A Tremendously Influential Spiritual Force

feelyoursoul A question I received: Before we started studying The Book of Zohar, our inner states and our ascents and descents were more balanced. Now they are much more dramatic and extreme, like black and white. Why is this happening?

My Answer: It is because we are being affected by The Book of Zohar, which is a tremendously powerful book. And in addition, we are all reading it together.

The Zohar’s influence allows us to feel whether we are actually connected with each other or not because it was written by a group of Kabbalists who were completely connected with each other and had attained absolute correction on all 125 levels.

When the Light comes and influences us from such a high source, it creates awareness of where we are relative to the Light. Therefore, we will surely go through dramatic and extreme conditions ranging from confusion to inspiration, anxiety, total fatigue, insensitivity, and much more. This will enable us to build ourselves in order to start sensing spirituality.

The Best Remedy For All Illnesses

remedyillness If we don’t correct ourselves on time, we will have to experience suffering on the animate degree in order to cultivate the human degree in us. However, it is in our power to advance without suffering! All the illnesses and misfortunes are there to “force” us to come to correction, but why should we correct ourselves this way?

Let’s look for problems and illnesses in advance, like an old man who walks hunched over as through he has lost something. Even if we don’t feel in our present Kelim that there is a lack of correction, let’s reveal it. After all, no matter what, we will have to go through a great deal of correction until we reach the final correction.

So how do we go about revealing the corruption? We have to search for it on the border between “root, soul, body” and “garments and castles,” meaning our inner and outer Kelim, Galgata ve Eynaim and AHP. That is where all our problems lie: in the relationships between us and everyone else, rather than in us or in them.

We have to desire to attach the “garments and castles,” which are the external souls, to ourselves, to “root, soul, body.” That is how we will achieve a whole and perfect Kli, a single soul.

Why Love My Friend More Than Myself?

attainrevelation I have this false perception that there is somebody existing outside of me, that there are people close and far whom I can push away, cheat, or exploit. But all of this is nothing but an illusion. It is an intricate game, an exercise that lets me scrutinize and invert my desire until I begin to love others more than myself. Then I will give others my last chair and my last pillow, because I will come to view their desire, which has been so abhorrent to me before, as more important than the one I used to regard as my own.

There are desires that exist in me from the beginning and which I perceive as my “self.” These are actually the weakest desires, pertaining to Aviut zero. The first level of Aviut appears as being separate from my “self,” such as my family and relatives. The second level is even further away, such as the people who provide me with all kinds of benefits and on whom my wellbeing depends on in some way – for example, doctors, scientists, and so on.

The third level is further still – these are people I want to exploit, but I’m willing to let them live. The farthest level is the fourth; these are my mortal enemies.

why would I suddenly love my neighbor as myself

It follows that the further away the desire I perceive, the greater its power compared to my own desire. Therefore, when I attach these “external” desires to myself, I experience them as much stronger than those which previously appeared as my own. This is why I am so willing later on to give my “last pillow” to these desires.

I prefer them to my initial desire of Aviut zero because it is so weak. Indeed, what is really the extent of my current desires for food, water, family, money, and knowledge? They are truly insignificant when compared to my other desires, the desires of my “friends.” These are the desires that enable me to acquire the spiritual worlds and higher states.

If I manage to attach the desires of my friends to myself on the first degree by making them my own, this is called reaching the World of Assiya. What follows is the Worlds of Yetzira, Beria, and Atzilut. These worlds represent the distance between me and my friends.

Therefore, “love your friend as yourself” is not a slogan for this world, appealing for world peace. It’s talking about the correction of the soul, where I attach the entire universe to myself, correct my vision and perception of all reality, and attain eternity.

All the worlds are me; I am Malchut of the World of Infinity – the whole of reality created by the Creator.

Perceiving Reality Through The Spectacles Of The Zohar

advice In the “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” Baal HaSulam writes that although it seems to me that everything takes place externally, before my eyes, any reasonable person knows that all these pictures exist only within the brain. When I realize this, I am ready to begin to approach the matters spoken of by the science of Kabbalah.

The lack of this realization is the reason why The Book of Zohar is concealed from us and why we don’t know how to open and read it. It’s because the key to understanding it lies in having the correct perception of reality. The Book of Zohar must be approached only by imagining the depictions within myself. The terminology, sounds, worlds, spiritual objects, souls, and relationships are all notions within me. This is particularly true when addressing the parameters of reality’s perception: world, year, and soul – all of which are above time, space, and motion.

If I perceive the text as an unfolding pattern of relationships between forces and qualities within me, I will gradually reveal increasingly deeper inner states. Then it will become clear that this external reality isn’t truly real, even if it seems real to me. I only see it as existing outside and independent of me.

It is my present folly in thinking that I do not create this reality, mistakenly thinking that it unfolds before me by itself, having existed before my birth and sure to exist after my death. I have to try to change all these beliefs in order to start to understand what The Zohar wants to explain to me.

The key and the entrance to The Book of Zohar lies precisely in transporting everything inside myself, as per the principle, “A person is the whole world.” I can tell whether or not my study is correct by checking: How much do I expect to feel and reveal my entire future within myself?

Are Biblical Kings Myth Or Reality?


In the News: (from The TimesOnline): “Evidence for kings David and Solomon” Until 15 years ago, Professor Eric Cline notes in a new book, there was no extra-biblical documentary mention of even the House of David as ruling in Judea. “… we are still lacking any contemporary or near-contemporary inscriptions that mention Solomon: at the moment we do not have a single one,” Professor Cline says. “Moreover, there is still very little archaeological evidence for the existence of David.”

My Comment: This news clip is a brilliant example of how the media likes to present everything as a sensation: “There is still very little archaeological evidence for the existence of David,” signed by the scientific authorities.

For some reason, the word “science” is often used by those dabbling in speculations, theories, and assumptions that are not based on facts. In a similar fashion, philosophers wanted to present Moshe de Leon, who lived in the 11th century CE, as the author of The Zohar – and thus, he became its author.

However, for millennia, the Kabbalists knew that The Zohar was written by Rashbi, as it’s mentioned many times in The Zohar itself. Too bad none of those philosophers actually read it…

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New Book In Spanish – “Cabala Para No Iniciados”

My new Kabbalah book in Spanish, called Cabala Para No Iniciados, has recently been published by “Random House,” the world’s largest publisher.  It has been posted on the Spanish Random House website in the “new books” section. The book is on sale in bookstores all over Mexico and in the USA.


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“Kabbalah Revealed” – Now Available In Croatian

The book Kabbalah Revealed has just been translated from English to Croatian and is available in Croatia starting this week.

Kabbalah Revealed Published In Croatian

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You Know It’s A Crisis When The Porn Industry Is Hit

Does Charity Really Help Anyone In the News (from CNN): “Hard times for porn industry” The porn industry in the United States was worth around $6 billion before the recession but now estimates filming on new productions is down by as much as 50 percent.

My Comment: This is happening because people’s sexual desires are of less importance than the desires for food. Apparently the crisis is reducing the value of these desires and the importance of fulfilling them in the face of greater threats.

Only The Light Provides All The Answers

Don't Look for Love In This World A question I received: What should we think about while reading The Book of Zohar in order to be more sensitive to it?

My Answer: I actually don’t have the answers to any of your questions, because all the answers are provided by the Light that Reforms. My job is only to try and direct you toward this Light.

Some people ask me about sensation, wondering, “Where can I get more of it?” Others ask about the mind, “When should or shouldn’t I use it?” Other people ask me questions like, “When will I start to see and feel everything we study? Why do I feel one way now and later I feel differently?” The answer is that I don’t have the answers to these questions – and I shouldn’t have them, either. An answer is a manifestation of the Light inside a person; it is one’s corrected state which stands opposite the question – one’s previous, uncorrected state.

A person should have just one concern, “Am I directed toward the ray of Light called the Light that Reforms, so it will shine on me?” One shouldn’t think about fulfilling one’s sensation and mind with answers to any other questions besides the one question about the Light that Reforms. Incidentally, this is why Baal HaSulam was laughing at the “Kabbalists of Jerusalem” who knew The Book of Zohar by heart, but rejected its inner essence.

The only thing one should store in one’s memory is the basic concepts of the science of Kabbalah, because they direct a person toward bestowal, giving him the correct, spiritual interpretation of the words. They elucidate the goal and direct a person toward it. If a person is studying correctly, then he will receive answers to all his questions, both in the sensation and the mind. He will advance and understand what is happening, and eventually he will be satisfied by this. He will see how he is advancing day by day.

We are now studying The Book of Zohar intensely. If a person tries to prepare for the lesson and to seriously participate in it, then in a very short while he is bound to feel qualitative changes happening inside him. He will become more sensitive to his connection with others and will feel a change in his attitude to the environment, the studies, the quality of bestowal, and the Creator. But he has to become more sensitive in order to discern what is useful and what isn’t.

All of this takes place as a result of the study. Besides this, there is nothing for us to work on. This is why I always talk just about the intention –  exactly what we want from the study and what it should give us.

Tune Into The Light That’s In The Zohar

All the Prophets Wrote About Us A question I received: How can I tune into the Light that Reforms while studying The Zohar?

My Answer: The Light that Reforms is the force of bestowal that comes from Above and builds qualities of bestowal above our will to receive. But how can we attract this force if we are just egoistically thinking about wanting to bestow? This will not help. Instead, we have to tune into the system that influences us.

Our soul has to receive the influence of the Surrounding Light. This is why we were given The Book of Zohar, which tells us all kinds of stories about a donkey and a snake, different nations, three lines, Zeir Anpin, Malchut, the Temple, and many other things. I don’t know what desire I am working on now and whether I have the right intention, but while I am reading The Zohar with the right mindset, it operates as a connecting system between my soul and the Upper System.

There exists an Upper System wherein my soul is already included in a fully corrected state; meanwhile, my uncorrected soul is below. These two systems have an identical structures. The only difference between them is the use of the desire, meaning the intention, which determines how the desire is used. As I correct my desire, my soul will expand, starting from a point, and new, concealed desires will surface. But I need a mechanism to connect me and these two states:


The Book of Zohar functions as this connecting link. When I read it correctly, I reveal this connection. All I have to do is try to imagine myself in the corrected form. I have to tune into the text and start living inside it. I have to desire for it to “clothe” me so I will become the protagonist of everything being described there. It is talking only about me and my inner battle with my corrupted self, where I am fighting for a chance to be similar to the Creator. All the qualities and characters are me; it is all inside of me.

If this is how I prepare for reading The Zohar, then I will proactively attract the Surrounding Light to myself.