A Clear Definition Of The Goal

clip_image001The Creator created the desire to enjoy and filled it with Light. The Creator and the creation were united as one, one desire, one Light, and one state of unity. In Kabbalah, this is called the very first state – state #1. In it, all desires, souls, and worlds are filled with the Light of Infinity as one single and simple entity. This state is held together only by the force of Light, the power of the Creator.

After the first restriction (Tzimtzum Alef) took place, the Light withdrew. Gradually, the worlds weakened the Light by creating concealment until the creation started to feel shattered into small pieces that were separated, taken apart, divided by an explosion. Every soul became a small, separate splinter of the first state that existed prior to the explosion. This is called state 2.

The difference between the first and the second state is due to the disappearance of Light. A correction will happen when those who are on the lower level will request it by raising MAN. The Light will return at their request because the splinters will desire to reunite.

There is nothing else except for this simple principle. This is what our life is all about and the goal for which we exist. We simply need to sense ourselves as separated, shattered splinters that are cut off from the united mountain and have to reunite. Only the “Light that Reforms” is able to glue us back together into a single whole. It will return us to the initial benevolent state where we were all united and worked together as well-tuned gears. Our goal is to return to this state.

Therefore, our goal consists of two parts:

  1. Attain the desire to connect with each other.
  2. Understand that we are unable to do it by ourselves and raise MAN – asking the Creator for help.

Our connection has to be revealed for the sake of similarity with the Creator, in order to please Him as He pleases us. By doing so, we achieve similarity with Him and reach His status.


  1. Why does it seems to me that I am the only one that don’t understand and I make the system don’t start? And everyone of you is asking me to awake, just now, looking me with a very little hope?

  2. New world order

  3. I was watching the self study modules recently , and on the teaching about revelation n concealment, i find that in other to enter the spiritual barrier , you need the right group amongst studying the right books and having he right teacher.
    However ,i am a little bit worried here, as i am from a country where religion is renowned and the friends i have are deep into either xtainity or islam (NIgeria) , i also currently live in a part of UK where i doubt if there is any knowledge of kabballah around me as i have tried searching online, and the closest thing to Kabballah (judaism)is in the the Jewish community in london.
    How can i maintain/find groups that have the same intentions as i have?

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