir Anpin produces Malchut that includes all of the characteristics within itself and wants to get everything without taking account of anything; the main thing is to be filled.

These states are called the Four Phases of Direct Light because they are created by the Light that extends directly from above to below. The last phase, Malchut, which is the only true Kli, the creature, is also divided into five parts: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4.

Learning To Live In An Integral World

Desires on levels 2, 3 and 4 are very strong, difficult, and especially egoistic. They are called receptive desires, the AHP. The desires on levels 0 and 1 are lighter desires, Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE).

The goal of creation is to bring all of Malchut to the state of Keter, like the Creator. For this to happen, many actions take place, including a shattering. And now it is up to us to correct everything. It is interesting that there are parts of Malchut that are not ready to be awakened to correction by themselves and require external awakening. And there are parts that awaken by themselves and yearn for the goal of creation, for the Creator. They already want to attain the heavens and the upper world here in this life. Such people come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah; they want to know the meaning of life: What are we living for?

Many ask this question, especially in their childhood from the ages of 5 to 10. But after that a child grows and stops asking about this. The moment that sexual attraction develops in him, he forgets these questions about the meaning of life. What can be done about it? That’s life. Society suppresses them in a person and he stops thinking about the meaning of his existence.

Among some of the people there are spiritual Reshimot (remembrances) that force them to search for the meaning of life. And other people are not ready even to imagine questions like these. But all of us are parts of the same Kli, everyone must reach correction.

The uniqueness of the integral Kli is that each part includes all the rest of the parts within itself. It is impossible to correct the source phase or the first phase without including all the rest of the phases within them. This is the law of the integral system.

Even our body functions according to the same principle, even though we are not aware of it. According to eastern medicine there are points on the hands and the feet which represent all the organs of the body: the kidneys, the heart, all of the organs. And this is truly so.

So to correct ourselves, we must be drawn towards correction of the whole world. There is no choice! In our day this is an obligation! In previous periods Kabbalists would correct themselves since there was no possibility of speaking openly with people about the wisdom of Kabbalah and about the meaning of life. So Kabbalists were in concealment. It was even forbidden to open one’s mouth to speak about Kabbalah publicly.

This situation continued until 30-40 years ago. It was forbidden to talk about the wisdom of Kabbalah in the street, as someone was liable to hear. If someone found out that you were studying Kabbalah, people would simply shy away from you. It was considered to be criminal. And bookstores didn’t sell books about Kabbalah.

So throughout the generations, beginning from ancient Babylon, Kabbalists corrected what was possible, meaning themselves. Even thirty years ago they secretly learned the wisdom of Kabbalah. And only in our times has Kabbalah emerged from hiding and become common knowledge.

But along with this, we must correct the world; otherwise, we cannot correct ourselves. It was enough for Kabbalists of the past to correct themselves, but for us this is no longer enough. Many sources have been written about this.

Baal HaSulam writes in the article, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”: But the end of the correction of the world will only be by bringing all the people in the world under His work, as it is written,”And the Lord shall be King over all the earth (meaning over every desire); in that day shall the Lord be One, and His name one” (Zechariah, 14:9).
From the Congress In Verona “Day Two” 11/22/14, Lesson 4

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The Uniqueness Of The Plan Of Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our planet has been through many phases and crises during its evolution. Its history is a sequence of different periods: the creation of the solid crust, volcanic activity, ice ages, and extinction of different species, etc.

When we look at this process, there is a feeling that our planet has prepared itself for billions of years for the creation of human life, just like a woman prepares herself to give birth when an embryo develops inside her.

What can we learn from the evolutionary process of the earth? Is it true that its long evolution was meant for us, for mankind?

Answer: It is true that the earth has been through long geological periods and a cooling process that lasted billions of years. The accumulation of the heat and pressures inside it erupted again and again until a crust was formed that trapped them in the depths of the planet. This very thin crust and the burning fire underneath it has become the basis for the creation of life, which means that we live on a barrel of explosive matter. At the same time, the atmosphere was created above it, without which living creatures wouldn’t be able to exist.

It is in such extreme and special conditions that life was formed and developed on this planet. The immense opposing forces eventually created harmony, balance, and adaptation according to many parameters, which billions of years ago enabled the development of the first life forms on the level of the inanimate.



The actual process is very interesting and is about a special new software that operates in matter and activates its parts to reunite, divide, get closer, then draw further apart, and form new creatures that are increasingly more developed.

We are facing a problem as to which approach we should support: the scientific or the religious approach and whether this program operates from Above or whether it is imprinted in matter that looks for optimal solutions in every state and at every moment of its existence.

The truth is that there is no real difference between the two approaches and it is only about a political struggle between them. Today we see that it makes no difference which definitions we use and it makes no difference whether we speak about nature or God. It is clear that it all exists according to a program typical of the forces of nature that operate in matter.

Everything happens for a reason; nothing happens suddenly and develops by itself. On the other hand, nature doesn’t look for the right evolutionary objects and the right direction of cooperation among the billions of specimens. Such assumptions do not stand the test of time.

And so it should be recognized that there is a plan of nature dictating the process of our evolution from the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, man, and whatever follows him, because we haven’t reached the end of our evolution and each of us has to develop into something. Today we seem to be facing problems and hopelessness, but we still have to keep on evolving.

We see the evolution of matter in the still, vegetative, and animate in the form of desires, thoughts, intentions, and the mental forces in matter, in the creations that are part of our evolution and which lead matter to more and more sophisticated forms: from simple microorganisms to bigger and more sophisticated creatures.

The cells divide according to their function and form different organs in the process of multiplying. This takes many years of evolution, of course, but as a result of this evolution, the vegetative level began to develop. Then a special program began to operate and gave birth to life forms on the animate level.

Accordingly, there are transitions between the still and vegetative, the vegetative and animate, and between the animate and human levels.

All these processes took millions of years. Evolution has always been in the direction of connection between more and more parts and their division according to their functions, their attributes, and their different roles. Thus the cells that built up the different organs of the body, the brain, heart, liver, bones, tendons, flesh, skin, etc., are different parts within the whole.

They make up more complex systems that are connected in different manners; it is all in order to sustain life within a body. In addition, man is also conscious and has feelings and a mind that allow him to experience deep feelings and to discover the world.

The question is why is all this necessary? What is the purpose of this wonderful creature in which all the processes that take part in him are still a mystery? Why has nature created such complex creatures?

There is no answer to that for the time being because we don’t see the goal of creation and its purpose. However, all four levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking are right before our eyes in the form of the universe, the Earth, and life on Earth.

What is more, man belongs to the animate world physiologically, but the one difference is that he develops from one generation to the next and changes his environment accordingly.

In the future, we will probably become familiar with the program that is imprinted in nature as it is fulfilled in man and brings him to the next phase. In the meantime, we don’t see the reason for this whole evolutionary process that has made the creation of the universe worthwhile.

In any case, as much as we understand the findings of our studies, we cannot attribute this process to blind nature. On the contrary, we gradually understand that it is all under the meticulous control of the general program of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12.11.14

Writings of Rabash Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 15

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Writings of Rabash Dargot HaSulam,” Article 875

[media 3] [media 4]

The Book of Zohar “Introduction,” “Explanation of the Division of the Fourteen Commandments into Ten Utterances” 

[media 5] [media 6]

Talmud Eser Sefirot Vol. 6, Part 16, Item 57

[media 7] [media 8]

Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” “The Multiplicity of Partzufim, Sefirot, and Worlds”

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