IMF: Global Economy Needs Collective Action Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (From BBC News): “IMF chief Christine Lagarde has called for countries to ‘act now and act together’ to keep on the path to economic recovery.

“‘We are by no means strangers, and we are linked by a common destiny,’ she said at the annual meeting of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington. ‘And these turbulent times must bind us ever closer together.’

“Ms Lagarde said: ‘There is a path to recovery. It’s narrower than it was three years ago but there is a path and we have options.’

“‘…Let’s remove the clouds and remove the uncertainty. Easier said than done, and it requires clearly a collective action.

“‘We are all in it together and nobody should be under any illusion that there could be a de-coupling.’

“Thursday’s market falls had sparked the G20 to announce a commitment ‘to take all necessary actions to preserve the stability of banking systems and financial markets as required.’

“Analysts said investors were unimpressed by the announcement. ‘The statement from the G20 last night may have taken the edge off the current bitter market sentiment, but the reassurances from the finance ministers lack substance,’ said Jane Foley at Rabobank.

“‘Markets work on a second-by-second basis, while politicians seem to be working to a monthly calendar,’ Jeremy Stretch from CIBC told the BBC.”

My Comment: But they still need to understand that the crisis is in our heads, in our approach to the world and society, and not in society or the world themselves—the crisis is in us. They have to reach a point when they will take note of our suggestions, and not only that, but will realize that what we propose is the only way to salvation, which is namely in self-correction, and not the correction of nature or someone else.

Humanity has to understand that the time of changing nature to fit our needs has ended (when we followed the principal of “Let’s not wait for mercy from nature, let’s take from it what we need.”). Now it is our turn to adapt ourselves to it!

People who ask themselves about the meaning of life and want to know the answer completely and precisely find Kabbalah. Similarly, economists and others will find us, although having gone through suffering and wasted time.

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  1. i agree wholeheartedly with Dr. Laitman’s analysis of the problem. As is human naturel, we project our own issues/fears out into the world, and collectively created these many crises by our prevailing mindset of “need-at-anyone-ELSES-expe​nse.” It will take a personal and completely individual change of attitude–by EACH of us humans–to change the world. The world is a reflection of our own inner turmoil.

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