Locked Between Two Forces

Dr. Michael LaitmanKabbalists want to tell us about the development of the system in which we exist so that namely today, at this turning point, we will understand what to do. By studying this system, they became familiar with the long-lasting development in the upper worlds, with a long preparatory process with breakages and corrections, and with the establishment of various mechanisms that set the qualities of the future creature within us.

When this incipient creature had a feeling of itself in the central point of creation, our matter began to develop. Baal HaSulam tells us how this matter appeared after the Big Bang and formed the universe. During Earth’s development, alternate heating and cooling of its shell occurred for millions of years until matter found its final place, distributed according to the physical states of gas, liquid, solid, and plasma.

Then, the conditions occurred for the emergence of biological life on the shell surrounding the fiery belly of the Earth. Millions of years of development passed, including tens of thousands of years for the formation of contemporary man. We divide this time into multiple segments, but in principle, we are talking about a developing desire for pleasure. Hence, different stages of development preceded us: astrophysical (formation of the universe), geological (formation of Earth), evolutionary (formation of flora and fauna), and historical (formation of humanity).

In general, the desire to receive evolved in such a way that it grew with successive generations. Until now, we carried out its commands and had no freedom of choice in anything. We felt ourselves free only because we didn’t have the force of resistance toward our desire and acted according to the will of just one egoistic force.

Led just by it, we obeyed its will fully and willingly. It was like a master having absolute power over us, such immutable power that we followed its orders happily. We did not object at all. Whatever the master ordered, we rushed to please him. Moreover, I did’t even differentiate between us at all—I had merged with his power that much.

However, one more force is becoming revealed within us today, and that is the reason we have encountered a big problem. We can’t get along with two forces. They are opposite to each other, and we are standing in front of them, stunned by what’s going on. We seemingly have lost control, stopped understanding anything, and have found ourselves in a desperate situation.

A new system has become revealed to us where the force of bestowal and force of reception operate. The force of bestowal shows more and more power, while we had gotten used to the force of reception, complying with it by our nature. The force of bestowal rules not in us, but between us, in our surroundings, and we have to take its side, join it, merge with it, and learn to work with it. All of this is new to us, and that is why we are in crisis.

Precisely in this period, as Kabbalists have predicted, the science of Kabbalah is becoming revealed to explain to us how to exist from now on. That’s why Baal HaSulam says that first of all, we have to begin studying. Without studying, it is better to do nothing at all.

All our methods are coming from the former, obsolete system, and they only will cause harm because new laws have come into effect. That has happened on both the global and personal levels in the world and in the lives of each and every person.

Thus, let’s begin to study in order to understand the situation in which we find ourselves, inside the web where we have gotten stuck. By learning the state of things, we will understand the nature of the problems, and then we will find the right solution.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/2011, “The Nation”

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