The Uniqueness Of The Plan Of Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our planet has been through many phases and crises during its evolution. Its history is a sequence of different periods: the creation of the solid crust, volcanic activity, ice ages, and extinction of different species, etc.

When we look at this process, there is a feeling that our planet has prepared itself for billions of years for the creation of human life, just like a woman prepares herself to give birth when an embryo develops inside her.

What can we learn from the evolutionary process of the earth? Is it true that its long evolution was meant for us, for mankind?

Answer: It is true that the earth has been through long geological periods and a cooling process that lasted billions of years. The accumulation of the heat and pressures inside it erupted again and again until a crust was formed that trapped them in the depths of the planet. This very thin crust and the burning fire underneath it has become the basis for the creation of life, which means that we live on a barrel of explosive matter. At the same time, the atmosphere was created above it, without which living creatures wouldn’t be able to exist.

It is in such extreme and special conditions that life was formed and developed on this planet. The immense opposing forces eventually created harmony, balance, and adaptation according to many parameters, which billions of years ago enabled the development of the first life forms on the level of the inanimate.



The actual process is very interesting and is about a special new software that operates in matter and activates its parts to reunite, divide, get closer, then draw further apart, and form new creatures that are increasingly more developed.

We are facing a problem as to which approach we should support: the scientific or the religious approach and whether this program operates from Above or whether it is imprinted in matter that looks for optimal solutions in every state and at every moment of its existence.

The truth is that there is no real difference between the two approaches and it is only about a political struggle between them. Today we see that it makes no difference which definitions we use and it makes no difference whether we speak about nature or God. It is clear that it all exists according to a program typical of the forces of nature that operate in matter.

Everything happens for a reason; nothing happens suddenly and develops by itself. On the other hand, nature doesn’t look for the right evolutionary objects and the right direction of cooperation among the billions of specimens. Such assumptions do not stand the test of time.

And so it should be recognized that there is a plan of nature dictating the process of our evolution from the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, man, and whatever follows him, because we haven’t reached the end of our evolution and each of us has to develop into something. Today we seem to be facing problems and hopelessness, but we still have to keep on evolving.

We see the evolution of matter in the still, vegetative, and animate in the form of desires, thoughts, intentions, and the mental forces in matter, in the creations that are part of our evolution and which lead matter to more and more sophisticated forms: from simple microorganisms to bigger and more sophisticated creatures.

The cells divide according to their function and form different organs in the process of multiplying. This takes many years of evolution, of course, but as a result of this evolution, the vegetative level began to develop. Then a special program began to operate and gave birth to life forms on the animate level.

Accordingly, there are transitions between the still and vegetative, the vegetative and animate, and between the animate and human levels.

All these processes took millions of years. Evolution has always been in the direction of connection between more and more parts and their division according to their functions, their attributes, and their different roles. Thus the cells that built up the different organs of the body, the brain, heart, liver, bones, tendons, flesh, skin, etc., are different parts within the whole.

They make up more complex systems that are connected in different manners; it is all in order to sustain life within a body. In addition, man is also conscious and has feelings and a mind that allow him to experience deep feelings and to discover the world.

The question is why is all this necessary? What is the purpose of this wonderful creature in which all the processes that take part in him are still a mystery? Why has nature created such complex creatures?

There is no answer to that for the time being because we don’t see the goal of creation and its purpose. However, all four levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking are right before our eyes in the form of the universe, the Earth, and life on Earth.

What is more, man belongs to the animate world physiologically, but the one difference is that he develops from one generation to the next and changes his environment accordingly.

In the future, we will probably become familiar with the program that is imprinted in nature as it is fulfilled in man and brings him to the next phase. In the meantime, we don’t see the reason for this whole evolutionary process that has made the creation of the universe worthwhile.

In any case, as much as we understand the findings of our studies, we cannot attribute this process to blind nature. On the contrary, we gradually understand that it is all under the meticulous control of the general program of nature.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/2/14

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