There Is Only One Way: Towards A Society Of Spiritual Growth

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You are for equal income, for everyone receiving a relatively equal portion as everyone else. This takes away people’s stimulus to work and develop because individual egoism is still the basis of our nature. And only once we are (if we will be) corrected, we will probably be able to only strive for equality naturally.

So is it not better to let people be unequal in their aspirations towards wealth and inequality so they would pride themselves in their advantage over others, but once they receive fairly earned wealth according to the invested labor and abilities, have them give everything beyond necessary to the others and receive spiritual reward from Above and gratitude from the society?

Answer: This is basically what we are proposing. The transition from egoistic individualism towards collectivism, where we operate like cells in the body, must be gradual, but at the end, society must work and receive what they need for their existence, while everything on top of this is “earned” on the spiritual level.

In other words, you are saying that it is still necessary to keep developing industries and all the “unnecessary” capitalistic structures. And we say that from the beginning, there is no place for them in our world, that in this way we are destroying our planet, exhausting its resources, and contaminating it with “unnecessary” production in order to turn “unnecessary” goods and products into money and then start giving it out to the poor.

This does not destroy poverty and social pressure, does not obligate teaching everyone toward a global connection as nature (crisis) demands today.

The solution from the developing crisis is simple: Nature only leaves us with one option: to give up the society of excessive consumption and gradually and consciously form a society of reasonable consumption and spiritual growth.

All the working and the unemployed must study the new structure of the world (nature), its single, global, and analog system, similar to the one of a living body, and build their relations according to this model. This is what we all must do besides procuring whatever is needed for existence. Mass media, art, and education must find their place in this so the surrounding environment will be created in this way to influence us and shape us toward similarity to nature.

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  1. The mass media does what so ever his bosses tell them to do so. What about these people on the top of the pyramid right now, from what roots are they coming from?
    Are they like the parasites bacteria’s, will them swallow the whole planet taking us with them? How a correction works in such world so well dominated by bad influences?

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