Only The Light Provides All The Answers

Don't Look for Love In This World A question I received: What should we think about while reading The Book of Zohar in order to be more sensitive to it?

My Answer: I actually don’t have the answers to any of your questions, because all the answers are provided by the Light that Reforms. My job is only to try and direct you toward this Light.

Some people ask me about sensation, wondering, “Where can I get more of it?” Others ask about the mind, “When should or shouldn’t I use it?” Other people ask me questions like, “When will I start to see and feel everything we study? Why do I feel one way now and later I feel differently?” The answer is that I don’t have the answers to these questions – and I shouldn’t have them, either. An answer is a manifestation of the Light inside a person; it is one’s corrected state which stands opposite the question – one’s previous, uncorrected state.

A person should have just one concern, “Am I directed toward the ray of Light called the Light that Reforms, so it will shine on me?” One shouldn’t think about fulfilling one’s sensation and mind with answers to any other questions besides the one question about the Light that Reforms. Incidentally, this is why Baal HaSulam was laughing at the “Kabbalists of Jerusalem” who knew The Book of Zohar by heart, but rejected its inner essence.

The only thing one should store in one’s memory is the basic concepts of the science of Kabbalah, because they direct a person toward bestowal, giving him the correct, spiritual interpretation of the words. They elucidate the goal and direct a person toward it. If a person is studying correctly, then he will receive answers to all his questions, both in the sensation and the mind. He will advance and understand what is happening, and eventually he will be satisfied by this. He will see how he is advancing day by day.

We are now studying The Book of Zohar intensely. If a person tries to prepare for the lesson and to seriously participate in it, then in a very short while he is bound to feel qualitative changes happening inside him. He will become more sensitive to his connection with others and will feel a change in his attitude to the environment, the studies, the quality of bestowal, and the Creator. But he has to become more sensitive in order to discern what is useful and what isn’t.

All of this takes place as a result of the study. Besides this, there is nothing for us to work on. This is why I always talk just about the intention –  exactly what we want from the study and what it should give us.

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